Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike review

No matter how old you are, the enjoyment of taking rides on a bike will fade. It works like a refreshment under the busy schedules. And to cope-up with everyone’s needs and different purpose, bikes have changed their structure a lot. You don’t have to use mountain bikes only for rough expeditions; you can use them for casual commutes or regular rides as well as get the feeling of both comfort and thrill. They even serve as an excellent medium for exercise. And today we’ve brought you  Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike Review, one of the best of it's kind. The reputation, popularity and excellent service of this brand are well known to all. And the quality and features of this bike truly reflect the superior brand value.

Schwinn High Timber bike review

A Brief Overview on Schwinn High Timber 

This bike, with its 26” quick release wheels, will turn your casual rides into more enliven. The best part is Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is convenient for all kinds of riders professional, seasonal, entry-level, and even for children. The color and size option makes it suitable for both male and female! 

Among all other brands, Schwinn has its own place due to its high-end design and components. This bike’s frame is steel based, which is a new addition for this brand. And they have made it stand out with the durability and high rust resistance.

The SR Suntour dual front suspension fork are capable of absorbing the shocks while riding on rough roads. Its 21-speed gearing option, MTB handlebar, high-quality forks, linear-pull brakes, everything is fabulous and enough to give you a pleasant ride now and then.

Technical Features at a Glance

Brakes: Alloy V linear brakes
Saddle: padded saddle
Rear derailleurs: Shimano rear derailleur
Tires: MTB tires/ 26 inches
Crankset: 3-piece alloy crank
Shifters; Shimano Twist Shifters
Speeds: 21-speed
Frame: Schwinn mountain frame
Fork: Schwinn suspension fork
Frame size: 18 inches
Weight: 42 lbs.

Schwinn high timber bike

Key Features of Schwinn High Timber 

Design & Size

This bike is made by experts to ensure maximum comfort and convenience. The athletic look and riding position is very stylish. And the amazing part is this bike comes with eight different colors! And they are red, black, silver, coral, orange, teal, yellow and blue. Also, the bike comes with three different sizes!


The bikes’ frame is made with solid steel which makes it a little bit heavy, but there’s no doubt about the high durability. It has excellent resistance for rust so that your bike will be as newer as today for an extended period. No matter how many time your bike crashes to the ground (which is quite apparent), it won’t require frequent maintenance.


A sound braking system is vital for every bike, especially mountain bikes for the rough terrains. The alloy V linear brakes of this bike are may not be good at dominant stopping power but efficient enough to get the pause instantly. This type of brakes provides you with a smooth grip and control. You can rely on the brakes to causal commutes and rides on moderately rough and bumpy roads.

Gear & speed

This bike offers you 21-speed gearing system to choose from with high-end Shimano twist shifters. You can keep going on different roads without excessive paddling efforts. The speed system is functioned in a very responsive manner that you can easily change one-by-one without any trouble. 


Schwinn High Timber mountain bike offers you SR Suntour front forked suspension feature so that you can start biking anywhere. Riding on a downhill road feels painful and dangerous, but with this bike will feel much more comfortable than you’ve experienced before. 


Its 26 inches alloy wheels with quick release makes it stand out from other bikes of the same genre. You can cross any small diameter barriers like a breeze because of the wheels though it may get a little challenging to avoid significant obstacles. Besides this thing, you can ride any trail swiftly with these wheels. You can also choose the wheel’s size for your children.

Padded Seat

You don’t need to worry about the seat while riding for a long distance because the seat is padded with high-quality and soft cushion. It gets painful and stressed for the muscles if the seat is not comfortable. But with this bike, you won’t have to suffer from that.



  • High quality components.
  • Premium quality components.
  • Attractive design and color variety
  • Lightweight
  • 21-speed Shimano quickly shifted gear
  • Convenient, customizable options
  • Large wheels and good acceleration power
  • Durable steel frame
  • Front forked suspension feature
  • Kickstand attached
  • Height can be adjusted easily
  • Convenient for smooth rides


  • Pedals are made with plastic
  • Brake system is not good as disc brakes
  • Handlebars are hard to squeeze
  • No water bottle holder
  • Not suitable to short riders
  • Requires some changes in components for regular use.

Buying Advices You should consider


This bike comes with three different sizes but not suitable for people under 5-feet. So, it’s necessary that you measure and compare the bike’s size with yourself and then make the purchase decision. The wrong size will cause you discomfort and unwanted accidents.


This bike doesn’t come with fully assembled. You have to do it. But don’t worry, assembling is easy. If you have prior experience in assembling the bike, it’ll take nearly 30-45 minutes to assemble. It comes with all the directions, and you can do it in a bike shop as well.


Check if the bike model or the brand provides warranty or not. We’d suggest not to buy a bike without warranty. Or else you’ll be in trouble if the bike show early disturbance and the money you’ve spent will feel like a waste. Warranty offers you free servicing and sometimes free parts replacement. 


You have to know for which purpose you’re buying a bike. Schwinn High Timber bike is a mountain bike, but it’s mostly designed for relative less rough and smooth mountain riding. Rolling over rough patches or obstacles can cause problems. It’s more like a mountain bike for regular casual tours. That’s why you have to keep that in mind for your safety and secure rides.


This bike requires some customization for a comfortable ride. This is a major issue for this bike. But you can easily customize it, and all the parts are available in the market. 

Final Words

If you want to go for a reliable and popular brand, then Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike can be a superb choice for you. You may have some doubts about some of its features, but the quality of the components leaves no space for that. This bike can give you the pleasure of both regular casual riding and smooth mountain commutes within an affordable price. It is also suitable for kids, as long as the size suits them. Both men and women can enjoy this hardtail bike with utmost comfort and fewer requirements of maintenance. For more info.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the weight capacity of this bike?

Up to 300lbs.

What’s the size of the frame?

18 inches.

Does the bike come with assembling tools?

No, it doesn’t.

Are the handlebars adjustable?

Yes, they can be adjusted.

Does this bike come assembled?

It comes in a partially assembled shape. You’ve to do the rest.

Can I ride uphill with this bike?

Yes, you can.

Is the rear gear a freewheel or a cassette?

the rear gear set is a freewheel.

Is it easy to carry on the stairs?

Yes, it lightweight enough to carry on that way.

What type of rims it has? Single or double-walled?

They are double-walled.

What’s the actual measurement in metric?

The front fork is 137 mm wide, and the rear frame is 135 mm.

Can I lower the seat?

Yes, it’s adjustable.

Do the front wheels of this bike have the quick-release option?

Yes, it does.