Best Mountain Bike Tubes: A Complete Buying Guide w/Reviews

As we all know that mountain bikes are meant to run through rough and rocky terrains, the wheel set of this bike has to be impact absorbent and durable. Now, when some mountain bikers prefer tubeless tires, some like to stick with traditional tubed tires.

If you are someone who doesn’t like to spend a lot on the maintenance of bikes, you might like to use tubed tires for your mountain bikes because the tubeless tires will surely cost you a good amount of money.

In this article, you will get all the necessary insights about using the inner tubes on the MTB. Moreover, along with a buying guide, here you will see the reviews of 10 best inner tubes for mountain bikes which will be an aid for choosing the correct tubes.

How To Choose A Tube For Mountain Bikes?

Check the following points quickly before buying an inner tube for your mountain bike:

Inner tube diameter: Check the diameter of the wheel and opt for the same size tube. For example, if you have a 26” mountain wheel, you have to buy the same size tubes.

Inner tube width: Though you need to buy inner tubes according to the size of the tires, you should also check the width of the tires because the tires with the same size can have variation in their widths. For instance, a 26-inch MTB can have widths ranging from 1.95 – 2.125, so you are suggested to look at the width of the tire as well.

Valve type: There are mainly three types of valves in the market such as wood valve, schrader valve and presta valve. In mountain bikes, the most common valve is schrader as it is more available and the core of the valve is easy to remove. However, buy a presta valve if the rim is too narrow and thin. As the presta valves are shorter than the schrader valves, it will be a good fit for thin and narrow rims.

Valve length: After selecting the valve, you need to check the length of the valves as they have varieties in their lengths as well. The lengths primarily differ according to the wheel size, for example, if you have wheels in 26”, 27.5” and 29”, you can use 42 mm presta valves whereas 650c or 700c wheels would need 60 mm presta valves.

Tube material: They can be made of either butyl rubber or latex rubber. Most of the mountain bike tubes are manufactured with the butyl rubber as it costs quite less and can hold air pressure for a long period of time.

PSI: Generally a tubed mountain tire can run on with 30psi on the front wheel and 33psi on the rear wheel. So, for example, if you have 27.5” mountain wheels, you should buy tubes which can take 28psi on the front wheel and 32psi on the rear wheel.

On the other hand, the latex made tubes are lighter than butyl tubes and they are also less prone to flats. But latex tubes are expensive and they cannot hold the air for a long time, so you have to pump the tires everyday. Hence, it is better to use butyl made tubes because it will help you to use the tires conveniently.

Reviews Of Top 10 Inner Tubes For Mountain Bikes

Now let’s move on to the reviews of the best 10 inner tubes which will help you to choose correct tubes for your MTB:

1. Continental Bike Tube (26″/27.5″/29″/700)

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Continental bike tubes come with two types of valve system such as schrader and presta. They can be used for different types of wheel size as in 26”, 27.5” and 29” or 700c. If you are looking for highly compatible inner tubes for trekking bikes or mountain bikes, it is a great choice for you.

As the tubes are made of rubber, they stretch across the wheels quite easily and give a strong protection to your wheels. Besides, the well constructed valve has a removable core and a good cap which will help you to change the tube without any difficulty.

However, it is important that before you purchase the tube, you know the wheel size of your MTB because if the tube doesn’t fit perfectly, it will cause repeated flats to your tires. Additionally, don’t forget to see the length of valve stem as the tires have different types of valve size, the tube won’t be properly protected if you use the wrong size of valve.

If you have 700×25 tires, which tube should you buy?

The tube with the size of 700×20-25c would be fit for 700×25 tires because the thinner tubes are easier to install.

2. Slime 30045 Bike Inner Tube With Slime Puncture Sealant, Extra Strong, Self Sealing, Prevent And Repair, Schrader Valve, 26″ X 1.75-2.125″


This Schrader valve tube is one of the most popular smart tubes that you can find in the market. The tube comes with preloaded puncture-repairing Slime sealant which can prevent flatness of the tires up to ⅛-inch or 3 mm in diameter. This sealant can repair the punctures for nearly 2 years. As MTBs tend to come across puncturing objects more, the tubes would be perfect for them.

Moreover, the tube can be installed in a regular way, so you don’t need any expert to mount it on the wheels. However, before installation, you are suggested to check two things.

First, see the width of the tire, make sure that the width of your tire is in the range of 1.75”-2.125”, otherwise the tube won’t fit the wheel. Secondly, check whether there is any crack or puncturing object in the tire because it can easily damage the tube and will make it difficult to use them.

Can you use the tube with regular tires and rims?

Yes, you can use it on a regular spoked rim but ensure that the rim is covered with protective rim tape or rim strips.

Is there any chance of sealant coming out of the valve when you deflate the tire?

Normally a little amount of sealant can come out when you release the air through the valve.

3. Schwinn Replacement Bike Tube Schrader Valve, Standard, 26-Inch X 1.75-Inch-2.125-Inch

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The tube works really well as a replacement for all types of 26” tire bikes, especially for mountain and e-bikes. It is available in a standard valve size which can save the tube from air leakage. Besides, it is easy to install and it can be inflated up to 60lbs of air.

So, if you want a replacement of your inner tube, you can consider it as it is good in quality and also affordable. But make sure you are buying the tubes from a reliable place because a fake tube will cause a split on the seam.

Another tip for you, especially for the mountain bikers, always keep the caps on the valve, it will prevent air leaks when you ride through rough trails.

What is the length of the Schrader Valve on this one?

Schwinn claims that the schrader valve is available in a standard length, so it’s length should be 35 mm.

Can you replace the tube of 700x32c with this one?

You will need a conversion chart to find the right size because the product is labeled with metric, so it would be necessary for you to know the right size of the tube.

4. Sunlite Tube 26 X 1.95-2.125 Schrader Valve

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The Sunlite tubes also work as replacement tubes which can be easily installed and fitted into a 26” mountain bike wheel. It comes with a 32 mm schrader valve which protects the inner tube from air leaks. However, before you install it, try to use rim strips, it will make them last a longer period.

Additionally, check the range of air pressure of your tires and always maintain the pressure limit because it will help to keep the tubes healthy. It is often seen that due to the over air pressure, there is a tear along the seam of the tube.

As the product is made of rubber, it is not thorn resistant. So, it makes the tube open to damage as soon as it runs through a rough surface. Therefore, you are suggested to consider the tube if you are looking for an instant replacement of tubes at a good price.

What is the recommended PSI if you are using a mountain bike?

You can inflate the tires between 50 -70 PSI for a mountain bike, the tube can handle the tires with this range of air pressure. Whenever the air goes down to 50, you should inflate the tires.

How many tubes are there in a box?

The brand offers only one in each box. So, if you want to change tubes from both wheels, buy 2 boxes.

5. 2 Pack Bike Tube With 3 Tire Levers, bicycle Inner Tube Tyres Road Mtb Bike Interior Tire Tube Anti Puncture Tube For Bike Bicycle Tire

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If you are looking for replacement for both of the tubes, it can be a good deal for you. It comes in a package of 2 tubes, one schrader valve and 3 tire levers. The tubes are made of high quality butyl rubber which makes them durable for a long time.

In addition, the levers are made of nylon plastic, this helps them to prevent excessive force while using them to install the tubes. The tire levers can be used on common wheels like mountain, road and folding wheels.

However, as the package is available in four different wheel sizes such as 20”, 22”, 24” and 26”, measure the wheel size and width of your bike. Before you install the tubes, inflate them a bit so that they come in a shape, it will make the process easy to complete.

Even though the quality of tubes and valves are good, they are not puncture resistant and the valve stem also makes it difficult to inflate the air in the tires.

Can you remove the valve cores?

No, the valve cores are not removable.

Which size tires are compatible with this tube?

The width should be between 1.75 to 2.125 inches. Though the tube can be fitted in 4 different wheel diameters, the width should be within this range.

6. Tac 9 Bicycle Inner Tube, 26 X 1.95-2.125, Regular Schrader Valve 32mm – Bundle Options Available W/Rim Strips And Tire Levers

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Tac 9 inner tube is made of butyl rubber and is only available for a 26” wheel with the width of 1.95-2.125 inch. It also has a 32 mm removable schrader valve with a black plastic cap.

The tubes can handle air pressure near 160 PSI but check the pressure rate of your tire to avoid over-inflation.

The company offers the tube in 7 bundles, so according to your need you can purchase tubes with rim strips and tire levers. The bundle offers are:

  • One pack
  • Two packs
  • Two packs and tire levers
  • Four packs
  • Ten packs
  • Two packs and rim strips
  • Two packs, rim strips and tire levers

However, our suggestion would be to buy the last bundle where you will get 2 tubes, rim strips and tire levers. When the rim strips will give strong protection for the tubes against the spokes, the tire levers will make the installation process much easier.

Will the tube fit into a 26×2.125 inch rim?

Yes, it will fit but inflate a bit of air in the tube before you start mounting it. This will help you to install it properly.

7. Kenda Inner Tubes Black 26×1.90/1.95/2.10/2.125 Schrader Valve For MTB Mountain Bike, Bulk 2 Pack

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The inner tubes are compatible with the 26” mountain wheels with width ranging from 1.90″ to 2.125″. Kenda provides the tubes in 2 packs along with schrader valves. As it is easy to install and can last for quite a long time, you can undoubtedly consider them for your wheels.

Though the tubes can fit into regular rims, they are not heavy duty puncture proof. So, you can not use them in high psi as they would have a good chance of getting a split at the seam.

Besides, the short valve stem gives good air leakage protection but they are most suitable for double wall rims. However, as the valve caps don’t have a rubber washer, you are recommended to use one for more secure air leak protection.

Will the tubes work for 26×2.3 tires?

Yes, it will fit into this size wheel but make sure you don’t over inflate the tires. Otherwise, It will be difficult to ride with the tires.

8. Gao 2 Pack 24 Inch Bike Tube Plus 2 Tire Lever, 24×1.75/1.95/2.10/2.125 Schrader Valve Mtb Bike Inner Tubes

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If you are looking for tubes for 24-inch MTB wheels with the width of 1.75-2.125 inch, this package offer would be great for you. Gao offers you 2 packs of tubes with 2 tire levers and a regular 32 mm schrader valve. The tubes are easy to install and they can be durable for a good amount of time.

But depending on the width of the wheel the valve stem may seem too short for some of the mountain bikes. We would recommend this inner tube if you need an emergency replacement because they can be quickly mounted on the tires. The good thing about this product is, you can return the product and claim a full refund for faulty products.

Will the tubes mount on a 24×2.10 wheel?

Yes, you can use the tubes for this size of wheel but you are also requested to follow the mounting procedure as described by the company.

9. Ar-Pro 26’’, 27.5″, 29″ Road/Mountain Bike Replacement Inner Tubes Presta Valve 42mm For Road Bikes With Tire Size Of 26’’ (6 Inner Tubes With 2 Tire Levers)

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The butyl rubber-made tubes are highly compatible to absorb sudden shock while running through bumps and potholes. These inner tubes are available in 3 wheel sizes for both MTB and road bikes, in 26”, 27.5” and 29 “widths of 1.75″ – 2.125″. Besides, they come with a 42 mm brass-reinforced presta valve which is also suitable for deep-sectioned wheels.

Moreover, the valve cap ensures that there is no air leakage through the valve. The tire levers help the riders to mount the tubes on the wheels without any hassles.

So, at a good value you can get these 6 packs of tube and 2 tire levers for your heavy road riding and mountain climbing bikes.

Can you fill the tires with a regular air pump?

No, you cannot fill the tires with a regular air pump. As the presta valves are smaller than schrader valves, it will need a special pump to inflate the tires. However, if you use a valve adapter, you might be able to pump air in the tires.

Can you remove the valve core?

Yes, you can remove the presta valve core.

10. Bwshlf Mountain Bike Inner Tubes, Durable Butyl Rubber Mtb Bicycle Replacement Fit 26 27.5 29,presta Valve 48mm & Schrader 35mm

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You can use Bwshlf inner tubes for you MTB bikes if you have the following wheel size and width:

Wheel sizeWheel width

You are suggested to check the wheel size and width, whenever you are purchasing their tubs. Besides, the tubes are available in 35 mm schrader valve and 48 mm presta valve, so you can choose either of the valve options.

The tubes have strong air tightness, high and low temperature resistance which make them usable in different terrains. Besides, the thickness of the tube sidewalls make them more puncture resistant.

So if you want to buy tubes which will give you longer service at a good price, you can go for these ones. However, we would recommend you to carry spare tubes and tools, when you plan to ride through the rough trails.

Can you use the tubes for 26×4 fat tires?

The inner tubes are not manufactured for fat tires, so they will not fit in these wheels. Besides, the company offers tubes for 26” wheels with the width of 1.75-2.3”.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Inner Tubes?

Even if the tubed tires are more prone to flats, they have some major benefits which keep them in the rider’s preference:

It’s cheap: A good tube doesn’t cost much and it’s compatible with all types of rims and tires.

Easy to install: You don’t need to be an expert to install tubes on the wheels. If you have the right size and tire levers, you can easily mount them.

Availability of tubes and patches: If you want to replace your tubes, you can find them nearly everywhere. Besides, you can even easily buy patches for your damaged tubes from your local bike stores.

It can be mounted on all types of rims and wheels: Every rims and wheels are designed to use inner tubes. So, you don’t have to look for special types of rims or tires.

Repair kits are light: When you are planning to go for a long ride, you of course think of taking repair tools. In a repairing kit, all you need is a spare tube, tire levers and some patches, this makes the kit quite light to carry throughout the journey.

How To Install An Inner Tube On A Mountain Bike?

It is not difficult to install inner tubes on the MTB wheels, you just have to follow simple steps:

Step 1: You have to deflate it by releasing the air through the valve.

Step 2: Then remove the tire and tube by using hands or tire levers. In case of using tire levers, try to be extra careful that they don’t damage the bead of tires.

Step 3: Take a new tube and pump a bit of air to give it a shape.

Step 4: Now it is time to install it into the wheel but before mounting it check the tires whether there are any puncturing objects or not. So, clean the tires properly.

Step 5: Make sure the tub sits properly on the rim bead, if necessary use tire levers in this stage as well.

Step 6: Install the tire in the same way and ensure that the inner tube is not coming out underneath the tire.

Step 7: Lastly, inflate the tire with the right amount of air pressure.

That’s it, your tires are ready to roll!


To sum up, it is just a matter of preference that some mountain bike riders like to use tubed tires and some don’t. But there are some additional benefits in using the tubed tires such as cost efficiency, availability and easy installation which you can’t expect in going-tubeless tires.

So, if you want to use inner tubes in your MTB, don’t forget to check the above-mentioned essential points before purchasing them. Moreover, you are suggested to follow the steps to install the tubes properly.

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