What Size Tubeless Rim Tape Do I Need?

Going Tubeless-tire means when you don’t want to use the inner tube on the wheels of the bike. In this case, you need special rims or at least you need to have “tubeless-ready” rims. To make your bike tubeless, you will need a special sealing rim-tape so that it can prevent air leaks through spoke holes. In addition to the tubeless rim tape, you will need some sealant and tubeless ready valves to complete the setup.

How to Choose The Right Size of Tubeless Rim Tape?

The first step to find the correct size of the tubeless rim tape is that you need to measure the inner width of the rim. The rim width often differs according to the wheel size as in whether your wheel size is 27 inch or 29 inch. Therefore, you should have a clear idea about the size of your rim width. It is quite easy to measure the width of the rim, you can simply use a ruler, yardstick or tape measure and then measure it from bead seat to bead seat.

Second point you need to have in mind is that the rims of the tubeless tire are different from the general tire. The rims of this type of wheel have a curve and slightly tall side-wall.

For example, if your rim width is 17 mm, your rim tape should be 18 mm wide. Here, you can see that the width of the rim tape is 1 mm wider than the rim width. It is because the main idea of using rim tape in tubeless- tires is to seal the air leak by the spoke holes. Hence, it is wise to use a wider rim tape in tubeless wheels.

How to Increase Durability of Tires By Using Tubeless Rim Tapes?

In order to increase the longevity of the tires, you must double layer the rim; one layer should be centered on the spoke holes and another layer should circulate from left to right. For instance, if you want to double layer your 17 mm wide rim, you should choose rim tape between 17-23 mm wide for the first layer. Additionally, you should use rim tape between 26-30 mm wide for the second layer.

Following two of the best tubeless rim tapes which you might find helpful:

71syvLd4vnL. AC SL213
Muc-Off Tubeless Rim Tape
Schwalbe Tubeless Rim Tape

Useful Tip:

Regular valves are not recommended for tubeless rims. So, don’t forget to buy a good pair of tubeless valves along with tubeless rim tape. Don’t worry I have got this here as well! Here’s a pair of tubeless valves in case you’re looking for one.

Differences Between Tubeless Rim Tape and Regular Rim Tape?

There are few differences between tubeless rim tape and regular rim tape:

Usability: When the regular rim tape can be used on any type of rims, tubeless rim tape can be only used on “special rims”. Here, the special rim means the rims with curved surfaces.

Width: While buying a tubeless rim tape, you have to look for one or two millimeter wider rim tape than the actual width of your rim. But in case of regular rim tape, you have to buy the tape according to the exact width of the rim.

Costing : The costing of the rim tapes mainly depends on the brands, however, purchasing the tubeless rim tapes is sometimes costlier. Especially, if you want to double layer your tubeless rim, you need to buy rim tapes in different widths.

If you want to know more about regular rim tape just scroll down!

What Size Regular Rim Tape Do I Need? (Non-tubeless)

As the name suggests, rim tape is a kind of adhesive material that mounts on the rim of the bicycle. Rim tape basically prevents any sharp edges around the spoke holes from puncturing the tube. Besides, it saves the tube from the scratches or imperfections of the inner rim.

Rim tape can be made from cloth, rubber, PVC or nylon. It is important to have a durable, long lasting rim tape in your rims as the low quality of the rim tape may cause frequent flats of the tires.

How to find the right size of a regular rim tape?

Now, in order to find out the correct size of the rim tape for your bike, first, you must know the wheel size of the bike. As different wheel sizes have varieties in the diameters of rim, it is essential for you to know the size of the wheels.

Let’s say, the wheels of your bike measure “26- inch”, according to ISO the traditional diameter of the rim would be 559 mm. So, the rim with diameter of 559 mm, generally needs around 20 mm wide rim tape.

This takes us to the second point which you should keep in consideration that is the inner rim sidewall width. If you are using tubes with the tires, depending on the rim’s shape, you may have to buy 2 mm wider rim tape.

Other Factors to Consider Before Buying Regular Rim Tape?

The decision of purchasing wide or narrow rim tape should also be based on the type of bike you own. For example, a regular road bike would need 700c/Narrow rim tape whereas a “29-inch” mountain bike wheel would need 700c/Wide rim tape.

If you want to find your perfect rim tape, you are highly recommended to look for different types of tapes as well, such as rubber tape and fabric tape. Given the weather conditions, rubber rim tapes may not be suitable for different countries. On the other hand, the adhesive used in the fabric rim tape is heat resistant, so it is often considered as a more preferable option for many users.

To help you further, here is of some of the best rim tapes (non-tubeless):

91vvcYA11OL. AC SL250
Gorilla 6100116 6100101-2 Duct Tape
51RJbwrfYiL. AC SL235
TCS Tubeless Rim Tape 28mm x 11m Roll,

To Sum Up

On your way of going tubeless with your bike I hope this article will help you solve a piece of puzzle among many others. In your search for tubeless rim tape, you should look out for both the right size and better quality as we did in our recommended products. I have covered both tubeless rim tape and regular rim tape size measurement for anyone who’s looking for either of them.

So, no more asking yourself “what size tubeless rim tape should I use?”!

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