Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike Review

Fat tire bikes let you ride during all the seasons, whether on a pouring day or a chilly snowy day. You can even continue your commute on a sandy road. And all these trouble terrains used to seem impossible with other regular mountain bikes. With fat-tire bikes, you won’t have to pause while riding, and you can enjoy your endless expedition at anywhere and anytime, with utmost comfort. No matter how complex your journey gets, fat-tire bikes won’t let you compromise with the fun. Even beginners can fulfill their hunger for adventure with these bikes. 

Now the question is among thousands of fat-tire bikes that are available in the market, which one will serve you the best? To get out of this dilemma, we’re presenting you with a Fat tire bike that can be an ideal choice for you while searching for fat-tire bikes. And that is, “Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike.”

"Mongoose Malus"Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike

Overview of Mongoose Fat Tire Bike

This bike can be a stable choice for you among all others in the market. It has 26-inch wheels and 4.5-inch tires, and that makes up a heavy massive fat tire. These tires will help you to glide over slippery wet roads, snowfall, sands, stones, dirt, and whatnot! And all of these can be done without losing the control.

This bike supports features that’ll let you change the gear and speed smoothly at any time you want. You can confidently cross any turning point of the roads because of this reliable braking power that’ll make you stop instantly.

All the parts of this bike, such as frame material, brakes, gear, derailleurs, chains, everything is top-notch.

The construction of this fat tire bike made it one of the solid ones among other bikes of the same genre. It’ll serve you for an extended period ever after repeated long commutes. You can just entirely rely on this bike and let yourself loose. Even for beginners, it can be a great choice as a beach cruiser. With its safety functions and durability, bike enthusiasts who want to turn their riding experience into more adventurous in all seasons can choose Mongoose Malus Fat Tire bike without any doubt.

Key Features of Mongoose Malus Fat

Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike 1


The tires of this bike can rollover unstable ground smoothly and provide excellent friction for not long the control. Also, the alloy rims are highly durable. The tire sizes are 26 by 4.5 inches, which proves how thick the tires are. And that thickness makes sure that your bike can ride during any troublesome paths. The tires are made that way to make a smooth ride even on an extremely bumpy, slippery road.


The solid steel cruiser-style frame with which this bike is made offers you a powerful sturdiness. And the design of the frame is at its best with its gorgeous sporty looks. Even after repeated hard and tough commutes and long range rides, it’ll take ages for this frame to bend. Also, the unique geometric construction design of this durable frame will shock you with the smoothness during rain or snowfall. 


This bike is made with a dual disk brake system, which will give an instant, powerful stopping at any moment and without a massive bumpy feeling. The brakes are hydraulic and located on both front and rear wheels. If you have tried other mountain bikes to ride on wet, snowy hills or muddy paths,, or sandy roads, you already know how hard it is to make the brake function work. And it has led to many unwanted situations for bikers. That’s why a powerful braking function was needed in fat bikes, and this bike will serve you just the way you want during emergencies.

Gear & Speed

Without a good speed and gear system, there’s no fun to start an adventurous journey at all. And as a fat tire bike that offers a commitment for bigger adventures quality ride, superior gear and speed function becomes mandatory.  It has seven-speed Shimano twist shifter control that will amaze you while commuting through rough terrains and trail riding.

Pedal & Seat

As this fat tire mountain bike is made with cruiser-style design, you’ll find it very comfortable on unstable terrains. The padded mountain seat is very soft and comfortable which are enough for a cushiony ride. The pedal performance is also good. You’ll find no difficulties or irritation while riding on difficult situations. 



  • Big and thick wheels
  • Shimano derailleurs
  • 7-speed gearing option
  • Steel frame
  • Great stopping power
  • Suitable for all kind of roads
  • Cruise-style frame
  • Bike rims are alloy and provide utmost grip
  • Twist shifter controls
  • Comfortable and easy to assemble.
  • Threadless headset provides ease of adjusting


  • A bit heavy
  • Available in only one size
  • Don’t have a bottle carrier

Buying Advices You Should Consider For Fat Tire Bike :


Since Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike comes in only one standard size, which can be specified between middle and large, you have to be cautious. It’s mostly designed for biker having taller height. So you’ve to be sure first the measurements that it’ll suit you or not. No matter how advanced a bike is, it is not recommended to buy a bike that doesn’t suit your size or else your riding experience won't be satisfactory.


This bike won’t arrive with all the parts attached. You have to do that manually. But don’t worry, it’s easy to assemble, and all the necessary guidelines will come with the bike. You can check the assembling process on YouTube. But we’d suggest to get someone’s help or take it on a shop to assemble if you have no prior experience doing it because one mismatch among the part may result in severe result.


Always check if the bike your going to buy or the brand is providing warranty or not. If it doesn’t then it’s better to avoid the bike. Warranty represents the customer-friendly behavior from a brand and also the assurance that you can seek help when the bike shows disturbance which it was not supposed to. It’s more like a customer right. 


Some bikers have reported that the seat is not comfortable, and there’s no part for carrying a water bottle. But don’t worry. You can customize these things the way you want. It won’t result in much trouble for you


It’s necessary to know about the safety rules while riding a bike, especially for a bike like this. Because it is made for aggressive and hazardous situations, it’s mandatory to take safety precautions. And you shouldn’t start riding on a snowy, slippery road at your very first trial. You’ve to get adjusted with your carrier first for different weather condition and only then begin for adventures.

Final Verdict

Among all other bikes with the same genre of Fat Tire, Mongoose Malus Fat Tire bike is capable of getting listed on the top. Even for beginners, it can be handy and safe though it’s not available in various sizes, which is the most downside of this bike. Still, it has a standard measurement, and bikers of a wide range can comfortably use it.

And the best part is you’re getting this multi-functional advanced level beach cruiser bike at an affordable price with long-lasting durability. From the tires to the brakes, or the frame and paddling, every single part is top-notch and can be your trustworthy companion in any riding condition. After all the research and observation, we can assure you that this bike won’t disappoint you and give you a feeling of excitement which you haven’t experienced before.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the weight of this bike?

42 lbs.

What’s the difference between Mongoose Dolomite and Malus model?

Both of these are almost the same. One of the differences in weight. Dolomite is 50 lbs, and Malus is 42. Also, Dolomite has a different size option, which Malus doesn’t have.

Do I need to use special tools for the assembling?

No, necessarily. Only some standard tools found in your garage will be enough.

What’s the gender preference for this bike?

It is mainly designed for male bikers.

Can I replace the seat?

Yes, the seat is customizable.

What’s the width of the bottom bracket shell?

112 mm.

Can I use this bike for exercising a ride?

Yes. This bike is a bit heavy, which can be very useful for exercise.

What’s the brand of the brake pads?


What’s the size of the frame?

18 inches.

Is this bike offers half or full suspension?

It has a solid rigid frame with no suspension.