How To Buy A Used Bike: An Overall Guide

Yes! There are people who would love to own a bike but with little cash as possible. Some may even want a high-end bike but with a low budget. So how could you make this happen? Well, an explanation of this would be buying a used bike. You may be wondering if it is attainable? How to buy a used bike you find here some information. Well, aren’t you lucky! We will be sharing our ideas on how to buy a used bike.

We must tell you beforehand that buying an old bike has its perks and demerits. You get to save a whopping amount; however, not a highly performed bike. Also, most used bikes don’t offer a lot of distance coverage or rough rides. Through this article, we come here to help you guide through on how you can buy an old bike, which ensures decent rides.

How To Buy A Used Bike: An Overall Guide

Strategies To Follow On How To Buy A Used Bike

Knowing Your Fit

Size Chart for Road Bike

Height of riders (inches)

Frame Size (cm)

Corresponding Size

4’10 –5’3″


Extra Small

5’3″ – 5’5″

50 – 52


5’5″ – 5’7″

52 – 54


5’7″ – 5’9

54 – 56



56 – 58

Medium- Large

5’11 –6’2″

58 – 60


6’2″ – 6’5″

60 – 62

Extra Large

"Road Bike"How To Buy A Used Bike: An Overall Guide

Size Chart for Mountain Bike

Height of Bikers

Frame Size (Inches)

Corresponding Size



Extra Small












Extra Large




"Mountain Bike"

According to Inseam Length

Height of Biker

Inseam Length (inches)

Frame Size ( Inches)

Corresponding Size




Extra small
















Large-Extra Large

6’4”- and Up

35- and Up

23-and Up

Extra Large

How to Measure Inseam for Bike

Places You Can Buy

Most bike shops don't sell used bikes; however, there are many retailers and thrift stores where you can find them. It is always best to buy an old bike from the bike shop as it is already adjusted to perform on the road. You may also look for ads online.

Knowing The Brands

Knowing the brands would be a great idea since there are low to mid to high-end bikes in the market. Nevertheless, it matters a little. Regardless of cheap or high-end, almost all the men and women's bike gets worn off overtime and would only perform mediocre and basic. However, knowing about brands could always be a plus point.

"Knowing The Brands bike"How To Buy A Used Bike: An Overall Guide

So let's look at some aspects that help you identify brands.

Departments store bikes (low end)

Branded bike ( mid to high end)

Name of brands

Huffy, Roadmaster, Next,  Murray,  Pacific Cycle, Next, , Free Spirit

Diamondback, Jamis, Raleigh, Cannondale, Giant, Univega,  Specialized, Trek, Schwinn


The brakes and derailleur are low in quality

Some parts such as brakes, shifters, derailleur are high in quality


Usually heavy

Are not usually heavy as most feature aluminum for frame


The pre-assembling may be weak

Assembling is done nicely. Partially assembled always.


Mostly good for short to light commute

Serves multipurpose from long commute, trips and heavy rides


Really cheap

Budget friendly to highly priced

Careful With The Brakes

So why is it important? Well, a faulty brake can bring severe accidents. Since most bikes are equipped with hand brakes for each wheel, make sure both of the brakes are working correctly. Especially in case of buying an electric bike, you must be careful about the brakes as they are the speediest ones. Otherwise, you may end up with mishaps when you are opting for downhill roads. Once again, there are always options for fixing.

Now what types of brakes are usually best. We jotted them according to high performed to low

V-brakes: Are considered to be the most powerful in stopping. Offer easy adjusting.

Center-pull brakes: These are also a worth type and allows proper stopping motion.

Side pull brakes: These are usually low in quality and difficult to adjust. However, there are some quality side pull brakes out there in the market.

Safety Comes First

Don’t even imagine buying a bike that has important missing parts. This may cost your safety. If you are worried that you might get scammed while buying a used bike, then it's better not to do it. In such cases, buying a brand new budget road bike would be the better choice. Many used bikes would be missing essential elements such as front and rare reflectors, or have weak or broken parts. Get them fixed asap for a secured ride. It is recommended to check-in with bike experts to get the actual status of the used bike.

Little Do’s You Should Be Performing

Fill up the tires with air: If the tires are soft get them filled with air for a comfortable and smooth ride. And make sure they are good quality tires

Oiling the chain: Make sure you lubricate the chains with bike lube to get the parts running smoothly.

Look for faulty brake operation: Adjust the brakes when you notice that the brake pads are rubbing against the wheel rims. This will result in a slow speed if not fixed.

Replace tires and saddle: If needed, replace the tires and seat. For example, if you buy an old mountain bike, do not expect it to run in speed on the pavements as the tires incorporated in its design are mostly pleasant off the pavement.

Carry maintenance

  • Check air pressure regularly
  • check the brakes if they are rubbing or not
  • Regular oiling of chains

Do a tune-up: Performing a tune-up is essential whether you buy a used or unused bike. Tune up cost of a folding bike is a bit more than the bikes that are in other categories. It is necessary for smooth operation as well as safety. However, make sure that you are paying the right amount when you are doing a tune-up for an old bike.

Final Thoughts!

In the end, having a second-hand bike requires you to have understandings of a bicycle in general. Do look for the critical details that offer you a good ride with stability. For the sake of getting a cheap bike, do not compromise with security. Also, do remember used bikes are mostly suitable for trips to small distances and commutes

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