Where to put bike lock while riding

Riding a bike always gives us pleasure until we have to get worried about its security. Because while traveling somewhere else, we’ve to stop after a certain time, right? Then what to do with that bike in a public place as we can’t carry a bike everywhere unless it’s a folding bike. Well, you might say, what’s to worry about! Just buy a suitable and robust bike lock, and then no one can steal the bike.

Yes, that’s true, and we won’t argue with that, as there’s no alternative to keep a bike safe and secure in a public place rather than using a bike lock. But often, a new biker faces another common problem regarding this bike lock. And that is, “Where to put bike lock while riding”? As you need to keep the lock at a safe place first so that no one can steal! You can lock your bike with a bike lock at any suitable place to prevent bike theft but before that, how to carry the bike lock?

"bike lock while riding"Where to put bike lock while riding

Different kinds of locks

A proper lock is always important to ensure bike security. And there’re different kinds of bike locks to prevent bike theft, and sometimes each of them requires a separate way to carry while riding a bike. No matter what you should always go for better locks. The most common and used type of locks are,

"Chain Locks"Where to put bike lock while riding

Chain Locks

"Folding Locks"Where to put bike lock while riding

Folding Locks

U-Locks"Where to put bike lock while riding"


  • Chain Locks
  • U-Locks
  • Folding Locks

Cable locks or wire lock are another kind of locks, but they provide the least amount of securing. Anyone can easily cut them within 2-3 minutes and steal away your bike. We usually don’t suggest cable locks. That’s why we’re going to talk about only above mentioned locks and where to put them while riding a bike. Still the choice of lock is only your but make sure you're comfortable and known with the proper locking technique or locking mechanism. .

Put your Chain lock while riding

Chain locks are quite heavy and bulky. So you can’t just choose any places to carry it, especially when you’re on a long tour. Although the weight of the chain lock varies and the maximum approximate weight of a strongest chain is 20kg. So you can choose smaller ones if the excess weight of a massive chain bothers you.

Keep the chain lock in your backpack.

If you’re strong enough and capable of carrying a heavy backpack, then you can just put the chain lock on there. However, it has a disadvantage, which is a heavy chain lock that takes a huge amount of space. So if you’ve other things to carry on your backpack, it may create an issue for you to make rooms for all the things. Even if you think to carry a bigger bag, you should also think about comfort. But for a short tour or commute, this is a great option.

Make a loop around your waist or shoulder.

This method is only for them who can tolerate the weight of the chain lock around their body. Many chain locks come with the option of style to wear around the waist or shoulder. It also gives an easy reaching or access capacity when needed. But be cautious while wearing it as the heavy metal may cause injury to your body. A long time wearing the chain locks can also create rash and numbness.

Put it on a basket

If you’re planning to carry a pannier or basket while riding, you can put the chain lock in there. Or you can simply choose to carry it in the mounted basket of the bike in the front. But whether you carry the chain lock in a pannier or mounted basket, it’ll create an uneven weight distribution issue. As one side of the bike will feel heavy. So be cautious about that.

Where to put bike lock while riding

Put your U-Lock while riding

U-Locks are the most popular kind of locks as it gives maximum security of a bike. U-locks’ weight is also a lot less than chain locks, such as U-locks’ average weight is 1.5kg. There're also mini U lock available. It's also a smaller lock than other kinds as a result the size is  convenient to carry comfortably.

Put it on a U-lock mount

The best thing about U-locks is, most of them come with a lock mount. As a result, you can effortlessly mount the U-lock with the bike frame and ride without worrying. It even gives you the feasibility to access when needed. Even though some U-locks doesn’t come with a mount, you can always purchase them separately.

Hang it over the handlebars

Slide the U-lock over the handlebar, an easy and quick option for putting a U-lock while riding. Although as there’s no option of locking it or keeping it steady while riding it’ll continuously get in touch with your hand while you’re holding the handlebar, and that’s quite irritating. Also, the constant movement can create scratches on the metal. This option is only suitable for sudden and temporary situations.

Put it on a backpack 

Putting the U-lock in a backpack while riding is another good option. U-locks are relatively small and lightweight. So there’re won’t be much issue to carry the lock along with multiple items in there and ride freely. 

Stick it under the loop of your belt

You can stick the U-lock under the loop of your belt on the backside. This is another quick technique to carry the lock while riding. However, it will create uneasiness or may give you a choking feel. Also, if you don’t make a tight belt strap or loop, the lock may slip-away!

Put it on the basket carrier 

Many bikes come with a front mount basket carrier, and some of you attach it separately. This kind of basket carrier is another good option for carrying a bike lock while riding.

Where to put bike lock while riding

Put your folding lock while riding

Folding locks or foldylock compact are considered as the most convenient type of lock. They offer a larger size to cover a lot of area of the bike to lock it securely. And also, you can always turn it into a small shape when not in use. Folding locks are lightweight as well, which is around 1.4kg.

Use the lock mount

Similar to the U-locks, most of the folding locks also come with a lock mount. You can just turn the lock into a compact shape and mount it to the bike frame. It is the easiest, safest place, comfortable, and accessible way to carry a folding lock while riding.

Put it on a backpack

The backpack is the most common way of putting a bike lock while riding. Folding locks are small in shape, and lightweight, so you can easily carry that in a backpack.

Put it in your pocket

The small compact shape of folding locks gives you the advantage of carrying it in a pocket. You can either use the side pocket or back pocket. Although it may provide you an uneasy feeling at the seatpost while riding or if not observed frequently, it can even slip away!

Put it on a basket carrier

Putting the lock on a handlebar basket carrier while riding is another common option. That’s why it’s better to attach a carrier if your bike doesn’t come with one.

"U-Lock while "Where to put bike lock while riding

Bottom Line

We always put so much importance and time on figuring out what will keep my bike safe but often forget how to keep the equipment safe, which is responsible for the bike’s security! Try to choose the maximum lock size based on your suitability. Whether you choose heavy duty locks, little cable lock or crappy lock, you need to consider which one is best so that one can can steal your bike. Where to put the bike lock while riding is an issue like that. So it’s better to keep in mind about the safety of both the bike and the bike lock. Or else you may end-up losing both of them!

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