Merax Finiss Mountain Bike Review

You may drive a lot of vehicles, but the thrill and excitement of riding a bike are incomparable. To take that thrill into a new level, mountain bikes have appeared with extended facilities and advanced features. Now you can take your bike and start for an endless journey on a rough expedition without any fear because mountain bikes have made that easy for you. And you can quickly get this bike at an affordable price as there are so many brands with numerous models. But this can be a baffling situation for you too, as you may get confused about which one to choose and which one will provide you better quality. Fear not and here you go with a in detail Merax Finiss Mountain Bike Review.

We know that choosing a bike is connected with your emotion, too, and we want you to pick the best one for you. That’s why we’re presenting you a sturdy mountain bike with superior functions capable of giving you an absolute pleasure while riding experience, that is, “Merax Finiss Mountain Bike.”

Merax Finnis Mountain bike review

A Brief Overview on Merax Finiss

This mountain bike can be the best option as an entry-level bike for those who are new in mountain riding. It’s lighter than other mountain bikes, which is an advantage while commuting on rough terrains. It also has three different colors with an attractive design along with comparably better components. It also has an accessory pouch attached to the frame. This bike will turn your riding into more dynamic.

This bike ensures high safety with its front and rear brake system, that’ll give an outstanding stopping power. Also, its suspension functions are made to provide you with a smooth ride on bumpy roads. You can speed up the way you want with the best comfort.

It is made with a high-quality aluminum frame that’ll give you complete reliability. Mountain bikes with aluminum frames are much hyped among bikes as these bikes can handle harsh tangle roads and still last for an extended period. The double walled rims with standard wheel size will also provide extra protection on mountain roads.

Merax Finiss mountain bike offers you both the quality and the reliability at an affordable price. Its outstanding features have already created a buzz among bikers. From on-road to off-road, with friends or alone, you may not find a better option than this one in any situation.

Technical Features at a Glance

Frame: 6061 Heat-treated Aluminum
Rear Derailleur: Shimano RD-TZ50
Front Derailleur: Shimano FD-TZ30
Fork: Suspension fork alloy 80mm
Shifters: Shimano 21 speed
Handlebar: Aluminum
Frame size: 19 inches
Crank: Aluminum triple 42/34/24
Pedals: Aluminum 9/16”
Brake levers: Shimano aluminum
Wheels: Double Wall aluminum wheels

Merax finiss review

Key Features of Merax Finiss


The eye-catching sleek design of this bike will confuse you with other expensive mountain bikes. It offers three different color combinations, white and red, gray and green, and black and red. Not only the design but also the components are top-notch too. It also comes with a frame pouch so that bikers can carry their necessary travel accessories such as phones, wallets, keys, etc.

Size & Weight

Heavyweight bikes are not convenient for mountain rides as the roads are even, full of stones and turns. Heaviness makes it hard to keep moving on those bumpy roads. That’s why mountain bikes with lightweight are the most demanding among bikers, and this bike is exactly the same. The frame of this bike is made with 6061 aluminum, which made it sturdy and lightweight and capable to change the whole experience of bike ride. Also, the weight is only 33 lbs. And these different bike sizes for bikers with a wide range of heights.


For mountain bikes, the powerful brake is considered as an essential feature because you never know what type of situation you get into. Since mountain, bikers are known as riding on full speed, and for that speed, they require high friction and quality brake system. And this bike has not compromised with this feature and comprised of powerful front and rear Shimano mechanical disc brakes. A disc brake is known as the safest brakes for mountain bikes. You’ll have a good grasp and control over your bike without any fear.

Speed & Gear

This Merax Finiss Mountain Bike gives you the options of 21 different speeds. You can change the gear and have any speed you want while riding without stopping. And the shifting is easy and quick too! No matter which path you choose and even if the route changes suddenly, you can adjust your speeding comfortably like a breeze.


The 6601 aluminum that is used to make the frame of this bike is premium quality. And that’s why when you’ll ride, the feeling of lightweight will amaze you. The aluminum frame is durable as well, and we’ve already talked about the design of this bike. The aluminum frame is mostly responsible for the classy look the bike has. 

Wheel & Rims

The double-walled rims of this bike have made it unique to others, as most of them are made with only one layer. And it has been observed that bikes with single layer rims don’t offer an excellent service in extremely high roads. This extra layer protects the tire from getting punctured or damaged by sharp stones or glass or thrones. You’ll be able to save extra costs to tire maintenance. The wheel size is also standard.

Suspension Fork

Mountain bikes with superior performance offer suspension forks. Because there won’t be any fun left if you have to face accidents while riding a mountain or rough commutes, the bike must have the features to save you from unwanted situations so that you can have the ultimate fun. And this mountain bike isn’t different from that. It has an 80 mm lockout sturdy suspension fork system that ensures the maximum safety for the bikers in different road condition.



  • Dual disc brakes with high stopping power
  • Stylish and classic design
  • Made with lightweight aluminum frame
  • 21-speed options
  • Included frame pouch
  • Durable tires with double layer protection
  • Premium quality components
  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable for long and rough terrains
  • Different color choices
  • Won’t get rust easily
  • Suitable for both beginners and experts 


  • Disc brakes require adjustments
  • Saddle seems uncomfortable
  • Water bottle holder seem low-quality
  • Chain may require an upgrade after some time

Buying Advices You should consider


This bike will come with 85% assembled. You have to do the rest. But nothing to worry as the assembling is very easy, instructions will come along with the bike, and no special tool is required. You can browse a few assembly videos on YouTube. Still, if you find it difficult to adjust, you should seek someone’s help or take it to a shop.


Since this bike comes with different sizes, you may not face any trouble to find your suitable size. But we’d suggest paying extra attention while choosing the size. Or else you may encounter problems while riding. 


The warranty provides you the benefit of getting free servicing or discounts on new parts based on the warranty conditions from the seller or manufacturer. Even a new bike may show abnormality or wear and tear within a short period which is nor expected. In that case you can just go or inform the seller/manufacturer and they’ll solve your issue.

Test drive

It’s better to take a test drive after assembling and don’t go for any rough roads or bumpy terrain initially. Mountain bikes are not like regular bikes, and you may need to get adjusted first. 


Though the bike is made with absolute safety, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Wear a helmet, gloves pads. And follow the guidelines while assembling and attach the parts only where it belongs to. Don't forget to clean your MTB after an adventurous ride.


The bike seat may not seem comfortable for a long ride, and the water bottle stand is not that good. But you can replace them with a good one anytime without trouble.

Final Words

A mountain bike with cutting-edge functions and design available at an affordable price may seem like a dream. But Merax Finiss Mountain bike has turned that into a reality. Each feature and components were made to give both entry-level and experienced riders an excellent experience with a smoother ride. You can use it for both adventure and regular exercise with maximum safety. The versatility lets you use this bike as a road bike also. And it’s committed to providing you a long time service with less maintenance,

The problems this bike has are minor, and those don’t affect a bit on the performance. Beginners or experts, everyone can enjoy and experience their cherished adventure and thrill to the fullest with this bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use this bike?

Both beginners and expert adults.

Can I customize it?

Yes, but to some extent only. You can add some extra accessories.

Does the disc brakes get stuck?

No, they are spontaneously responsive while riding.

How much maintenance does it require?

Not much. You won’t even get rust on it for a long time.

What type of grips this bike have?

Locking grips.

Is this bike comes with a assemble tool kit?

Yes, it does.

Does the rear wheel provide quick release?

No, only the front wheel has a quick release.

Is this bike suitable for kids?

It depends. Kids over 12 years olds can use this bike if they get matched with the bike size.

Can women ride this bike?

Sure, they can.

What’s the maximum weight this bike can hold?

330 lbs.