Best Frame For Motorized Bicycle – Reviews with Features

What defines a bicycle or frame as the best to put a motor on? Robust frame and fork, reliable braking system, enough spacing, ideal tube size are unquestionably the major criteria of the best bicycle/frame for a motor kit. In the case of gas-powered bicycles, you must consider a few things before buying the bicycle or frame. Be it an electric motor or gas engine, I’ve compiled the best bicycle and frame options for both.

The conventional way to select a bicycle for motorizing is to find a cheap and crappy one. But think about this; adding a motor to a bike increases weight and reduces stability due to higher speed. Do you still want a cheap-crappy bike? Probably not!

I recommend you read through the end of this article to find out the best frames and bicycles on which you can put an engine kit or motor kit along with the important factors you must consider.

Best Bicycles For a Motor/Ebike Conversion

There are myriads of bikes that can be converted to a motorized two-wheeler. But with such extensive availability picking the best bike to motorize on is indeed tiresome and confusing. The following two-wheelers are not just ideal for motorizing on paper, but they have real-life positive feedback from riders.

1. Sixthreezero Around the Block Men’s Cruiser Bike with Rear Rack (24-Inch and 26-Inch)

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If you are looking for a bicycle to put a gas motor/engine on, then Around the Block Men’s
The Cruiser Bike from Sixthreezero is the one to go with. The rigid steel frame and curved design make it perfect for withholding the vibration and housing a gas engine comfortably.

What Makes this Bike Perfect for Motorized Bicycle Conversion?

Rigid Steel Frame: There’s no better option than steel for an extra weight of 7-8kgs along with huge vibration produced by the engine. In addition, cruiser bikes are best if you want to upgrade to motor-powered bicycles.

Concave Frame Design: This frame design facilitates enough space for mounting the engine and its components. I have come across many bikers who prefer this vintage shape of the frame for motorizing any bicycle.

Pre Installed Rear Rack: You can carry tools, extra fuel or set the fuel tank if necessary on the rear rack. The extra space in the back will come in handy in long tours as well.
You can even set the engine on the back wheel using the space available on the rear rack.

I would recommend replacing the coaster brake with a disc brake on the front wheel. At a speed of 30 mph, you need something more than an ordinary bicycle brake.

2. Hiland Mountain Bike 27 Speeds, Lock-Out Suspension Fork, Aluminum Frame 27.5-inch Wheel, Hydraulic Disc-Brake for Men Women

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Mountain bikes are built for adventures and trail rides. But if you want to convert one into an e-bike, this model from Hiland is the ideal choice. It has a v-shaped frame with enough space to fit a battery hub or a gas motor. Even though the build is aluminum, the bike is sufficiently sturdy for switching into a motorized bicycle.

Can You Fit a Hub Motor or Mid-drive Kit on This Bike?

Yes, you can install a hub motor on both the front wheel and rear wheel. You can also set up any mid-drive kit available in the market. But as of now, I have seen most of the conversions go with mid-drive kits. Nevertheless, I believe you can go with either of them.

Even though there is enough space to install a gas engine on the frame, an electric motor is better. Gas motors are heavier, so a bike with a steel frame should be the first choice.

What Makes it Stand out for an E-bike Conversion?

Dual-disc hydraulic brakes: It has pre-installed dual-disc hydraulic brakes! You get what you pay for, right? At 30+ miles per hour, hydraulic brakes have no better alternatives. With this bike, you get not just one but both front and rear disc braking systems.

V-Shaped Frame

The v-shaped simple frame geometry allows easy installation of battery and motor. Lcd display, brake levers, shifters, throttle bar, can be easily organized on the handlebar.

Lock-out Fork

At higher speed and higher load, you need utmost stability. A stiff suspension can deliver you superior balance. Even better, with the lock-out fork, you can enjoy a more stable ride on any surface.

Every bike has its own area of limitations. Few recommendations:

  • Upgrading the seat for more comfort.
  • Also, the front shifter has no great significance if you use a mid-drive kit. So, changing it to a single chainring might be a wiser option.
  • Even though the bike facilitates internal wire routing, the holes on the frame are too small to let through all the motor kit cables. You can drill a bigger hole and paint it over later.

Be that as it may, it is one of the best mountain bikes to put a motor on.

Best Frames to Put a Motor/Engine on

If you are looking forward to building a motorized bike/ebike from scratch, you’ll have to start by selecting a frame. Let’s find out which frames will be the best for conversion.

3. CDHPOWER Bicycle Gas Frame w/Fuel Tank, Gas Motorized Bicycle 66cc/80cc

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CHDPOWER Bicycle Gas Frame is a stellar frame for putting a gas engine on. It is, in fact, made for such customization. The layout is a v-frame with the down tube angled at 70 degrees and 38mm diameter.

What Makes This One of the Best Bicycle Frames to Put an Engine?

Prebuilt Gas Tank

It has a 2.4L gas tank designed in the frame. It should save you a few bucks! Along with such a great frame, a gas tank is a cherry on top!

Rear Disc Brake Bracket

As I said before, disc brakes are essential for a motorized bike. Having a bracket pre-thought of disc brakes indicates excellent attention to detail.

Value for Money

The pricing is very reasonable compared to other frames. It is made specifically for gasoline engines which gives it a perk with this pricing.

Few important things you should know about this gas bike frame

What Are the Recommended Gas Engines for This Frame?

CHDPOWER recommends 2-stroke 48cc or 66cc or 80cc engine kits on this one. These should be enough for a custom engine bicycle.

What is the Speed Limit for This Frame?

According to CHDPOWER’s official statement, 35km/h is the safe limit. I would also suggest that the max speed limit is adequate for a motorized bike.

Does it Fit a Predator 212 Engine Kit?

Yes, it does! You can mount the kit using a front bracket from CHDPOWER and a 90-degree petlock.

4. ICAN 26er Carbon Fat Tire Snow Bike Frame 16/18/20 Inch

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This one stands on the premium side of frames. It is a carbon fibre built fat tire bike frame. Toray t700 carbon fibre gives it an extremely lightweight 4.5lbs structure. This frame is more suitable for ebike conversion. Don’t opt for a gas engine with such a light frame!

What Features Does This Frame Offer?

Lightweight Structure

A carbon-fiber lightweight frame and fork will ensure perfect battery life and effortless acceleration. Don’t worry about the sturdiness of this build. Carbon fiber is stronger than most frame materials. It is a win-win situation for this frame.

Great Tubing

It facilitates internal routing of cables without any hassle. The tubing is also great for mounting the kits and battery packs.

Better Stability

Fat tire bikes are great for ebike conversion. They provide great control over your ride. You won’t need to worry about speeding up with a motorized fat tire bicycle. It will provide you better handling and stable riding than any other bike like mtb or cruiser.

Simple Geometry

Easy installation of accessories and sleek look. For a premium build; less hassle, better impression.

What Type of Conversion is Suitable for This Frame?

Since it is a lightweight carbon fiber built, you can blindly go for an ebike conversion.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Bicycle or Frame to Put an Engine on

Setting up a motor kit or engine kit is not a plug-and-play thing. It takes a lot of trial and error. Mounting the engine, placing the muffler, positioning the drive chain guard, adjusting the throttle lever, brake lever and existing shifter on the handlebar can be pretty complex. Let’s see what makes a bike/frame for motorizing and what the checklists are.

Frame: 2 things; rigid and spacious. Always look for a structure that is hefty and has a simple geometry.

Brakes: If you buy a cheap bike, the brakes most likely will need an upgrade. Pricier bikes come with good brakes, but they are light in structure as well. Try to find a sweet spot between the price and brakes.

Tube: Engine kits come with a lot of wires. Also, mounting a kit is easier on round smaller tubing. Considering the wire routing and engine/battery mount, select a decent diameter round tubing.

Wheels: Wheels with 22″ diameter or bigger are considered large wheel sizes. 26″ bikes are the most common size found on electric versions. Having a larger or a smaller wheel size on an ebike has both pros and cons.

Big Wheels

  • Great battery life
  • Better control at high speed.
  • Easy tackling of uneven roads.
  • Slower acceleration (con)

Small Wheels

  • Better acceleration
  • Less pressure on the engine
  • Better handling and maneuvering on city traffic.
  • Hard to control on high speed (con)

Fat Tire Bikes

  • Great stability
  • Better control at high speed
  • Superior momentum
  • Requires huge energy/ fast battery drain (con)

Suspension: Avoid full suspension bikes. It will save you money and reward you with better control over your ride.

If you upgrade your manual bike to motorized, a few existing components might also need upgrading. Usually, brakes, shifter, crankset, and derailleur require an upgrade depending on the rider’s personal preference.


Are Full Suspension Bikes Good for Ebike Conversion?

No, full-suspension bikes are not standard for motorizing. Usually, MTBs come with a mono-shock underneath the seat. But full-suspension mtb can be less stable on a high-speed ride. The extra weight added due to the kit will result in a loose suspension, leading to random bouncing.

Can You Put a Motor on Any Bike?

Yes, you can set up a motor on any bike with every few exceptions. But the question is if it is suitable for the job or not. Cruiser bikes are the best and mtb comes after that for motorizing. If the structure is rigid, spacious and simple in design, not too big tubing, and not full-suspension, it can be motorized regardless of mtb or cruiser.

Why Are Road Bikes Not Ideal for Motorizing?

Road bikes are very lightweight, have an aggressive seating position, very thin tubing and light build material. All these make a road bike the least favorite for a motor kit.

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