How to remove a stripped Allen screw

When you’re in a mood for a bike ride after a long time and went to adjust either the handlebar or saddle or pedals, you suddenly discover that one or two stripped Allen screws over the joints! Well, that’d be a pretty annoying situation because rounded or stripped Allen screws or stripped hex bolt can take all your time end energy but still refuses to come out. Although no matter how much we hate a stripped Allen screw, it is one kind of situation which we have to face multiple time or at least once in a life.

If that happens to you a couple of times, then maybe you’ve already figured out any trick to take control over the situation. But we can feel the sufferings of the very first time over a stripped Allen screw! Thanks to the internet, as now we can get almost answers to almost all the queries we search for. And today we’re also here to answer the most annoying and desperate question, which is, “how to remove a stripped Allen screw”!

"Allen screw"How to remove a stripped Allen screw

Why an Allen screw gets stripped! ​

As we’ve already mentioned that a rounded or stripped Allen screw or stripped hex bolt is a common scenario. It mainly defines a flat head screw that can’t be handle by a screwdriver as the head became swiveled. No key or screwdriver can be locked to the head as the pieces of metal at the center of the bolt head got stripped away.

Either now or later, there’s a good chance you’ve to suffer from this. And you may sometimes wonder why even an Allen screw gets stripped! Well, the answer is pretty simple too. The most usual reason behind this problem is frequently using an Allen key/ allen wrench or screwdriver to put on and off the screw. Nowadays there’re screw extractor available as well for these kind of troubles, they that’s a bit complex to handle.

The friction causes the metal to be diminishing. Also, if you haven’t clean the bike parts for a long time, rust grew on the screw causes the screw metal to become weak, and when you put a screwdriver or Allen key to take off the Allen screw, it gets stripped off.

"Allen screw gets stripped! _"How to remove a stripped Allen screw

Methods for removing a stripped Allen screw

There’s no magical formula to get rid of a stripped Allen screw. There are 100 different ways that you can do this, and you most likely have at least one method sitting around in your shop for free. Different tactics work for different people. That’s why we are going to show you a few techniques in which you try to remove a stripped Allen screw. But don’t worry; the processes won’t require any special tool. A few ordinary hand tool are enough.

Technique #1

You can use a rubber band to extract the stripped Allen screw. It’s a pretty basic idea. Place a rubber-band between the driver head and stripped bolt head or screw head and keep rotating the screwdriver. The rubber band will give you extra traction. Lastly turn clockwise and pull out the screw.

Technique #2

Instead of the rubber, you can use hard thread locker glue to fill the hole and place the screwdriver into these before it gets dry. After it becomes dry, keep rotating the screwdriver as the pressure will help take off the stripped bolt. Try both anti-clockwise and clockwise direction to get the right way.

Technique #3

You can cut a screw in the middle of its head. It can be done using either a hacksaw or Dremel rotary tool. After cutting the screw, put a flathead screwdriver on the cut of the bolt head and rotate. But be careful while doing so, or you may end up damaging parts of your bike. Cover the close areas with duct tape if possible. Also be careful with your hands from the sharp edges after cut of the stripped hex bolt. If you don’t feel confident enough doing it, you ask help from a mechanic or someone experienced.

"How to avoid Allen screws getting stripped!"How to remove a stripped Allen screw

How to avoid Allen screws getting stripped!

A stripped screw or bolt head is something that we never want to face, but it still comes to us somehow. But if we take a few precautions, then there’s a chance than we won’t have to struggle from this frequently. Here’re a few steps that’ll tell you it is better safe than sorry!

  • Don’t over tighten the threaded bolt holes or screws because it takes a lot of friction to pull the screws on and off. As a result, the thread head attachment gets decayed and end-up being stripped. A moderate tightening screw method is preferable.
  • Always use the correct driver for the screws, so that both get perfectly fitted with each other. Extra-large or extra small or flat screwdriver get slipped away repeatedly, and and the driver head damages the screw head and creates a stripped hole. That’s why the driver style be sure about if or driver head is correct for a particular screw or not.
  • Allen screws should be put on and off with the right Allen key. Sometimes many of us use multi-tool to be more efficient, but it’s not useful for all kinds of screws, especially for those bolts which we regularly replace or take off to avoid stripped hole. Check the thread level before using an allen key.

How to remove a stripped Allen screw

Last words

There’s no guarantee that the successful implementation of one specific method will work for you every time. That’s why it is better to get ready for different tactics. We didn’t suggest one method here, which many might recommend you, which is using a hammer to hit the stripped screw. Because this technique isn’t suitable for all kinds of things, especially metallic parts. Also the method of screw extractor or drill bit as powered screwdriver are a bit expensive, but if you can afford, then you should definitely go for it to get rid of a stripped bolt. If you fail to remove a stripped bolt after applying all the hand tool solution mentioned above, it’s better to seek help from a mechanic.

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