How Safe is my Bike on a fourth-floor balcony?

It feels good to have a bike of your own, on which you can ride anywhere, anytime. But after purchasing a decent bike, the most primary concern for bike owners arises where to store the bike! Not everyone has their own houses or lives in a place like this. Also, not all apartments have the facility of storing a bike or sometimes they don’t even have any garage.

Then, isn’t it appropriate for a person who lives in a small apartment to have his/her own bike? Well, that's not the case. You can store your bike inside your apartment complex as well, and the best place for storing a bike there is “The Balcony”. Balconies are really popular among people who doesn’t have any other spaces to keep their bike. But it also brings another concern which is how safe my bike is on a fourth-floor balcony?

"bike on a fourth-floor balcony"How safe is my bike on a fourth-floor balcony

Is balcony an appropriate place to store a bike?

We won’t move from our statement that balconies are a great place for storing a bike. But we won’t say that it provides hundred per cent security to your bike as well. Many people wonder that from how someone can even steal a quality bike from the fourth floor, third floor and, fifth floor balcony! That’s crazy! Well, it may sound crazy, but it’s real.

There’re many cases reported by bike owners who claim that they live on the fourth floor of the apartment and their bike has been stolen from their balcony! Those bikes were mostly stolen by multiple bike thieves, where one person climbs through the pipe, and another stays down. After cutting the lock, the thief ties the bike with ropes and slowly lower down it to the outside the balcony!

If you think properly, no place is actually safe to store a bike. Even if you have a garage, still your bike can be stolen if there’s no strong security system. A balcony is kind of the same as that. Even though sometimes with a standard security system/security camera with solid balcony walls, your bikes can be stolen. But for those who live in an apartment, nothing is better than a balcony to store a bike.

"balcony an appropriate place to store a bike"How safe is my bike on a fourth-floor balcony

How to store a bike on a balcony?

Our responsibility doesn’t end just by telling you if the idea of storing a bike on the fourth floor of a apartment balcony is safe or not. You also need to know how to store a bike in a balcony, because a low arrangement of keeping a bike on a balcony makes it more vulnerable to theft no matter how efficient security system you have. So here’s how you can store a mountain, road, hybrid, or an electric categorized bike on the fourth floor of your balcony.


Floor storage usually means bike racks. There’s a different kind of bike racks available also in different materials. You can also make one by yourself. Bike racks require the least effort to store a bike in the balcony. You can also lock the bike with bike rack for more security. In case, the floor doesn't have any bike racks then look for a alternative bike rack solution like railings or metal bars.

Wall mount

If you use your apartment house balcony for other purposes, or if it’s already occupied. Then you can go for wall mount storage option. Different wall mounts racks are also available. And you can make a DIY wall mount by yourself to mount the bike on that, 

"Wall mount"How safe is my bike on a fourth-floor balcony

Under the ceiling

Under the ceiling, the procedure is for a long time storing with additional support, such as in winter or rainy season. There’re two types of technique to apply the procedure. One is pulley system through which you can lift or pull down the bike without a ladder, and another is simple mount on which you have to stick hooks under the ceiling and mount the bike on that. No matter which system you choose there is weight restriction. It’s only applicable for bikes up to 22 lbs.

How safe is my bike on a fourth-floor balcony


Although this method is not for them, who uses their bike regularly and not skilled to assemble the bike quickly. If your apartment is small and the balcony is tiny as well, assembling the bike and store the part on factory boxes or containers is a convenient idea. The only issue is you’ve to go through assembling and dissembling repeatedly. It also reduces the storage space. Although a good advantage is, the thief won’t have the eyes on your bike as it’s had to guess that the bike is on the boxes!

How safe is my bike on a fourth-floor balcony

Why Balcony Security Is Important: Not Just for Burglary Prevention  

Prevention is always better than cure. Storing your bike on the fourth floor of your apartment’s balcony is a good idea when you have no choice. But we didn’t say that it’s that much safe, as there were cases of stealing from the fourth floor of your balcony. But it shouldn’t restrict you from chasing your dream to own a bike. So here’s a few balcony security features tips by which you can reduce the risk of stealing:

  • Many of the apartment building balcony doesn’t have any balcony railings or metal bars. The open area becomes a plus point for the thieves so if possible, try to shift to a place which has metal rail balcony or take permission from the landlord to install any temporary bar system.
  • Use multiple locks if possible such as, U-lock, cable lock, chain lock etc. It’ll make the stealing process lengthier for thieves, and by that time you’ll be alerted to call police or take any other action,
  • Check if the balcony is easily accessible either through pipe or rooftop or other closed apartments. In any of the cases, we’d suggest not to store your bike on the balcony.
  • Install light and if possible a booby trap. Or you can simply go for balcony security camera system. Put any stuff around the bike, which will create sound if someone tries to unlock the bike. You’ll get noticed then. A great place to leave a booby trap is somewhere around the bike tires. One of the best apartment balcony security solutions is to install a balcony security camera/system, as a report points out that houses without security systems are 300% more likely to be broken into.
"Balcony Security"How safe is my bike on a fourth-floor balcony

Bottom Line

Storing bikes in a balcony isn’t a new or unconventional idea. Mostly student’s whole lives in small apartments and own a bike to reduce the transport costs, stores their bike on the balcony. But before storing the bike check is the surroundings are OK and if your landlord or property manager approves it or not. Because there’re many landlords who doesn’t allow the balcony to be used as a storage place. That’s why think twice if storing your bike in the fourth floor of the balcony is actually safe or not!

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