How To Change A Bike Tube: Clear & Easy Solutions

While you are enjoying those long rides on your bicycle, the tires are gradually going into fatigue. There will be a time when your tires may go flat. Again, once in a while, you will also experience split in the tires. Sometimes you may want to replace your old tires with a new one for better performance.

So, in such scenarios, the most obvious thing you would do is to take your bike to the garage or repair shops to replace the old tire or tube. However, we are assuring you that it is not always necessary as we can perform the changing of bike tires at our home. And with this article, we will introduce to you how to change a bike tube on your own. You may think it is difficult, but with few simple steps and precision, you could also get the hang of it.

So let's go through the process together.

"Bike Tube"How To Change A Bike Tube

Procedures To Follow In How To Change A Bike Tube

Tools needed

"Pump"How To Change A Bike Tube


"Tire levers"How To Change A Bike Tube

Tire levers

"Wrench"How To Change A Bike Tube


  • Tire levers
  • Pump
  • New tire
  • Wrench (15mm)

Prepare the bike in position for operation

Before starting the whole process, you must shift down the gear to the lowest number. After that, make the bike stand upside down. However, it won't be necessary to make the bike hold upright if you can use a stand.

Detach the Brake System

Carefully disengage the brake system of your bike. This needs to be done as brakes, and its cables may come in the way. If it is a quick-release, you only have to trigger the latch to undo your brake system. Or else, squeeze the brake calipers together to take out the brake cables.

Taking out the Wheels

Partially Release the nuts between the wheel axle and the bike. Remember, you do not need to unwind the nuts completely. Loosen them partially would be enough to free out the wheel. For a wheel that has a quick release, open the latch and loosen the nuts. 

"Taking out the Wheels"How To Change A Bike Tube

Remove the Chain if it is necessary

In mountain bikes with 7-24 speeds, it might get critical to remove the chain. If you are not an expert, we would recommend removing the chain from the gear with expert help. Bring the chain to the lowest gear on the rare wheel and innermost gear on the pedal spindle. When the chain loosens up, pull back the rear derailleur and carefully remove the chain.

Take out the wheel from the bike frame

Front-wheel: After loosening the nuts or using the quick release, pull the wheel out of the bike fork and frame.
Rear-wheel: With the rear wheels, be more cautious. You need to guide the wheel down and then take it out carefully, dodging the chain and other obstructions.

Deflate the tube

Before you can take out the tube from the rim, you need to deflate the tube. Different manufacturers may follow different techniques. You may look for what kind of valve do you have in your tube. The usual process is to unscrew the valve a little and then press on it to take out the air from the tire.

"Deflate the tube "Best Hybrid Bike Tires

Pulling out the tire

Push the bead of tire from the rim gradually to loosen it up before you remove the whole thing. Now you need to take a tire lever and insert the hooked end underneath the tire bead and pull the bead over the edge of the rim. When it loosens, we can take the lever all around the bead of the tire to fully loosen up and separate it from the rims.

"Pulling out the tire"Best Hybrid Bike Tires

For some tire-rim combination, it may be more difficult because of the tightness. Then it would help if you had a second lever. In this process, attach the first lever underneath the bead. Then attach the hook in the end to one of the spokes of the tire. Now, use a second lever to follow the process of loosening. If you need a third one, you attach two levers to two spokes keeping a small gap between and carry out loosening the tire gradually with a third lever. Once the tire is entirely loosened, pull out the inner tube and take out the tire.

Installing a new tire

Installing a new tire is comparatively easy in the bike with quick-release feature. You need to check if the manufacturers have given a specific direction in the tires on which way it should rotate. If that is the case, follow the path. Once you are done checking, place the tire and rim side by side and carefully insert the rim into the tube or the tires. With the half tire on, insert the inner tube. Start the step by threading the valve into the rim. Stuff the rest of the inner tube inside the tire along the rim.

Next, press the edge of the bead of the tire into the rim until pressure from your hand is not be enough to place the tire completely. This is when you need the tire levers.

For the rest of the tire, insert the hook part of the lever and help the bead place inside the rim completely. Have a glance at the overall fittings and make sure there's no gap or tire fit left undone.

It is wise to remember that, you can’t install a quality road bike’s tire into a hybrid bike since hybrid bike’s tire tends to become wider in shape because of its wider frame. The same goes for folding bikes and bikes that are in other categories.

Installing a new tire

Inflate the tube

Use a pump to inflate the tube properly. Put the wheels back on the bike frame. Make sure you pop back all the elements you have detached in the process. Follow the pictures you have taken in the beginning.

"inflate the tube"

Final words!

It may sound complicated at first, with all the steps on how to change a bike tube. But we are here to guide you with all specific steps and terms. And once you start and follow the process accurately, you will surely find it much easy and more relaxing. Once again, don't forget to take help from an expert if needed. And it is also recommended to do a safety check for both men and women's bike before taking it on a stroll on actual roads.

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