How to Lock a Bike without a Rack

Suppose you’re out with your bike for something important or just a casual bike ride with your favorite daily commuter and suddenly you had to stop for something. And now you’re looking for a secure place or a bike rack so that you can lock your bike safely. But what if you couldn’t find any bike racks near the location? What you should do or how you’ll lock your bike? You may be thinking that there is an abundance of bike racks in every place, so there’s nothing to get worried about. Well, the situation may not be the same, especially while you go to different cities or different countries. And it’s better to make yourself ready for every situation to protect your bike from being stolen. That’s why we’re here to fill you with some tips and tricks about How to Lock a Bike without a Rack!

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Alternative of Bike Racks!

You should always look for bike racks but if can’t find them, only then look for alternatives to lock your bike with. And there’re plenty of other options that can be used as a replacement for bike racks. But don’t just go for anything without thinking. You need to do some analysis in your mind first and then choose the option.

First, you have to find something that is immovable or hard to lift or cut. Then it will be best if you consider the crowd. It’s better not to go for a crowded place. Because that’ll make the bike more visible and it’ll difficult to lock your bike without creating any inconvenient situation.

You should avoid both foot and car traffic locations. Or else there are chances to get yourself an unwanted penalty!

Now the question is, what can be an ideal replacement of bike racks? There’re many things. Such as,

How to lock a bike without a rack, with tree

Locked with a Tree

How to Lock a bike without a rack

Locked with a Street Sign Pole

How to lock a bike without a rack

Locked with a street lamp

how to lock a bike without a rack

Locked with a bench

  • Trees
  • Street Sign Poles
  • Light Poles
  • Benches
  • Railing
  • Or any kind of immovable stand or sticks which seems safe to lock with!

But there are some objects to avoid as well while looking for something to lock your bike with.

  • Fences - made with light bamboo or wood that can be easily moved or cut with a sharp thing
  • Shopping Carts – You may find it quickly, but it’s not safe at all!
  • Busy Car Parking Area – there are chances that your bike may get hit by a car and get damaged. So, there won’t be any benefit even though after a secure lockdown.
  • Handicapped Parking Area – It’s not morally and legally fair to use their site as your own benefit.

Get a good Bike Lock

As there’re chances that you may not find a bike rack, that’s why as a preparation you should always keep a good bike lock with yourself. There are many types of locks such as general locks, folding locks, chains, U-locks etc. Though U-locks are considered as the most secured lock, it better to use a combination of different locks. The most useful can be a combo of chain and U-lock. Covering the bike with two locks without any chain provides strong security as well.

Make sure to buy a lock with solid and heavy materials. The size of the bike must be appropriate with the bike, neither too small nor too big. Leaving space between the lock and your bike gives the thief a chance to break it easily. And never you any cable locks as they’re easily breakable by any garden scissors! If it’s possible, try to use a tracker and other technological security to ensure maximum safety. That’s why before buying a lock, do proper research!

Secure both the Frame & Wheel

While locking the bike, riders make some common mistakes which led to some unwanted situation. One of them is, they only tie up their frame with the lock and immovable object. And the second one is they lock up only one of the tires. Both of these should be totally avoided!

Never leave your wheel or frame alone. Always tie them together, especially when you’re locking the bike without a rack. People sometimes don’t get the fact that if they leave the wheels free, the safety gets vulnerable and it can be stolen within five seconds!

And even if your whole bike doesn’t get stolen, there’re chances that the thief may take the set and wheels. That’s why it’s necessary to secure the entire bike from frame to tires to everything.

Try not to make the lock touch the ground. Also, try to make a hard loop with the chain around the whole bike. It’d be better if you detach the front wheel and tie it together with the back wheel. Take the chain off the rear gear as well and leave the bike at the maximum gear. And if it’s possible, then take the seat with you. Because it’s not possible to ride a bike without a seat and that makes your bike unattractive for the thief! And here you go! All safe and confident to lock a bike without a rack! Also, don't forget to take the helmet and saddle bag with you as well.

Tips for Caution!

Locking a bike without a rack is risky, but we’ve to do it in unavoidable situations. And if you become more cautious by following some extra steps, you can be almost stress-free to leave your bike without securing it to a rack.

  • Try to get a GPS tracker. So that you can track in case, your bike gets stolen and inform the police. It’ll make it easier to find your bike quickly.
  • Always register your bike right after buying it. It’s beneficial for finding it.
  • Neither park your bike in a crowded place nor an isolated area.
  • Try to learn how to lock a bike inaccessibly.
  • Never park the bike at the same place daily.

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