How to Remove Bike Cassette

The cluster of cogs that are attached in an ascending manner to the rear wheel of your bike is known as a cassette. The multiple gearing options we get while riding is maintained by cassette. Usually, a cassette is made of 8-11 cogs, and this ratio determines how much acceleration you’ll get through paddling. And that’s why this critical thing requires replacement or cleaning after a while. Especially, before riding in the rough mountain trails with a  proper mountain bike or going out for pleasure ride with your hybrid bike, the cassette is a matter of consideration. Similarly in case of electric bikes, it is important to know how to remove bike cassette. Especially when you see that the cassette’s teeth became sharp or pointy, which causes the chain to slip more often. Also, when you replace the chain, cassette needs to be replaced as well. But whether for cleaning or replacement, you have to remove the cassette first. And how to do so? Let’s find that out!

"Cassette"How to Remove Bike Cassette

Tools you need

"Grease" How to Remove Bike Cassette


"Cassette wrench"  How to Remove Bike Cassette

Cassette wrench

"Cassette lockring remover"ow to Remove Bike Cassette

Cassette lockring remover

  • Paper Towels
  • Grease
  • Chain Whip
  • Cassette wrench
  • Cassette lockring remover

Step-1: First, you have to remove the rear wheel. For that, put the bike on a bike stand and place it at an upside-down position. Roll the chain to reach the smallest cog of the cassette. Ease the skewer and open it. Carefully push at the body of the derailleur to open. Then the wheel will come off quickly.

Step-2: Loosen the nut of the quick-release skewer. Then put the lockring remover or key into the lockring. So that it’ll hold the tool in place of quick release nut.

Step-3: As you’ve now loosened the skewer the wheel will start to rotate anti-clockwise. To stop that, use the chain whip to grab a cog.

Step-4: Now with a cassette wrench lose the lockring by moving it anti-clockwise. Make sure it’s in the right position all the way, and the splines within the cassette are entirely fitted. The process has to be in a way that the wrench and chain whip are moving in the opposite direction

Step-5: As the lockring is removed now, pull off the cassette from its place. Make sure not to lose any of the spacers.

Step-6: After removing the cassette you’ve to make sure that all the other parts of the wheel stand the way it was before removing the cassette. For that, take a rope or string tie it through the hole where the cassette was. And you’re done!

Re-installing the Cassette

You’ve got the information about how to lose the cassette. Not it won’t hurt to get a little bit more idea about how to reattach the cassette.

As we’ve told you to tie the whole so that everything stays in order, and it’ll make the re-installing part much more straightforward. Apply a coat of grease to the lockring, and tight it with your hand so that nothing goes cross-threaded. Then drop the lockring tool and fasten it. Now take a wrench and set it to 40mm. Lastly, place the wheel again and the chain at the smallest cog just the way you did while removing the wheel. Tada! All done! You can find also cycle reviews. 

Cassette maintenance 

Chain and cassette face the most pressure while riding. That’s why these two parts require maintenance the most. And while changing either a cassette or a chain, the other one will require replacement automatically. Because one type of chain or cassette generally doesn’t suit another. You may feel to change the cassette to get more speed, such as 28-30 cogs. But whatever the case it removes the cassette carefully so that you don’t ruin the order of other parts. Because if you do, it’ll become a huge pain for you to order those parts. And make sure to clean the cassette regularly and try to change it before it gets completely damaged. Or else other parts of the bike may get affected as well. Happy biking!

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