How to Make an Electric Bike

Bike riding is fun because of the low cost, size and the feeling of freshness. But still, other vehicles are one step ahead and more preferred among others because of the SPEED factor! The comfort of reaching the destination faster and quicker is the primary reason why mass people do not use bikes. To solve that issue, bike companies have developed electric bicycles, which runs on battery and moves much faster than any conventional road bike or other kind of bikes. But even a typical electric bike can't be found under $2000, which is really expensive. But what if we tell you that you can turn your ordinary bicycle into an electric bike and the expenses of this process are very budget-friendly! And you won't even have to take it to a mechanic. Everything can be done by you sitting at your home!

How to Make an Electric Bike "Custom electric bike"

Why Using an Electric Bike?

An electric bike can provide you with lots of benefit and convenience. Paddling an electric bike is much more comfortable. It gives you a speed of 20-28 miles/hour. You can drive faster and do exercise at the same time. They're now being considered as the future of transportation because of the speed and eco-friendliness, as it doesn't require and fuel to work. The size of a bike is already convenient for sneaking around at anywhere quickly. And now the combination of speed has made this carrier even more appealing among people.

Things to Consider First

The Bike: You can turn your existing bike into an electric bike smoothly. But if you want to buy an ordinary bicycle to turn that into an e-bike, then you can consider some things. Such as, you should buy a bike that is heavily built with small and best tires, as that ensures the robustness and have more spokes on the wheels, Front disc brakes, heavy rear rack, extra wider good quality handlebars, etc. are recommended too.

Battery: Battery is the most important thing while making an e-bike. That's why it necessary to buy a good-quality battery. Also, it's better to have a bigger one. Batteries with 18650 lithium cells are considered as the perfect one for e-bikes. You can choose the batteries of Samsung or Panasonic, which are more reliable.

how to make an electric bike "18650 lithium cells"

18650 lithium cells

how to make an electric bike "middrive conversion kit on a cycle"

Mid-drive motor

"hub motor"

Hub Motors

"Friction drive Motor" on a bike

Friction drive Motor

Conversion Kit: If you haven't made any e-bike before, then it's better and comfortable to use bike conversion kit. There're different types of conversion kits. Such as, Mid-drive motor which provides higher force than other motors also it's easier to maintain and replace. Then there is Hub Motors, which is the most common type of conversion kit and also has three types of its own, Front Hub Motor, Rear Hub Motor and All-in-one Wheel Motor. And there is Friction drive Motor, which has a much simpler system than other ones and suitable for a wide range of bikes. You can choose the conversion kits from brands like BAFANG Mid-Drive, TONGSHEN Mid-Drive, and EBIKELING etc.

Process of Making a DIY Electric-Bike

Here we're going to tell you the steps of turning a normal into an e-bike using conversion kits. Conversion kits even convert your old, neglected bike into an e-bike with less effort and less time.

"hub motor"

Hub Motor

Pie kit (LCD display) on cycle

Pie kit display

52V Battery (13.5ah)

52V Battery (13.5ah)

52V Battery (13.5ah)

Torque Arm

Freewheel remover kit

Freewheel remover kit

7-speed freewheel

7-speed freewheel

Tools You'll Need

  • Conversion kit- Hub Motor (Any brand you favor)
  • Pie kit (LCD display)
  • 52V Battery (13.5ah)
  • Torque Arm
  • Bike tool kit
  • Zip-ties
  • Freewheel remover kit
  • 7-speed freewheel (Shimano)
  • Sockets (1" & 7/8")

Step-1: First, you've to choose the battery. There're many types of batteries based on voltages, amp-hour etc. and these things tell how much power the battery can hold after every recharge.

Step-2: Now, you've to attach the hub motor to the bike by removing the rear tire. For that, you've to detach the brake cable and quick release lever and the bike wheel will be quickly taken out.

Step-3: Now, users can use your old freewheel to the new wheels, so you just have to remove the wheels by using a one-inch socket.

Step-4: We recommend to reuse the existing tire and tube as well to prevent the extra cost. You can use bike tool kits to remove the tire.

Step-5: Then you've to attach the old tire and tubes to the new wheel and install freewheel as well. Make sure to add a washer so that freewheel doesn't bend.

Step-6: Now it's time to attach the new wheel into the bike. Carefully install the bike and check if the bike completely fits on the dropout. Then fasten a torque arm to be more secure. Then attach remaining axle bolts on both sides with a 7/8 inches socket.

Step-7: There're different wires that must be run along with the frame, so you have to fasten those with zip-ties. To avoid cutting the wires of the battery, loop it over the seat-tube. Then

Step-8: Now detach the handlebar and remove the brake and shifters. Connect the display centrally to the handlebar. Also on the right handlebar, attach the control switch.

Step-9: After installing grips, connect all other cables, including brake cable. And you're all done!

Some Tips to Make Your Electric Bike Go Faster!

After an extended and regular use, you may feel that the performance of the e-bike is getting slower. But that's the problem which you wanted to avoid by making an e0bike right? So, here are some tips to get back the speed!

  • Regularly pump the tires.
  • If you ride by keeping the body posture upright, you'll be able to go faster.
  • Make sure your battery doesn't get overheated, which lowers the battery performance. After every ride, park it in an open place to let it cool.
  • Do regular servicing to the brake so that it doesn't connect with the wheels. Because if they get in touch with each other, it causes friction and results in slow speed.
  • Try to change the motor after some time.
  • If you feel the problem is on the battery, them replace it with higher voltage ones.
  • A higher gear results in faster cycling!
  • Stiffen the suspension
  • And most importantly clean the bike regularly. The mud and other dirt increases the weight of the bike and decreases the performance.

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