How to make a Bike Stand

Bike stands are the smaller version of bike racks which can be used both as storage and repair purposes. Though it’s not a mandatory thing for bikers to have, if you start to do mechanical stuff and maintenance with your bike by yourself, then it’ll have for you to work without keeping the bike steady on the ground. And that’s when you feel the need for a bike stand. And if you have multiple bikes at your home, you can store them in an organized way with it. Bike stands are available in every bike shops, and the price is also reasonable. But you can save that expense by making a DIY bike stand with some standard tools & stuff. So, let’s start some crafting!

"Bike Stand"How to make a Bike Stand

Stands made from different materials

First, you have to choose the material with which you’re going to make the stand. You can make different types of positions using different materials according to your convenience.

You can make a stand using ropes. It’s the simplest way to make a stand. All you need is two ropes and hang hooks on their ends. Then tie the strings to a rafter in a way that the hooks keep hanging. Then lift the bike and place that on those hooks. Though it’s the most straightforward and easy way to make a stand, it makes the bike swing a lot. That’s why it’s best to use a solid material.

Woods and PVC pipes are the most popular among people for making a bike stand. Many use the combination of both. But as these are the most reliable and convenient, we’re going to show you the ways of making a bike stand using these two materials.

PVC Bike Stand

PVC bike stands are affordable, portable and convenient. You can customize the outline the way you want to keep your bike or use it while repairing the bike. We’re going to make a stand that can store at least two bikes. But you can extend it anytime following the same method.

"PVC Bike Stand"How to make a Bike Stand

Tools you need

"Elbows"How to make a Bike Stand

1” 4 Elbows (90 degree) (8)

"PVC cutter"How to make a Bike Stand

PVC cutter

"Measuring Tape"How to make a Bike Stand

Measuring Tape

"PVC cement"How to make a Bike Stand

PVC cement

"Paper towels"How to make a Bike Stand

Paper towels

"Pencil"How to make a Bike Stand


  • 1” 40 Pipes - 5’ length (6) (It’s better to use thick pipes)
  • 1” 40 3-Way Tee Connectors (8)
  • 1” 4 Elbows (90 degree) (8)
  • (28) PVC T-joints
  • PVC cement
  • (18) PVC elbow-joints
  • Paper towels
  • Pencil
  • PVC cutter (You can use a hacksaw as well)
  • Measuring Tape

Step1: After collecting all the material, you have to cut the pipes by measuring them. You can cut them in the length you want, but here we suggest you cut eight pipes into 24”, four into 2”, four into 3”, two into 12”, two into 36”. Use the marker to cut them in the same length.

Step-2: Now we’re going to build the frame. Take two 36” pipes and cement one elbow joint at their ends, and make the right and left sides of the bike Stand. The joints must be in the similar direction, facing externally in the direction of the opposite edge of the frame.

Step-3: Then again use four elbow joints to attach four 3” pipes to the tee-connectors. After that, link each tee to the separate connectors with four 2” tubes. The extra hole in every tee-connector should be curved at a 45-degree (halfway in the middle by directing vertically and resting horizontally on the floor) and should point inwards to another point of the Bike Stand.

Step-4: Set each margin of the structure about 1’ aside, and attach the right and left edges of the parts by two 12” pipes. Now the rack should be in square shape.

Step-5: The last part in building the PVC bike stand is to form the upper part of the stand. Get two 24” pipes and connect an elbow joint in their both ends, so that the shape looks like the letter "V". As we’re preparing it for two bikes, so make another 3 of them, and attach with tee connectors. And now apply cement on all the ends as well as inside of the pipes and let it dry. And you’re done with it! Here you can also find out cycle reviews

Wooden Bike Stand

Those who have unused, scrap wood pieces in their home, they can make the bike stands by using woods. This type of bike stands is also portable and convenient and useful. The stand we’re going to make is for three bikes.

"Wooden Bike Stand"How to make a Bike Stand

Tools you need

Drill/screwdriver"How to make a Bike Stand


"Chop saw"How to make a Bike Stand

Chop saw

"Sandpaper"How to make a Bike Stand


  • Chop saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Drill/screwdriver
  • 18 - 2 1/2” deck screws
  • 2 - 1 1/4” deck screws
  • one 2×4 board
  • one 1×6 board
  • Step-1: First, you have to measure the 2×4 board into 18” with a marker and cut that into four pieces. Then cut the 1×6 into 24” into two parts.

    Step-2: Attach the 18” at the ends of the 24” by using the screws. Make sure to attach one screw at all the points where the wood connects.

    Step-3: For more support, you can use wider wood pieces. Also, that depends on the thickness of your bike. And here you go! Your very own handmade wooden bike stand!

    Final Words

    It’s natural that your bike will require little maintenance every now and then. And to save the cost for taking to a mechanic, bikers learn some simple techniques by themselves. And while doing those works, a bike stand is mandatory to have. Then why not to use that learning in making a bike stands! Although bike stands can be bought at a very reasonable price, why losing a chance for doing some recycling by using unused products and save some money at the same time! Homemade bike stands even give you the option of making customized stands according to your needs. And after going through all these instruction, we hope before the next attempt of bike repairing, you’ll have your own prepared bike stand!

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