How to remove valve core

The quality of a bike’s tires and the air pressure inside them are always crucial for a smooth ride. It gets really difficult and not even safe to ride with a flat tire unless you have a tubeless tire. That’s why we need to check and repair the bike’s tire and its parts regularly. The valve core is an essential part of the tire and inner tube, which has a rubber seal that prevents the fluid from getting out from the threaded section and maintain a proper pressure.

How to remove valve core

Different tire valve stem cores are available such as presta valve and Schrader valve cores. That’s why a faulty valve core needed to be replaced from the tires regularly. Everytime before you go out for a rough mountain ride in a mountain or quality hybrid bike or else for a city ride in a decent road bike, check the valve core in order to get best performance. Now you may ask, “How to remove a valve core”? Well, it’s not a tricky thing, and instead of going to a mechanic or bike shop, you can do it without any trouble.

What tools do I need?

Valve core removal tools require one or two special tools. The ordinary tools like a screwdriver, wrench, Allen key, etc. that we use for bike parts won’t work here. Although you can remove the valve cores without tools as well, using the tools makes the process more accessible and efficient.

  • A slotted metal valve cap
  • Valve stem removal tool
How to remove valve core

Valve core remover

Slotted metal valve cap

Slotted metal valve cap

 There’s also different valve core removal tools available in the market.

How to Replace a Tire Valve Stem

Usually, we tend to remove a valve core when the tire gets leaked. And to fix that, we have to remove and then replace the valve core and apply sealant. Although you should always follow alternative correct procedure using valve stem removal tool other than using sealant only. So here’s how you can solve that problem along with the process of removing the valve core.


First position the tire in a way that the stem moves to the upwards. It’ll be more manageable for you to remove the valve core then. 

Tire positioning while removing valve core


Detach the valve cap from the tire lever. You can do it by your hands. The cap is really small in size. Keep it at a safe place, so that you don’t lose it. 

Detaching valve cap


We’ve already mentioned that you can use any specific valve core removal tool or valve stem removal tool or slotted metal valve cap. With the use of any of these tools, rotate the valve stem anti-clockwise a few times and take it off from the stem. 

Taking off the valve stem.

The air of the tire will come out, and you’ll hear the sound of that. Make sure to use eye protection while the air compressor happens.


To install the new valve core, follow the same process of removing the valve core, but this time you’ve to rotate it clockwise (always maintain the correct specification). Keep spinning until it gets tighten enough. 

how to remove valve core

Check if the tire bead is providing a perfect balance or not. Do a few wheel rotation move. And you’re done!

Why You Should Regularly Check and Replace Tubeless Valve Cores

Valve cores in tubeless tires help to keep an accurate tire pressure inside the tire tube so that we can get the perfect traction and ride smoothly whether you use presta valve or schrader valve. The recommended pressure is different for each kind of tire and valve core controls it. That’s why even though a valve core is a small part of a bike, there’s no way to think it less important. Just like every other part of a bike, the valve core also needs to be checked regularly and, if required, replace it as soon as possible. Specially, while riding in mountain trails with a decent entry level mountain bike, the valve core is prone to get damaged and require emergency fix.

You need to check the valve core of your bike, mostly for the flat tire. It’s not mandatory that only when a tire gets punctured will you check and change the valve core. Sometimes there happen small leaks which can’t be noticed at first. And if not paid attention, those small leaks keep deflating the tire and damage the inner tube as well, and if by any chance you start for a long journey, it’ll be a disaster for you. Try to apply tire sealant to avoid leakage to the tub cores (follow the correct injection method).

An easy way to check if the valve stem core is in the perfect shape or not is by applying appropriate amount of soapy water into the valve stem. If the water turns into bubbles, that means you have small leaks, and the core needs to be removed!

You have to remember one thing that not all valve cores are removable. That’s why to be sure before purchasing the bike if the bike supports the function or not. Although you may forget to do the routine checkup of the valve core, but it’s a must thing to do before your start for a long tour.  


Removing a valve core is an easy and essential task for the entire wheel to maintain a perfect bike tire pressure. It can be done within 5-10 minutes without seeking help from someone. Those who are professional bikers they tend to check their bike’s valve cores regularly. And sometimes, a rough ride also requires the necessity of checking valve cores. And of course, while repairing the flat tire or punctures, removing a valve core must-do part. 

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