Best Tubeless Valve Stems – Reviews with FAQs

Most modern motorcycles and MTB’s feature tubeless tires. It’s the better solution nowadays. It’s been proven to be more useful and better for off-road conditions. There was never a better time to go tubeless. But going tubeless comes with its own troubles. A major concern regarding going tubeless is finding good tubeless valve stems.

The importance of a good pair of valve stems is way too much. I can write up a thesis on how important they are. Don’t worry, I am not going to bore you with that much detail here. We are here to find out the best tubeless valve stems for MTB/motorcycles. We are going to do that. But first, let’s talk a bit about what’s the benefit of going tubeless.

What is a Tubeless Valve Stem?

You might have seen some stem poking out of your old tubed tire. That’s a valve stem. You can use that valve stem to fill air inside the tube. On a tubeless setup, you need a specific set of valve stems to fill in air inside the tire directly. A lot of the time that valve stem will also be used for pouring sealant inside the tire. A good pair of tubeless valve stems will make the process of pouring sealant and air inside easier.

What’s the Benefit of Going Tubeless?

Tubeless tires tend to have self-repairing capabilities. You don’t need to worry about changing the tube every time there is a puncture on it. Instead, you could just pour some sealant inside the tire and act like nothing ever happened. This is the main reason why many prefer tubeless.

We know more than we did. Let’s keep the streak going and move on to finding out the best tubeless valve stems for our cycle.

1. Muc Off 1056 Blue Tubeless Presta Valve

Starting off the list with Muc Off Tubeless Presta Valves. Appearance wise, they look stunning. But appearance isn’t everything on a tubeless valve stem. Muc Off made these Presta valves in two different sizes and plenty of colors to choose from. Such as red, blue, yellow, black, etc.

The one we have for the review is 44mm and universal fit. You can choose a 60mm universal fit depending on your rim size. Muc Off Presta valves are compatible with most MTB’s out there. Made out of aluminum, Muc Off Presta valves ensure maximum safety and firm sealing.

Are you tired of leaks in your tubeless tires? Of course, you are. That’s why we are recommending you a pair of tubeless valve stems that fits on almost all modern bike rims you can think of. It is quite easy to install. The sealing from both inside and outside is excellent.

There is no gap visible from the top or from the inside. The sealing is very tight. Depending on how well you fit the tire on to the rim, there shouldn’t be any leaks present near the valve as. The installation of this valve stem is flawless.

Do you need a certain air pump to fill up the tire?

These are Presta valves. Their stems are quite small compared to standard valve stems. Most floor pumps will be able to pump up through Presta valves. Or, you could get a Presta-Schrader adapter and it will solve all of your issues.

What size of tubeless valve stems do I need for a 29” MTB?

The height of the valve stem is entirely up to your preference. Wheel size doesn’t matter for that. What I am trying to say is, the extra height will be more visible and will be easier to fit in most pumps.

Is sealant required for this?

Using a bit of sealant on a true tubeless setup is always recommended. This should provide you with proper sealing without any sealant. If you don’t want to take any chances just add a bit of sealant and you are good to go.

2. BWSHLF Presta Tubeless Valve Stem

I know you won’t remember the name of this brand, just like you won’t remember you installed a pair of tubeless valves on your rims. Yes, it’s that good. Once you install them correctly, you could forget about leaks and stuff.

Why are they good? Well, that’s a very good question that I have no answer to. Jokes aside, from build quality to sealing, BWSHLF Presta Tubeless valve stems are something else. It comes in a length of 40mm and 44mm.

Yes, it does come in a pair. You don’t need to buy two separate units. Unless, you want to mixmatch the colors. That can look cool, not going to lie.

As for the valve stems themselves, they are made out of high-quality aluminum. Both the cover and the valve itself is made out of aluminum. Durable and rust-free material. To make the seal between the valve and the tubeless rim better, BWSHLF Presta tubeless valve stems come with rubber O-Ring sealings. O-ring sealing makes the joint leak free and waterproof.

Performance wise, it’s one of the best valve stems for tubeless tires. Really good investment if you are going the tubelessroute.

Is the 60mm tubeless valve stem better than 44mm?

The question here shouldn’t be about which one is better. They both are the same thing with different valve heights. They don’t have any differences when it comes to the actual performance of the valve. They are the same thing. If you want a longer valve, go with 60 or 80mm. Otherwise 40/44 is fine.

Is this good for all tubeless rim?

While BWSHLF is a universal tube valve, it may not support older designs. You should change your cycle rim to a newer one if that’s the case. No point in still rocking a tubed tire in 2022.

Is sealant necessary?

It’s not absolutely necessary. The kit comes with a pair of rubber O-ring as well. They do their job flawlessly. While sealant will make them do that job even better, it’s not necessary.

3. Stan’s NoTubes Tubeless Valve Stem

This is an interesting pair of valves for tubeless setup. They even have NoTubes in their name. Good marketing if you ask me.

But does that statement hold true? I firmly believe it does. Let’s elaborate on that for a bit. This pair of valve stems by Stan is made out of brass. A really durable material that is mostly used in expensive crafting. Due to their density and higher price tag.

Stan did a really good job in making them durable and keeping the seal very tight. To make their sealing even tighter, Stan also sells tire sealant that you can pour down the valve quite easily. The height of the valve is 44mm and it only comes in one size.

It’s a universal fit that should fit most MTB’s available on the market right now. Installing them is quite easy and straightforward. You won’t have any trouble while installing them on your rim. Just follow the guidelines provided by NoTubes.

Are these Presta Valves?

Yes, this is a Presta valve. They are universal and quite easy to mount on most MTB stems. The height 44mm is fixed however.

Do I need a tool to remove the core?

Yes, you need a Presta tool to remove the core of the valve. But there is a scuffed solution if you don’t want to buy the tool. You can use a pliers to pull out the core. It won’t break it, but it’s not the most sophisticated way of doing this.

Will this work on a Schrader hole as well?

It’s not made for Schrader holes. It’s made for Presta holes. It’s one of the best Presta tubeless valve stem on the market. Works like a charm and the sealing is excellent.

4. MBP Alloy Tubeless 40mm Bicycle Presta Valve Stem

This pair of alloy tubeless valve stems is made by MBP. Not to be confused with MTB. MBP tubeless valve stem will support your MTB though.

As the name suggests, this pair of valves are made out of alloy. A durable and lightweight material goes hand to hand with bicycle and accessories. Alloy here is colored in black. It’s not entirely matte but not glossy either. It has a good accent finish that doesn’t feel or looks bad.

Removable valve core gives you the freedom to remove it anytime you want without any specific set of tools. This way, you can replace the core of the valve quite easily. MBP alloy valves are suitable for mountain and road bikes. As long as it fits your bicycle rim, it will support it.

Make sure that your bike supports Presta valves and you are good to go. You don’t get to choose the height of the valves with this one. It comes in a fixed 40mm height. That’s more than enough to make it compatible with most household bicycle pumps.

Will it fit all rim types?

MBP includes two Grommet bases for each valve to accommodate for most rim types out there. Even if your rim doesn’t support them, I suggest you get a better rim with more universal valve supports. Presta valves should fit in most modern road and MTB bikes out there.

Does it have O-ring sealing?

Yes, MBP alloy tubeless valve stem does feature O-ring sealing. It makes the sealing with the rim tight and snug. There shouldn’t be any room left for leaks to happen. Despite that, we do recommend you to use some sealant to make the O-ring fit even tighter.

Will this fit Roscoe 7 tubeless ready rim?

Yes, it will. It will fit any tubeless rim as long as the stem is long enough. Roscoe 7 rim does support 40mm valves. You are good to go with MBP for your Roscoe 7.

5. VeloTubes Tubeless Valve Stem

VeloTubes tubeless valve stems are another pair of stems that are available in many different colors. Like the one before, all the colors share the same specs besides a different color coating. All of them are the same, it doesn’t matter which one you go for.

Material of choice for this pair of valve stems is aluminum. A lightweight, durable, and rust-free material. In other words, perfect material for a pair of valve stems. If longevity is a priority for you, you know what to pick.

Height of this valves are 44mm. Universal fit suitable for most types of tubeless rims out there. The core here is removable as well. But you may require some tool to pull it out safely.

If you don’t want a pair of 44mm valves and want something bigger, make sure to choose the height you want to take. You can choose from 44, 55, and 80mm height.
All of the stems feature O-ring sealing as well. O-ring sealing fills the gape and makes the tube valve sit even tighter. It doesn’t require any sealant. However, you could always use some sort of sealant to make the sealing completely leak proof.

Is this a Presta valve?

Yes, this is a Presta valve. It’s a universal Presta valve that supports almost any type of MTB tubeless rims out there. Including stuff like Roscoe 7. If you have a modern tubeless rim, it will support that rim easily.

What grade of aluminum are these made of?

They are made from 6061 grade aluminum. Some of the toughest out there. This type of material is used on bicycles and many other equipment made out of aluminum. Durability and sturdy is a signature of aluminum. Rest assured, unless your rim gets into a severe accident, nothing happens to the valve.

Can these be used in MTB?

Yes, they can. In fact, they are one of the best MTB tubeless valve stems you could buy at this very moment. They offer a tremendous value and their performance is praiseworthy as well. Making them an ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a good set of tubeless valve stems.

Can you remove the valve core?

Yes, you can. To inject sealant inside the tire, you will need to use the valve stem. For that to happen, you will need to remove the Presta core and insert your sealant with a syringe or the sealant pipe. Whatever works best for you.

6. Zukka Tubeless Valve Stem

While I know their name is quite similar to Zuko from Avatar, I assure you they are not connected. Zukku tubeless valve stems are a set of valve stems made from high-quality metal. It’s compatible with most MTB and road bikes out there.

The Zukka valve is available in different colors and sizes. The most common one being 40mm and you can take 44mm as well. Depends on what kind of rim you are using and what height of valve stem suits your taste.

You can match the color of the stem with your rim as well. If you are into that. Zukka used Alloy to make their valves. Alloy keeps them lightweight yet durable. It’s a very potent material that is also used in high-end bicycles and motorcycle parts.

Removable valve core allows you to easily inflate and add extra sealants inside the tire. Zukka also comes with a universal round rubber base and O-ring keeping the seal tight and protecting your rims. It also makes the valve leak proof. You can improve that with a bit of sealant, but you can totally live without sealant as well.

Does it come with any tools?

Zukka includes 1 pair of stems and a core removal tool in the package. You will need a basic Allen wrench to install the valve on your rim. But to open the core, you don’t need anything besides the included tool. It works fine.

Does color matter in terms of valves?

I understand your point. But it doesn’t matter what color you go with. Color gives the freedom of mixing one valve with another stem. It’s up to the rider to choose the color they prefer. That’s it. Besides preference and looking good, colors don’t mean anything.

Will they fit Schrader valves?

They are Presta valves, not Schrader. The Schrader valve is too big for Presta valves. There are some guides available on the internet where they teach you how to use the Schrader valve inside the Presta valve. If you are feeling courageous, go for it.

7. I72 Tubeless Valve Stem

i72 tubeless valve stems are manufactured by Nir Yaniv. It’s a pair of Presa valve stems. Like all the other valve stems on the list, this one is a pair of universal tubeless rim valve stems.

Made out of brass, durability is out of question. Nir will also provide you with good customer service. Rest assured, durability isn’t a concern here at any point. Brass threads also last longer than aluminum. Making it a longer lasting valve compared to other options on the market.

I72 uses Presta cores inside the valve. Most household pumps usually come with a Schrader core. But if you buy a converter for the pump, or just buy a Presta pump all together, your life will be a lot easier.

You can’t choose the size of these valves. They come in a 40mm length and that’s fixed. Whether you like it or not, you are stuck with it. From our research and testing, we have seen more rims supporting 40mm than 80mm. A lot of rims straight up tells you to use 40mm only.

Make sure to read the manual of your rim and decide from there on.

Does it have O-ring sealing?

Yes, it has a rubber base and O-ring sealing. Together they create an air-tight sealing and make sure the tubeless setup stays leak free. You still should use some sort of sealant to seal the deal. But you can live without that.

Can you remove the core?

Yes, you can remove the Presta core. In fact, i72 comes with a tool dedicated for removing the core. If you need to change the core and replace it with another Presta valve core, you can do that.

Does it come in different colors?

Unfortunately, no. It doesn’t come in different colors. What you can do is color it yourself. It’s quite easy to spray paint on your own. Or if you are fancying some good coatings, then take it to your local cerakote or powder coat it.

8. VeloTubes FR 11D-55mm Tubeless Valve Stem

This is the second pair of Tubeless valves from VeloTubes that we liked very much. Tons of other people including reviewers also vouched for this pair of Presta valve tubes. We wouldn’t be calling them one of the best pair of tubeless valves otherwise.

Made out of high-quality aluminum, this pair of Presta valves are available in two sizes and plenty of different colors. Like I said previously, color doesn’t mean anything besides aesthetic. If you like a specific color, by all means go for it. Otherwise, you can go with the default black color as well.

Two grommet types are included with the kit. One for each valve. Depending on the type of the rim you have, you can use the interchangeable grommet that comes with the kit.

To make the sealing better and make sure it stays leak proof, there is O-ring sealing present on the valve stem as well. VeleoTubes makes sure your satisfaction is everything. They encourage you to be vocal if you are not satisfied with their service. Contact them and they will help you for sure.

Is this a Presta valve?

Yes, it’s a Presta valve kit. It doesn’t support Schrader core if you are interested in knowing that. There are workarounds to make Schrader work in Presta but it’s a far-fetched method for most general consumers.

Can you use these without cush core insert?

Yes, you can use them without the cush core insert. You can use them on a gravel bike or MTB. Whatever you are into. Just install them directly on to the rim.

How do I know what size I need?

Your rim guide should come with rim depth stem length. Depending on what size of rim you have, some might require longer. For example, under 24mm length will need a 35mm valve.

9. WTB TCS Presta Valves

Brass valves tend to be more expensive than regular valves. They offer more durability and longevity compared to other inserts.

TCS Presta valves are made with brass. WTB tried to provide high-end valves for a small price. These brass valves are rated to be bombproof. Your rim might break from an accident or your tire might pop off from too much air, but TCS will stay where they are supposed to.

The length of these valves are 34mm. This height can be awkward for rims with deeper depths. If that’s the case, then you should go for the 46mm option. That will be a safer bet and more universal. If that makes any sense.

Installing them is super easy as well. The seal between rim and the valve is extremely tight. There is an O-ring present on each set of valves as well. Making sure the sealing stays leak less. If you want to improve the sealing even further, include a bit of sealant on the sealing position.

Are brass Presta valves better?

Kind of? Depends on the context. In terms of the build quality and cutouts, brass will be better. But in terms of performance, both are the same. If you fancy the brass look and you want brass longevity, go for brass valves. Otherwise alloy or aluminum will do more than fine.

Can you remove the core of the WTB TCS Presta valve?

Yes, you can remove the TCS Presta valve core if you want. Both of the valves come with the same removable Presta core. Take it out while pouring sealant inside.

Can I use it on a road bicycle?

Yes, you can use it on a road bicycle as well. Make sure your tubeless rim supports a universal tubeless valve stem. Otherwise you will face some issues while installing the valve on your cycle.

10. CushCore 44mm Air Valve Set

The CushCore valve set is made out of alloy. It is lightweight and durable. Consistency of the valve set is amazing as well.

In terms of longevity and performance, there is no complaint. To make sure the valve set is properly seated and there are no leaks present on the valve, there are nitrile rubber seals included on the valve itself as well.

Instead of rubber O-ring, Nitrile rubber sealing provides a softer cushioning with better sealing. Making sure you don’t need extra sealant to secure the bond between valve and rim.

To put sealant inside the tire to fix leaks, you need to remove the Presta valve core. Otherwise sealant won’t go inside. Most Presta valve sets require a lot of force and special tools to remove the core. CushCore includes the tool necessary to remove the valve core.

It allows you to put in sealant easily and swap out broken cores easily as well. The size of the valve set is 44mm. It’s suitable for most rims out there. The color choice however is limited to black only. In my opinion, it looks classy and better.

Can I use them without cushcore?

Yes, you can. The only difference between these valves and a standard valve is the air relief port positioning. Instead of putting the air relief ports on the side of the valve, they are now underneath the valve.

Are these Presta valves?

Yes, they are Presta valves with Presta cores. No Schrader core is suitable for this valve. Make sure to buy a Presta pump instead of Schrader.
Can I install them on any MTB?

As long as your MTB supports them, you can install them on any MTB or road cycle. Most modern MTB will support this without any issues.


Going tubeless is the best decision you will ever make. But that journey is not an easy one. As we witnessed in this huge article. But hey, we learned a lot about tubeless and why they are important and we found out some of the best tubeless valves on the market. I consider that a huge success.

I hope you took something from the article. Even if it’s just knowledge, that’s something useful and will come in handy later.

All of the mentioned valves are high-quality and heavy-performing. Even under pressure they won’t give in. But I will give in for now and end the post here. Till next time.

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