Top 10 Vilano Bikes Reviews | 2020

We will take you through a bunch of reviews that may help you find a bike best suited for your interest. We will be reviewing one specific brand today as it is one of the beginner-friendly as well as affordable options out there. 10 best vilano bikes review will surely help you select the one that suits your best interest. 

Riding a bicycle for many of us is either a hobby or a necessity. Some ride it for fun, while some use it for their daily commute and some become serious enthusiasts. Apart from being one of the favorite past times and passions, cycling could be an excellent addition to our fitness regime. Bikes are also considered one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles at present times.  

So if you do not own a bike, it is high time that you get one! You may now question yourself about the bike you want to buy. Or if you are a newbie, you could easily get lost into the crowd of numerous brands. Even a pro may find it daunting to pick one from the myriads.

Why Vilano Bikes should be your first choice?

Vilano bikes could be one of your best choices, for it performs brilliantly as an entry-level bike as well as budget-friendly. Also, you get to pick yours from many varieties. Whether you are looking for a bike to ride on the streets or ascend the trails of the mountain, you could always get to choose one from Vilano.

For this article, we have picked 10 Vilano bikes of recent times that have received excellent ratings and reviews from the users. Our picks include road bikes, hybrid bikes, triathlon bikes, and mountain bikes from Vilano. So anyone searching a bike for commute on light trails and pavement could always opt for the reviews on road bikes. Conversely, those who want exciting rides on rough trails could look for reviews on hybrid and mountain bikes. And those looking to improve their cycling skills could see our review on the triathlon road bike.
So sit back and enjoy!

10 most Popular Vilano Bikes of Recent Times

Performing a Vilano bikes review was quite intimidating since you get to narrow down to only 10 bikes for the review. Nonetheless, we tried making a list of 10 popular Vilano bikes that are currently well accepted with the users around the world.

1. Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike 24 Speed Disc Brakes

Those who are planning to get an entry-level bike for their daily and distant ride on streets and intermediate trails Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike could be a great option. For its excellent performance as an elementary level hybrid bike, we have presented as one of the first picks in our Vilano bikes review.

This bike comes with a great price. If you are a beginner level cyclist and looking for a bike to use both pavement and off-pavement this could be your choice.

It is a combination of road and mountain bike, suitable for general-purpose riding on different types of land and terrain

FACT: What is a Hybrid Bike?

The 24 speed and 700c rims, make it a wonderful hybrid bike. With 700c rims it can ride smoothly on light as well as intermediate trails. You can take it for a casual ride, traveling to distant places and also run on medium hilly terrains. The bike also assures a smooth ride on wet or dry weather conditions.

With the introduction of Shimano disc brake in this bike you could also expect to have amazing control and stopping power. However, it would be wrong to consider it for a high-end mountain bike

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike 24 Speed Disc Brakes Review

Key Features

Bike Type

Hybrid road bike


Shimano EF 51 3/8 Speed, Integrated brake lever


Runs in 24 Speed


Made from 6061 aluminum which makes it light-weight 


Dual Disc

Front/Rear Derailleur

Shimano Tourney TX


Kenda 700c X 35c


Weinmann 700c

Tip: Make sure to tune the bike from an expert for a smooth ride.


  • Great hybrid bike for an affordable 
  • Assembling is fairly easy
  • 24 speed
  • Quality ride on light to intermediate trails
  • Sturdy ride on dry or wet road
  • Lightweight


  • Missing shocksSaddle is not very comfortable

Conclusion: Vilano 3.0 is a beginner friendly road-bike which has amazing hold on the ride and brakes. It is best for casual riding both on and off the roads.  

2. Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single      Speed Road Bike

The next bike we are introducing in Vilano bikes review is the Vilano Rampage fixed gear fixie single speed road bike.  The urban commuters could make it their choice for it is the best fit for urban tracks. This bike also has a reasonable price option. The one with taste would surely appreciate its classic look.

Transfers energy from pedal to wheels more efficiently. Good for long rides.

Advantages of a Fixed Gear Bike

The bike features a 45mm deep V Anodized wheels and hubs that give it a sleek feature to the bike. Those who do not want the hassle of changing gears would love it’s the flip-flop rear hub. The introduction of the flip-flop rear hub in the bike allows you to control your ride between single to fixed gear speed easily.

It also has a riser handlebar for comfort. The frame and fork of the back are set up with urban geometry track style and tig-welded hi-ten steel.

Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Single Speed Road Bike Review

Key Features 

Bike Type

Fixed Gear Road Bike 




Old-school calipers


Threadless 700c 1 1/8" 

Tires and wheels

700c x 28c, 45mm Deep-V double wall Anodized

Front/Rear hub

Anodized/Anodized Flip-Flop


  • Affordable road bike  
  • Comfortable
  • Strong control
  • Anodized wheel and hub Performs well for its price
  • Easy assemble and maintenance 


  • A little heavy
  • Need expert handle to set it sturdy

Conclusion: Vilano Rampage is truly a fixed gear road bike which features a flip-flop hub to switch between gears and an amazing bike for commuting.

3. Vilano 26" Mountain Bike Ridge 2.0 MTB        21 Speed with Disc Brakes

The Vilano Ridge 2.0 MTB (mountain bike) is an exciting addition to our picks for Vilano bikes review. The bike is mostly designed for a ride on light to intermediate trails, commuting or cruising. So those who would want a bike both for commute and fun could easily opt for it. However, you may not want to expect it to run on rough terrains as it is an entry-level mountain bike.  

This could also be a budget-friendly MTB option for you to choose from. The bike comes with some great features. The design of the bike includes a suspension fork with a lockout which is a worthy touch for a mountain bike. Besides, the mechanical disc brakes allow solid stopping and brake system.

MTB are specialized for mountain treks, off-streets and unpaved trails. Certain features such as strong  disc brakes, suspension forks and high quality build materials make it tough enough to handle anything that comes in front of it.

Mountain bikes(MTB) specialty

The bike gives a perfect ride on light to intermediate tracks both off-road and on streets. The beginner level mountain bikers could go for it. This bike could also be used as a great commuter.

"Vilano 26" Mountain Bike Ridge 2.0 MTB 21 Speed with Disc Brakes"Vilano Bikes Review

Key Features

Bike Type 

Mountain Bike (MTB)


Double Butted 6061 Aluminum frame makes the bike strong yet light.


Mechanical Disc Brakes allow maximum power in stopping.


Suspension fork with lockout produces speed and pedal efficacy on mountain treks.


The 26" wheels are made of mag alloy.


Shimano 7 Speed EF51 Integrated Shifter allows great hold while riding.


21 speeds provides real biking flexibility

Front & rear derailleur

Front & rear derailleur are Shimano tourney & TZ

Tips: A few upgrades could make it perform like a high end mountain bike.


  • Fantastic entry level bike
  • Reasonable price
  • Works fine on intermediate trails
  • Shifters work smoothly
  • Great suspension


  • Requires upgrading to perform in heavy trails
  • Bit heavy
  • Not suitable for heavy trails

Conclusion: Vilano 26" is an affordable beginner level mountain bike which includes a suspension fork with lockout. It is mostly suitable for light to intermediate trail rides

4. Vilano Diverse 2.0 Performance Hybrid Bike 24 Speed Road Bike 700c

If you are thinking of getting a versatile hybrid bike that can be used for casual traveling and also hiking on hilly terrains, then you could opt for Vilano Diverse 2.0 Performance Hybrid bike. 

This is another excellent pick in our Vilano bikes review list. With 700c rims, it could be a fantastic choice for daily purposes rides, on and off roads.

This bike also comes with a very reasonable price tag but features excellent performance. It has Shimano brake/shifters that surely would give riders a smooth and comfortable control over their rides.

 Metals frames formed using pressurized liquid and dies has specific advantages-

i. Light weight

ii. Improve strength of structure

iii. Cost effective

Hydroformed Alloy Frame

The 24 speeds incorporated in the bike is also a great addition. The tires are built to withhold adverse situations in both dry and wet weather, with all that in mind that it is not a suitable option for a massive trek. However, the tourney Tx derailleur could help a rider to hike intermediate hills effortlessly. 

"Vilano Diverse 2.0 Performance Hybrid Bike 24 Speed Road Bike 700c"Vilano Bikes Review

Key Features

Bike Type

Hybrid Road Bike


Hydroformed aluminum alloy


Alloy linear pull cantilever V-brakes

Front/Rear Derailleurs 

Shimano Tourney TX


Kenda 700c x 35c 

Speed shifters

Shimano EF 51 3/8 Speed shifters allow accurate gear shifting


Flat, which helps you keep up right

Tips: You may want to upgrade or modify the saddle as reviews claim it to be a bit uncomfortable


  • Easy assemble
  • Lightweight bike
  • Good for multipurpose
  • Shifting is smooth
  • Affordable price
  • Speed is good


  • Poor quality grip in handlebar
  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Missing kickstand
  • Hubs are of low quality

Conclusion: Vilano Diverse 2.0 is a hybrid road bike which is budget friendly yet features components such as 700c tires which gives smooth and sturdy ride on every weather

5. Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29er Mountain Bike

Those who loved the performance of popular Vilano BlackJack could opt for the upgraded version Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29er Mountain Bike. To illustrate how the updated version is compared to the previous version, we have selected this bike in our list for Vilano bikes review. This is another suitable pick for those who choose to ride their bike on either ordinary streets or medium off-road trails.With such a budget-friendly tag, it offers various good quality components that make this bike a fantastic choice.

A lockout switch in suspension of a MTB helps adjust the low speed compression rate of fork. It can also be tuned to the fully rigid point


Suspension Fork

 Vilano blackjack 3.0 29er MTB has suspension fork with lockout, which helps in producing efficient speed and pedal run while ascending on the mountain trails.
It also features a frame that is hand-built from hydro-formed alloy.

"Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29er Mountain Bike"Vilano Bikes Review

Key Features

Bike Type

Mountain Bike (MTB)


Butted 6061 Alloy 29er frame gives a strong body.

Suspension fork

80 mm Travel Suspension fork lockout produce right amount of speed and pedal efficiency

Rear/front Derailleur

Shimano Altus RD-M280


Mechanical Dual-Disc



Shifter / Brake Lever

Shimano EF-51 Easyfire Shifter / Brake Lever.

Tips: Make sure to tighten all the parts and perform a safety check since reviewers claimed to get affected with chain and suspension fork while riding.


  • Fine ride on intermediate trail
  • Decent shifter
  • Light solid aluminum frame
  • Good wheels and tires
  • Can be upgraded to high end MTB with reasonable price


  • Bumpy ride may affect the chain
  • Little Uncomfortable seat
  • Performs average on mountain trails

Conclusion: The Vilano blackjack 3.0 29er is a mountain bike that performs great for a reasonable price. It features lockout suspension fork, butted aluminum frame, and Shimano integrated shifter.

6. Vilano Shadow Road Bike - Shimano STI Integrated Shifters

Vilano shadow road bike took place in our list of Vilano bikes review for its multipurpose use by different elementary riders and cyclists. Other than using it for traveling and cruising, you could take it on a ride while you train to be a cyclist. The bike could also be an excellent option for fitness enthusiasts.

- Excellent speed

- Covers a long distance

- Lightweight frame

- Good braking system

- Multipurpose

Road bike characteristics

The speed number is 14, which is a decent speed for a road bike. With this speed limit, you could easily hit the flat roads as well as a medium hilly terrain. The Shimano STI integrated shifter/brake lever does a fantastic job of giving precise control overriding. The bike is also super lightweight for its double-butted aluminum frame.

"Vilano Shadow Road Bike - Shimano STI Integrated Shifters"Vilano Bikes Review

Key Features


The frame is made of 6061 Double Butted Aluminum which gives a lightweight structure. A heads​​​​et is also integrated in the design.  


The front and rear derailleur are Shimano Tourney  and Shimano


700c double walled CNC machined side wheels


Forks are 700c 1 1/8" thread-less


Dual pivot alloy caliper brakes included


The Shimano STI Integrated Brake Lever/Shifters gives a manageable and precise control


Speed is 14 which is quite decent for a road bike

Tips: The brakes pedals can be easily replaced or upgraded to quality ones.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Assembly requires little effort and time
  • Good beginner friendly bike
  • Frame is made of aluminum which makes it light yet solid
  • The cycle is suitable for both flat and intermediate hilly roads
  • Dual pivot alloy caliper brakes allow a great braking system


  • Components are low end
  • Since it is a beginner friendly bike it is not suitable for harsh trail
  • Poor performance of brake pedals

Conclusion: Vilano shadow is a budget-friendly entry-level road bike option incorporated with Shimano STI Integrated Shifters. It is well suited for beginner cyclists and training.

7. Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike

By the name itself Vilano Urbana Single-speed folding bike, we could easily say that the bike is mostly suited to the urban zone. With the single-speed and folding option, it could be an excellent choice for urban residents. 

The bike can be used for daily-commute and long-distance cruising on mostly pavements. You could easily fold and place it in a small compartment to carry the bike anywhere you want. The bike is superbly lightweight, with a weight of only 21.5lbs. This bike has the potential to be enlisted as honorable mention in the top 5 folding bikes picked by us.

A single speed bicycle does not allow shifting gears and helps you ride with a single speed.  This also makes the bike quite low Maintenance.

Single speed bike


"Vilano Urbana Single Speed Folding Bike"Vilano Bikes Review

Key Features

Bike Type



The frame is made of aluminum that gives a lightweight yet strong structure. The bikes Weighs only 21.5 lbs


The bike could be easily and quickly fold to 12" x 32" x 25"


Great for commuting inside the urban areas


The wheels are 20" in thickness which make it a good urban vehicle


There are options to mount water bottle and a rack for comfortable ride


Since you do not need to change gears it can be regarded as low maintenance bike

Tips: You may need an adjustment with handlebar lengths for a good posture while riding.


  • Reasonable price range
  • Assembling require less time and effort
  • Folding and undoing is fairly easy and quick
  • Lightweight structure for aluminum frame
  • Aluminum made structure also allow the bike to be Sturdy


  • Handle bar or threaded rod quality is quite poor since it tends to break easily
  • The seat is quite uncomfortable for a long ride

Conclusion: Vilano Urbana single-speed folding bike is an affordable option that gives you a choice to ride with single-speed. The bike is nicely suited to an urban environment and can be kept on a small space when folded.

8. Vilano Shadow 2.0 Road Bike - STI Integrated Shifters

If you intend to get a pure road bike for your daily use or commuting to distant places or for fun and exercise, you could choose The Vilano Shadow 2.0 Road Bike.

We have put this basic road bike in our review list for its simplicity yet amazing performance on the street as an entry-level bike. You can afford this bike with a great deal for daily usage purpose and distance traveling. However, you have to understand that it may not perform well in rough terrain.

Shimano Total Integration also known as STI is a system for gearshift devised by Shimano for racing bicycles.

Shimano total Integration

The bike has a great hold and stopping power since Shimano STI brake lever shifters are included. The bike is also very lightweight for the use of the aluminum frame. The 24 speed incorporated in the bike could be well suited to its purpose.

Vilano Shadow 2.0 Road Bike - STI Integrated Shifters

Key Features

Bike Type

Road Bike


With Shimano A070 STI Integrated Brake Lever/Shifters the control of the bike is pretty smooth


The frame is made of 6061 Double Butted Aluminum Aero which is also integrated with a headset. This makes the bike quite strong but lightweight


The Front and rare derailleur are Shimano and Shimano tourney


The Dual pivot Alloy caliper installed help perform powerful stopping


Wheels are 700c Doubled Walled CNC Alloy Machined Sides

Tips:  Make sure to tune up and fully dial everything before you take this bike on a road


  • Excellent bike option for the price range
  • Aluminum frame gives the bike quite sturdy and durable structure
  • Assembly takes little effort and time
  • Shimano STI integrated brake lever allow Sturdy brake
  • Could help cover a long distance


  • The real bike comes with the packaging may not be  true in colors
  • Since it is an entry-level bike it is not suited for rough roads
  • The saddle is a bit uncomfortable for a long distance ride.

Conclusion: Vilano Forza 4.0 is a road bike specially designed as a triathlon bike that features wheels that are double-walled with CNC machined sides. The bike is reasonably priced.

9. Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike 21  Speed 700c

The Vilano R2 commuter is a road bike and designed mostly for commuting short to long distances on pavement and intermediate off trails. We have picked it in our review as it is one of the other great reviewed road bikes for traveling and other purposes.

The 6061 Double Butted Aluminum Frame makes the bike super lightweight for the riders. Those who prefer thumb shifters would love this bike for the A050 thumb shifters mounted on the bike. This bike can easily handle any situations regardless of dry or wet weather.

When we use a thumb shifter the thumb help push forward for larger cogs ( teeth on rim of wheels) while index finger pushes the lever backward for smaller cogs.

How thumb shifters work?

The alloy caliper helps to provide a precise control and braking system. The wheel-set 700c is suitable for this road bike to perform swift rides on light to intermediate roads.

Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike 21  Speed 700c

Key Features

Bike Type



The 6061 Double Butted Aluminum Frame gives the bike lightweight and strong structure

Thumb Shifters

Shimano A050 Thumb Shifters is mounted allow shifting gears easily and with a press of a thumb


The wheel set is 700c Doubled Walled CNC Machined which allow smooth rides on any weather conditions


The Front and rare derailleur are Shimano and Shimano Tourney


The Brakes are Alloy caliper which allow great brake performance.

Tips: One may want to upgrade the tires since many reviews claim the bike to have poor tires


  • Impressive price for a great performance
  • Easy assemble since it takes little effort and time
  • Fairly stable and sturdy for the aluminum structure
  • Good wheels as it performs decently on dry or wet weather
  • Quite a good speed for a road bike


  • The Inner tubes on tires are of poor quality
  • Parts are of poor quality 
  • Uncomfortable seat for long distant rides

Conclusion: The Vilano R2 commuter bike is an excellent road bike with 21 speeds. The price range is pretty affordable and sure to run smoothly on roads with significant control.

10. Vilano Forza 4.0 Aluminum Integrated  Shifters Road Bike

The Vilano Forza 4.0 is the triathlon road bike that gets picked in the Vilano bikes review list. It is once again an entry-level road bike and is a superb choice for the ones who are into road cycling.

It can also be used as a commute, distant traveling, and exercising. The bike can be an excellent choice for the starter triathlon racers and could be even used for their practice runs.

Triathlon bikes are designed with a larger seat tube angle compared to that of a road bike. The bikes are mostly used for triathlon races.

Triathlon Bike Features

The bike has a great hold and stopping power since Shimano STI brake lever shifters are included. The bike is also very lightweight for the use of the aluminum frame. The 24 speed incorporated in the bike could be well suited to its purpose.

Vilano Forza 4.0 Aluminum Integrated  Shifters Road Bike​

Key Features

Bike Type

Triathlon road bike


The frame is made of 6061 aluminum which makes the bike really lightweight


Speed is 24 which can work decently in different conditions


The wheels are made of double walled with CNC machined sides

Front/ Rear Derailleur

Shimano Claris 3 Speed/ Shimano Claris 8 Speed


The wheels are made of double walled with CNC machined sides


Tires are Kenda 700c x 23c

Tips:  Make sure to tune up and fully dial everything before you take this bike on a road.


  • Excellent bike for the price tag
  • Frame is quite sturdy and durable
  • Good price
  • Assembly is fairly easy
  • Sturdy brake system
  • Fairly covers miles


  • Not true in colors
  • Not suited for rough roads
  • Uncomfortable saddle

Conclusion: Vilano Forza 4.0 is a road bike specially designed as a triathlon bike that features wheels that are double-walled with CNC machined sides. The bike is reasonably priced.

Things You Want To Know When Buying a Vilano Bike

Since we are doing a Vilano bikes review, we must bring you the details on what you should consider when buying a Vilano bike.

Understand the type

Firstly, you need to decide on the type of Vilano bike you would purchase. Picking a wrong one may put you in uncomfortable situations. The main types of Vilano bikes the company offer are road bike, hybrid bike, mountain bike, triathlon, fixed gear bike, folding bike.

Understand the components

When buying a Vilano bike, you should look for the components (frame & fork, wheels, suspension, brakes, drivetrain, contact points). You could always opt to upgrade parts if you want.


You should always reconsider your budget. Sometimes it is even possible that you may have to update different parts according to your expectations. The Vilano bikes, fortunately, are one of the most budget-friendly bikes in the market.


The company is quite generous about the warranty. However, you have to make sure you buy it from an authorized dealer. Usually, Vilano bikes come with a one year warranty. Vilano, however, does not cover warranty for the parts that are broken during assembly. You can visit their official website for in detail warranty policy.

Bike Assembly

All the Vilano bikes are almost 90% pre-assembled in the factory. The rest of the assembly is relatively easy. Nevertheless, you may have to call for experts in special cases.


These bikes are best for entry-level riders. The lightweight and stronghold of the brakes make it a fantastic choice for the beginners. The advanced riders could also find it a convenient option.