How to Lock a Bike

There’s no doubt that bikes have a special place in each rider’s heart and they want to protect their carrier by all means. But what if your bike gets stolen when you’ve parked it in a public place or more terrible that is it gets vanished from your own home yard. Because bike stealing isn’t uncommon and there’s no guarantee that some burglar won’t lay their eyes on your bike well, there’s no doubt that it’ll really be heartbreaking. And we don’t want that to happen with anyone of you. That’s why we’ve brought you some tricks and tips for locking your bike to ensure maximum safety. If you consider some facts and lock your bike wisely, there’ll be a minimal chance that it’ll ever get stolen either from your home or a public place! So let’s get started

Things to Consider First

Before buying a lock, you have to consider a few things so that you don’t end up buying a wrong one!

  • Size: Measure the size that’ll suit and support your bike. Too small or large won’t do you any benefit from thievery.
  • Material: Buy a lock that is made with solid materials like steel, that isn’t easily breakable. A lightweight lock won’t stop your bike being stolen even from a newbie robber.
  • Features: Nowadays, there are different and stylish locks are available in the market. But don’t just get distracted with the looks, make sure the locks have decent features to protect your bike.

Different Types of locks

Now let’s talk about the types of locks. There are different types of locks with various features and using techniques. You need to decide which one will be best for your bike.

Lightweight LocksZip-tie based locks or coiled cable locks are mainly known as thin locks. Some of these also come with combination number security. But these locks provide shallow protection, means simple tools with lees efforts can be used to break the lock quickly. You may use them only where you’re less afraid of losing your bike.

How to lock a bike

Chain Locks: Chain locks are relatively safer to use especially those made from solid steels. You can use large chains to make a loop while locking. But it won’t be wise to use a combo of chain and general padlocks, because those are very easy to break with a bolt cutter. Some chain locks are also hefty to carry, but there are now lightweight chains are available too.

How to lock a bike, chain lock

Folding Locks: The best thing about this type of lock is you can fold it into a small size and carry easily with the bike. You can also use the lock like chains and cover-up in a large extent such as the frame and wheels. Although it provides enough security to the bike, it can be broken down quickly by power drills.

How to lock a bike, folding lock

U-Locks: This type of locks are considered as one of the most secure, dense and durable locks. It makes it hard for thieves to break and creates tremendous noise as well while cutting it. Some of them have the features of double-bolt, which provides the maximum bike protection from being stolen.

How to lock a bike, U-Lock

Choose a Place to Park & Lock

Before locking the bike, you need to pick a place or location where you will park the bike. It can be either on the street or in your home.

If you’re in a public place, it’s better to keep it where other bikes are also being parked. If you couldn’t find a place like that you should choose a busy place to park that’s not illegal. But don’t keep your bike outside for a long time. And try to know if that place has any reputation of thievery!

Lock your bike among other bikes with an immovable, hard object. It’d be better to park somewhere that has a CCTV coverage. If possible, take extra lock or use combinations of locks.

If you’re parking your bike at your home, it’s better to take it inside or on your garage. Make sure to lock the main door or garage door as well.

Different Ways to Lock the Bike

Combination of two locks you can use two U-Locks to cover your bike. First, you should lock the bike with a stable object or parking stand. And with the second lock, you can close the wheel with the same immovable objects. This double trouble method will make it difficult for the thief to steal your bike!

Combination of Lock & Cable

You can use a U-lock and a chain to lock your bike. The U-lock can be used to cover either front or back wheel, and the frame can be covered up with the chain. Chains are heavy, and while breaking it, a loud noise occurs. That’s why this locking combination can be beneficial.

How to lock a bike using u-lock and chain lock

Remove the Front Wheel

Don’t worry. We’re not telling you to remove the front wheel and take it with you! Bikes with quick-release wheel features can be locked under this method. In this way, you have to detach the front wheel and tie-up with the back wheel using a U-lock with the immovable object. And you’ve to cover both the frame and rack.

Tips: You can lock a folding bike in this way.

How to lock a bike

The Sheldon Method

This method was invented by a bike expert named Sheldon Brown. He used a single U-lock and tied the rear angle of the frame and back wheel together with the stable hook/stand. Although it only provides light security for a quick tour. Not as secure as other techniques.

Sheldon Method- How to Lock a bike

Some Tips!

We hope that you’ve got a decent idea already about how to lock a bike. But for perfection and more safety are some tips to become more cautious!

  • It’s better to remove the accessories of your bike like helmets and saddle bags after locking. Or else your bike may not get stolen, but other easy things can be!
  • You can use a bike cover while parking and locking it at your home so that it doesn’t get visible to people quickly. Just an easy way to fool!
  • Don’t leave any space between the lock and the bike’s parts. Use an appropriately sized lock or if you’re using a chain make as many loops as you can. Extra space makes the security vulnerable.

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