How to Make Your Bike Faster

Riding a bike gives you another level experience which other vehicles can’t provide. The exposure on the open environment, the body posture, and the control everything feels adventurous. And above all, the speed is the essential thing that gives us the most joy. But sometimes you may feel that your bike doesn’t respond the way you want, the ride feels slow, which is really frustrating. But don’t worry. You won’t have to buy a new bike or take it to a mechanical shop. Just doing a few tricks and maintenance regularly will keep up the speed of your bike!

Bike Vs Cycle

Things those are slowing your bike

After constant and extended use, it’s kind of normal that you’re starting to show some issues, especially slowness. But there’re some common reasons behind this problem. And before you begin to repair the problem of your bike, it’ll be better to know the sources of that problem.

  • A common sign of slowness is, the paddling doesn’t feel faster and smoother like the way it used to be before. And wobbling of the bottom bracket causes that issue. The damage on the bottom bracket causes the paddling rough and difficult. Cranky noises also occur.
  • Tires cause the bike to get slow down when they are draggy and punctured. When the tires become old, the layer of the rubber gets damaged or ripped. As a result, smooth rides becomes clumsy.
  • Gears control the bike speed, and when it doesn’t work even at the highest speed, that means it needs some repairs.
  • Your body position also makes the ride slow. It’s better to have an upright posture while riding. It’ll increase speed.

Now let’s dig into the tips and tricks by which you can make your bike to move faster! 

Replace the chain

Bike chains experience the most wear and tears. And this the most crucial part which shifts the speed from the pedal to the wheels. It is what gives you the acceleration. That’s why when the chain gets damaged or rusty. It’ll get loosen and won’t give you the expected performance. And if you’re facing this problem, it’s better to replace the chains with new ones. The process is straightforward and won’t cost you much.

How to Make Your Bike Faster

Lubricate the drivetrains

The parts or drivetrains of the bike requires lubrication frequently to work well. Because your bike works precisely the way engines work and the greasing on the parts ensures the smooth movement. Without oiling, you’ll feel like the bike is becoming hard to squeeze and move. Also, it may cause to get rusts. That’s why keep oiling the bike at least twice a month and must after every wash. You can use lubricators like Finish Line, Phil Wood, Pro Fold, tri Flow etc. that are available in the market.

"Lubricate the drivetrains"How to Make Your Bike Faster

Adjust tire pressure

Before starting to ride, make sure the tires are well pumped and to a correct level. Typically 80-13 psi is suitable for road bikes, and 30-50 psi is good for mountain bikes. Know the type of your tire and get it pumped regularly and you’ll feel the difference while riding.

Use Clipless pedals

Pedals mainly prove the power of speed. And if you find pedaling wobbly and noisy, you can start to use Clipless pedals. It has clips that’ll energize your paddling as your shoes will be clipped with them. As a result, it’ll require less effort for you to drive and transmit more power to the bike.

"Clipless pedals"How to Make Your Bike Faster

Lower the saddle and handlebars

The concept behind this is called aerodynamics. When a biker is riding, his body and bike create friction with the wind, and more height means more resistance and less speed. That’s why it’s better to adjust the handlebar and lower the seat to have a low profile in aerodynamics concept. Simply, when your head and body are at a certain height off, less friction with wind and more acceleration happens.

"saddle and handlebars"How to Make Your Bike Faster

Adjust the gears

Gears affect the bike’s speed the most. And if somehow it gets poorly adjusted, you’ll start to have trouble with the bike’s movement. Even switching to the highest speed won’t show any difference in the performance. Perfectly working gears increase the efficiency of other bike parts. However, to fix this, there’s no need for any unique tool and process is easy too.

"Adjust the gears"How to Make Your Bike Faster

Adjust the brake

When brakes start to rub, it causes noises and poor acceleration. Especially during the winter, brake pads get damaged most of the time. Also, misplaced positioning happens, and the pads start rubbing with the rims. That’s why make sure the brake pads are maintaining an equal distance from the rims and no dirt or mud is stacked in there.

"Bike Vs Cycle" How to Make Your Bike Faster

Switch to tubeless setup

If you want to get more speed on your mountain bike, switching your tires into tubeless setup will be an excellent choice because it makes the tires less weighed and rotate faster. And the lower resistance facility provides more acceleration. And the best part is it’ll spare you from the trouble of frequent flat tire repair!

Clean Regularly

Lastly, you have to clean your bike regularly, as there’s no alternative of that. Because the more you leave your bike with all those mud, dirt and debris, the more you’re damaging the whole bike. These things increase the weight of the bike, causes to rust quickly, and when sticks to essential parts such as brakes, gear etc. it may get dangerous to travel by bicycle. That’s why keep cleaning your bike regularly depending on the frequency of use.

Some tips for you!

You’ve now got an idea about all the mechanical facts of your bike that causes it to slow down and to fix those problems. Besides that, getting faster speed also depends on you. If you have a higher weight, then it’ll automatically make the ride slower. That’s why it’s better to lose some weight, which is good for you anyway. Also, increase the strength of your hands and legs. Keep the body posture centrally and protect your bike from injuries. And here you go! All ready to start a faster journey!

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