Schwinn protocol 1.0 Review (2020): A Worthy Buy

Mountain biking is one of the exhilarating experiences for the enthusiast bikers. The excitement could multiply with the introduction of a double-suspension in the bike design. So, what does having a dual-suspension in an MTB means? Imagine you could go a lot faster downhill or over the unpaved paths. Added to that, you get extra cushioning, which implies less tremor, bumps, and shakes. We are going to perform a Schwinn protocol 1.0 review, which is a mountain bike that claims to offer an excellent ride and comes at a reasonable value. Besides being a dual suspension bike, we will discover the essential parts the bike includes in its structure that makes it a worthy buy. 

Today we brought you a dual-suspension mountain bike, which is especially famous for its low price point against fantastic performance. We must include here that there are lots of models in the market.  If you think you don’t want to get lost in finding a perfect mountain bike with a dual-suspension that too comes within a budget then stay tuned. 

A Brief Overview on Schwinn protocol 1.0

Before digging deep into the details of the crucial components of Schwinn protocol 1.0, let's observe the bike overall. The bike comes with a 100% aluminum full-suspension frame, which spreads from front to rear end. Having a full-suspension is a boon for a mountain bike as it helps lessen the amount of jolts created on the uneven trails of mountains. The entry-level riders could reap massive advantages from it. 

Though it is a bit heavy bike, the aluminum helps to cut down a lot of weight, making it run effortlessly on the mountain treks. Once again, with a 24-speed Shimano EZ-fire shifters and Shimano derailleur on the back, you should expect a broad range of gears with smooth transition between them.  

The bike also introduces a front disc brake, which is mated with a rear alloy V-brake that claims to perform a precise and crisp halting motion. The rims are also light and robust to support the knobby tires and ensure durability for regular rides on the harsh paths. Moreover, the Schwinn alloy cranks offer hassle-free maintenance as well as allow the best gearing options. 

Technical Features at a Glance

Frame: 100% aluminum full suspension frame
Number of Speeds: 24
Fork: SR Suntour front fork
Suspension fork: Beneath the saddle
Shifter: 24-speed Shimano EZ- fire trigger shifters
Front/Rare Derailleur: Shimano Altus/ Shimano Altus
Front Brake: Pro-max disc brakes 
Rare Brake: Linear-pull brake 
Handlebar: Schwinn MTB handlebar
Stem: Schwinn 4-Volt A-head  
Wheels: 26-inch alloy 
Rims: double-walled alloy with black bladed spokes
Crank: 3-piece 
Weight: Bit Heavy
Gender: Both male and female

Key Features of Schwinn protocol 1.0

Full Suspension Frame

The aluminum formed full suspension frame incorporated in the Schwinn protocol 1.0 mountain bike is one of the best aspects. It assists the bike in lessening the impact of bumps created on the rough paths and due to long jumps. 

However, one may question the weight the bike gets due to the dual-suspension technology. Well, to minimize the weight, 100% aluminum is used, which is a lightweight material.  The full-suspension lead to smooth and fast rides on those hilly rugged paths. Besides, to be able to ride in speed with less shakings, we must say an amateur rider would find it really beneficial. The frame is also resistant to rust and can withhold a rider weight up to 220lbs


Coming to the drivetrain performance of Schwinn protocol 1.0, we would say it is pretty incredible as the bike includes a 24-speed Shimano EZ-fire trigger shifter. At this price, the Shimano shifter is an astonishing touch. With the shifter, riders could get a fascinating experience while riding. 

The gears of the Schwinn protocol 1.0 are also adequate for both beginner to professional level riders. The shifter perfectly works with the Shimano Altus derailleur on both the front and rear of the bicycle. The combination together helps with a powerful drivetrain and effective control on different types of heavy trails. 

Powerful Brakes

The bike introduces a Pro-max disc brake, which is coupled with the rear linear-pull brake system. As a result, the braking motion expected would be swift as well as exact on different weather conditions that cause dry and wet treks. This also infers the riding is safe, especially for the novice riders, for whom it is crucial to have secured and reliable stopping while riding. 



  • Dual suspension frame for excellent performance on absorbing bumps and shakes
  • 100% aluminum material construction
  • 24-speed EZ Fire Shimano for better performance in transition between gears
  • A look which exhibits professionalism and also modernism 
  • Easy assembly
  • Good quality rims to withstand both wet and dry charactered roads


  • Uncomfortable saddle
  • Not suitable for tertiary mountain biking. Mostly an entry-level mountain bike 

Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Buying

Benefits of a Dual-suspension MTB

For a mountain bike to feature dual suspension is an impressive addition. The technology helps in reducing the shocks and tremors generated on the irregular bumpy paths. As riders, you should expect to ride with confidence, full control, and at a reasonable speed. 


The bike is equipped with some fantastic features that include full suspension frame, Shimano shifter, high-grade rims, tires and wheels, and robust brake system. All these parts perform excellently in their respective positions. However, some drawbacks that arise are minor. One of them is the saddle that is hard and uncomfortable. 

Easy Assembling

The assembly is one of the easiest, as claimed by many users. The bike, when shipped, is pre-assembled mostly. With a little effort and time, the rest could be done effortlessly. 

Tools Required for Assembling.The tools that are needed for the assembly are 

1. Cutter
2. Pliers
3. Wrench (Adjustable)
4. Assorted hex or Allen wrenches
5. Screwdrivers

Warranty Scheme

The warranty only covers the parts and materials that are faulty from the factory along with terms and conditions. No breakage from reckless handling will be covered under the policy. 

Frame: Lifetime warranty. The fork does not come with the frame.

Other parts: Warranty varies and comes mostly with limited schemes. Check out their website for detailed information regarding warranty.

Final Words!

So, what do we finally think based on the Schwinn protocol 1.0 Review? Well, to start off, we must say that the dual suspension system is the first thing that we, as reviewers, liked. The reason is apparent. It helps with the significant absorbance of bumps over the rough trails.  

Again, other parts such as the shifters with 24 speeds are quite effortless at ensuring reasonable control and changing between gears. Both brakes on front and back are also surprising for a stable and precise braking action. Besides, the rims, tires are some incredible characters too. There is little to complain about. 

However, with the fact that the Schwinn protocol includes some fantastic features, we would like to add that this bike mostly offers entry-level mountain biking experience. As riders, you should not expect it to ride rough on those rugged trails. So keep that in mind.Another somewhat negligible problem is the saddle that is a bit too hard.

Nevertheless, we would say with a few issues here and there; this could be an incredible entry-level mountain bike that incorporates dual-suspensions. And the characters it offers is convenient for those who are starting their mountain bike journeys. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Schwinn protocol 1.0 

  • Is the bike suitable for a 13 old aged boy?

    Yes! The age is not, but height and weight are essential. So 13 old year boy with appropriate height for the bike could comfortably ride this bike.

  • Does the bike pre-assembled? And how difficult is the assembly?

    The bike comes factory assembled (7/8ths). The assembly is relatively easy according to most users.

  • Is it possible to attach mudguards on both front and rear wheels?

    Ans: It is possible to attach mudguards only at the front wheels. 

  • Is it possible to upgrade the rear v-brake to disc brake?

    Ans: Yes, it is possible to make an upgrade of the rare V-brake.

  • How much travel does the front and rear fork comes with?

    The front fork travel is 80mm, while the rear is introduced with 53mm travel.

  • Can we change the steerer to tapered?

    It is not usually recommended as the bike’s parts are tested with frame the in the making process.

  • What is the maximum weight the bike can withhold?

    Well, the weight is not set to a limit. Many factors come when we consider weight, such as psi, maintenance, and riding style. 

  • Do the front and back wheels have a quick-release system?

    The front wheel has a quick-release system, while the back wheels do not.

  • Is the bike right for a person who is 5ft 7 inches?

    Yes. This is a good size to ride the bike. Again, other things such as maintenance and riding style matters.

  • Is it possible to attach a baby trailer to the bike?

     Yes. It is possible.