Best Grease for Speedplay Pedals – Reviews and Buying Guide

People who own Speedplay pedals are already aware of their benefits- the three bearings work together to give a better performance. These pedals can get a bit rusty upon use overtime. They may become slightly difficult to get in engaging and disengaging.

In this case, you’ll need to give them a good clean. To do that, you’ll need to use a Speedplay grease gun kit. There are many brands of Speedplay grease to choose from so if you need a little help in making that decision this article should be enough.

How Often Should You Grease Your Speedplays?

It is recommended to grease your pedals every 2000 miles/3200 km or every 3 months. It is preferable to clean out your pedals after rainy or dusty weather conditions as late maintenance of pedals can affect the longevity of the product.

For smoother performance, you should lubricate Speedplay pedals depending on usage and conditions that you ride in.

Best Speedplay Lubricants – Reviews

Let’s take a look at the most popular Speedplay pedal lubes and their specifics.

1. Park Polylube 1000 Bicycle Grease

A clear winner according to global users is the Park Polylube 1000 Bicycle Grease. Park Tool is an old and trusted brand and many users are familiar with its outstanding products. Their Polylube grease has been claimed by users to retain the quality of their original products.

Polylube 1000 works even under extreme conditions to protect your bike by repelling moisture and it is compatible with regularly used greases. This lubricant was curated specially for bicycle maintenance and repair.

Bearings, axles, pedals- Polyube works for all surfaces and keeps your bike running smoothly.

What surfaces can this lubricant be used on?

Park Polylube is a general-purpose grease which can be used on all of your bike’s surfaces that require greasing. It forms a moisture repelling layer that protects the bike components from atmospheric decay.

Which size should I buy?

Park Polylube is available in two sizes- a 4 oz. tube or PPL-1 which is easy to carry and store anywhere and 16 oz. tub or PPL-2, which can be kept at home for longer use.
You can purchase either size depending on your need.

A few notes on the product

  • The product material is synthetic grease
  • Park Tool developed this poly-urea lubricant specifically for bicycle maintenance and repair.

Handy Tips

  • Clean off any excess oil or grease immediately after use as some painted surfaces can be sensitive to oil and grease.
  • Test first on a small area to check if it causes a stain or discoloration.
  • Park Tool offers a full line of greases and compounds for thread and surface preparation.

2. CyclingDeal Bike Bicycle Grease Injector Gun and Grease

CyclingDeals bike bicycle grease injector gun is a quality grease accompanied with a grease gun combo. The tool can be used to grease bearings, headings, pedals, and all.

The gun injects grease evenly and in small amounts, hard to each area can be easily greased.
The gun’s one-hand operation allows you to hold the parts while greasing them. The lubricant works for all bike components and acts as an anti-jammed, superior sealant that protects from dust and water. The lubricant reduces dust and damage caused by friction and can be used in all weather conditions.

Why purchase a grease injector instead of just grease?

Grease can be bought by itself in bulk but to use it on your Speedplay cleats, you’ll need a grease gun. Grease guns can be slightly expensive to buy and then you’ll need to find grease brands compatible with the gun.

CyclingDeal is offering you a package which is affordable and upholds a certain standard. Their lube is perfect for general use and their gun has a narrow opening that allows even application of the lubricant.

How can I be sure of the product’s quality?

Park Tool is an old name which can boast the trust of its millions of customers. They are confident of their product quality. So confident that they will offer a 5-year warranty of their product. Personally, I think that’s enough time to test up a product and decide if it’s worth my money or not.

How long does the lubricant last?

The package includes 2 tubes of GOLDEN ELITE LUBRICANT(4 oz / 120ml) which protects the components from dust and water while reducing squeaks and damage caused by friction.

The product lasts depending on use and temperature of surroundings. The product can withstand temperatures from -25℃ to 200℃.

How hard is it to set up the grease gun?

Setting up the gun for use is fairly simple and you’ll get used to it after doing it just once or twice. First set up the grease gun following standard procedure and then screw on the grease injector and tube. Screw-in the grease bottle completely and squeeze grease in the unit before using. The nozzle needs to be cleaned regularly after use to avoid blockage.
You can check if you have all the required parts for assembly here: set-up grease gun, grease injector, and grease tube.

Notes about the product:

  • The product is compatible with any grease and grease tube.
  • There is no complaint of the grease tube or gun leaking.
  • One-handed operation allows you to hold the parts while greasing.

Some handling tips:

  • While cleaning, remove the nozzle so cleaning is easier.
  • Squeeze grease in the unit before use.
  • For any further usage guidelines, you can refer to this video.

3. Finish Line Premium Grease with TeflonTM

Next up we have Finish Line Premium Grease with TeflonTM which has been the choice of professional MTB and Grand Tour teams for over 20 years. The TeflonTM fluoropolymer formulated grease works as a corrosion inhibitor and keeps your bike in top condition for a quick run.

Finish Line premium grease works for lubricating pedals, hubs, threaded parts, headsets, crank bolts – becoming the only tool you will need for bike maintenance.

How does Finish Line Premium Grease with TeflonTM work?

Finish Line Premium Grease with TeflonTM prevents contamination of your components and is easy to apply without creating a mess. It is corrosion-resistant and factory-approved for use on bearings.

Functional thickener prevents rust and corrosion of the bike components even in saltwater. Washout and water emulsification are prevented by polymers. The product can withstand higher pressures without shearing.

How compatible is the product?

The Finish Line Premium Grease gun fits all standard 9/16” grease tubes and the application is precise but easy. Finish Line grease is used, tested, and approved by leading bike and bearing manufacturers.

It is chemically inert which allows it to be used with carbon. It can be used to lubricate bottom bracket threads, threaded headsets, and hubs on bikes. It keeps things turning and protected from the weather. The bolts come out after some time without too much trouble.

Notes about the product:

  • The grease material is synthetic/Teflon.
  • The product is available in 4 different weights.
  • The grease is fully waterproof

4. Speedplay SP lube

Speedplay SP lube by SPEEDPLAY, INC is a more cost-efficient general lubricant that will get the job done. It will clean your Speedplay cleats, allowing undisturbed movement.
Speedplay SP lube is wet when being applied but it dries quickly, creating a barrier against dirt and grime.

Speedplay SP is developed to stay bonded even when your ride is going through rough conditions and to protect pedals from damage.

Notes about the product:

  • The grease is wet when applied and dries quickly.
  • The grease is made of a blend of materials.
  • The product is available in a tube which holds 2 oz. or 60 ml.

What Should You Keep in Mind When Buying Speedplay Lubricant?

Before buying a Speedplay lubricant we all should keep a few things in our mind. Which are:


Speedplay lubricants of good quality are usually a bit expensive. That’s why looking through a few different brands which offer the same components, boast the reputation, and are trusted among regular bike users is important.

Speedplay SP Lube is among the cheaper lubricants which is also commonly used and suggested by mechanics.


The point of using grease to clean your Speedplay cleats is to make sure the pedals are engaging and disengaging properly. The grease that warrants the best movement of the bearings will be your ideal choice. In some cases, grease may be sticky or too runny which will make application harder. Park Polylube 1000 is of a favourable consistency and non-sticky.


If you’re using a good-quality lubricant, it shouldn’t require a large amount to grease up your pedals. One tube of lubricant will last several uses, increase the longevity of your pedals and help you take care of them.


It is important to choose grease threads that are compatible with the grease gun you’re using. CyclingDeal Bike bicycle grease comes with its own grease gun which is compatible with the Chepark lubricant it comes with.

Other things to keep in mind while purchasing Speedplay Pedal Grease

  • Durability
  • Availability
  • Useability

This discussion so far should get you all set to hunt out and purchase the right Speedplay cleat lube which works best for you.

How to Grease Your Speedplay Pedals?

  • Start by removing the port screw
  • Next, align the grease gun with the bearing hole
  • Put the grease in while slowly turning the pedal. At first the dirty grease will come out of the axle, continue till clean grease comes out.
  • After removing the extra grease, reattach the screw lightly so as not to damage the thread in the dust cover.


Speedplay pedals need to be properly cared for to ensure smooth, uninterrupted performance. Park Polylube, CyclingDeal Bike Bicycle Grease injector gun, and grease combo, Finish Line Premium Grease are great Speedplay SP lube alternatives.

If you want a complete solution in one go then CyclingDeal Bike Bicycle Grease injector gun and grease combo should be ideal.

Although all general-purpose lube will suffice for bike maintenance, it is better to purchase Speedplay pedal lube for longer, unadulterated use.

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