How to Hang a Bike on the Wall

Being a bike lover is crazy. All you think about is how to protect and safely store the bike in your home. Although it may get difficult to store a bike when you’ve limited space, but nothing to worry about! You can easily store your quality road bike by hanging it on the wall! Sounds insane, right? Well, it’s nothing new; in fact, many bikers use this technique because of inadequate storage capacity. But you know what? Hanging your bike on the wall not only saves you from unwanted damage and thievery but also from the cost of wall decoration because a bike is beautiful too! If you are a folding bike user, then hanging your folding bike in a closet would be good idea. And all of the arrangements can be made within a short time with little expense.

Let’s not delay anymore and look at the ways for hanging your bike on the wall! Hanging a stylish road bike on the wall is an amazing addition to the decor of the room.

Things to Consider First

Before starting to hang your bike on the wall, you have to consider and analyze some facts first.

  • First, you’ve to measure the bike’s weight. Because that’ll help you to understand which type of instruments can support the bike against the wall. Otherwise, your wall and ceiling may crash down.
  • Then you’ve to think about the wall and floor protection. With which material your wall is made of? It can be, plaster, wood, stone or concrete. Each of these requires different ways to hang the bike. Also, you’ve to consider the condition of the wall in wet weather to take further decision.
  • Consider the wheel size against the wall. So that it doesn’t get too much cosy or awkward to hang.

Which way you’d like to choose for hanging the bike?

There are many ways and options for you to choose how you’d like to hang your top-notch bike on the wall. The decision should be made after examining some facts and convenience of yours. Here are some popular ways to hang a bike on the wall.

Bike Hooks: 

Bike hooks are trendy as it lets you hang the whole carrier in the wall. It won’t mess up your wall, and you can even use the hook as a coat hanger as well!

Bike hook BikevsCycle

Bike Shelf:

It can be both single and double. Some shelves give you the option of moulding while not using it. Also, sometimes there is space to hang your good looking helmet too!

Bike Shelf BikevsCycle

Clug Bike Rack:

If you want something small and tiny, then this type of hanger is for you. But there’s no need to get confused with the size. This rack is solid and well balanced to keep up a moderately weighed bike.

Clug Bike Rack How to hang a bike on the wall

Bike Valet:

It is really good looking and stylish wall hanger. And there are mainly made of aluminum.

Bike Valet How to hang a bike on the wall


 It helps you to hang your bike in either vertically or horizontally, whichever you prefer. Also, it has a wide range of secure mounting functional devices to support your bike against the wall. 

Cycloc How to hand a bike on the wall

Tools you need

As you’ve already got the idea about the ways and measurements for hanging a bike, now it’s time to make it happen! But for that, you need to have some tools to do the work.

  1. Jigsaw 
  2. Level
  3. Ruler
  4. Wrench
  5. Screwdriver
  6. Toggle bolts
  7. Drill
  8. Marker/pencil

Easy 5 Steps:

Step-1: Get your preferred wall mounting hook or rack from your nearest local, hardware or online store. Before buying, decide the style you want your bike to be hanged. It can be vertical or horizontal. Select the hook or hanger based on that.

Step-2: Measure the weight and height of the bike. Also, measure the wall depending on the style (vertical or horizontal) to get a clear idea about the positioning.

Step-3: Hold the hook or rack against the wall where you want to establish it and mark that area with a marker or pencil. But don’t hold it too high that it gets difficult for you to reach or too low that your bike touches the ground. Again you’ve to decide by taking the vertical/horizontal positioning in mind.

Step-4: Now it’s time to make a hole using a drill machine. Keep in mind that the length of the holes needs to be matched with the screw or bolt you’re going to use. Or else it won’t be strong enough to hold your bike.

Step-5: Now you’ve to place the rack/hook on the wall and insert it against the wall. You need to be very careful here, or else the wall may get damaged.

And now it’s time to hang the bike! Gently place it on the rack/hook and see if the arrangement is strong enough to hold the bike for a long time. And make sure that you clean your bike specially the tires every time before hanging it. Or else your wall or ceiling may get damaged or discolored. Also, while bringing the bike down or hanging up, you need to be cautious. 

Few Important Things To Keep In Mind

  1. Many any people like to hang their bike by the wheels, and there’s nothing wrong with it. But if the tires of your bike are made if carbon firings, which are very fragile, we’d suggest not to hang it by wheels.
  2. After a long ride on bikes, especially on summer days, the components get too hot. It’d be better if you let the bike cool off first and then hang it on the wall. And this is highly recommended for the electric bikes. Also don't forget to clean your bike before you hang it on the wall.

  3. Every time pulling off the bike up and down may get tiresome also it puts a lot of pressure on your muscle. To avoid that you can use a pulley or lifter to hang the bike without making it hard for your muscle. Quality Mountain bikes usually weighs a bit more than other bike categories. In this case, a pulley is quite useful.

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