How far can you bike in a day?

One thing is for sure which is there’s no specific time or occasion when you can start riding a bike. Because bike riding is a thing that can be done anywhere and anytime, depending on the mood and weather. It’s an “all-time do” activity. The fresh air and the surroundings we enjoy while riding a bike couldn’t be described in words. Although one question frequently arrives here, which is to what extent we’re supposed to enjoy the feeling?

To be more specific, how far can you bike in a day? We humans always tend to go over our boundaries and break the records, and while riding a bike, we sometimes decide a goal beyond average speed and try to reach there. But then again, what’s the standard mileage for a bike ride in a day, or how many bike riding hours can my body and bike can take? Well. Let’s find that out!

"How far can you bike in a day"How far can you bike in a day?

The distance that can be covered in a day WITH A BIKE!

Riding a bike and the miles can be covered completely depends on the individual’s mind, body, and the bike’s condition. And based on that daily mileage varies. Usually, riding an excellent budget bike 5-10 miles a day is an easy thing to do, and that’s the most common scenario. In holidays and weekends and those who are health conscious and concentrate on weight loss, the ideal mileage for them can be 20 miles. Men’s and Women’s bicycles are built after keeping all these factors in mind.

But the direct and straightforward answer to the question of. “How far can you bike in a day” can be, on average, 20-60 miles daily distance is common. Please take note that we’re only talking about relaxed bike riding in a single day. If you’ve set some goals regarding the riding mileage or competing with your friends, it has been seen that people can especially, long term bicycle travelers can ride a bike up to 100 miles a day! Yes, that sounds insane, but not impossible.

"The distance that can be covered in a day WITH A BIKE!"How far can you bike in a day?

Factors that influence daily biking mileage

Riding a bike is fun indeed, but 50-100 miles a day is no joke. Even if you decide to do so, you’ve to consider a few things first, because those factors will determine if you’ll be able to reach the maximum mileage of bike riding or not. Here’re most important of those factors.


Your age decides if your body is capable of taking the pressure of a longer ride and the speed limit! Kids are not suitable, and they MUST NOT ride a bike more than 10-15 miles a day. Almost the same goes for older people as it effects the heart rate, although it depends on their physical activity routine. If you’re between 18-30 years old, it’s quite fair to think that you are now capable of 50-100 miles a day on a high quality bike!

"Age"How far can you bike in a day?

Your physical & mental condition

Riding a bike every day indeed helps to maintain the body fitness level and mental health. But people with a physical limitation, asthma, and arthritis, weak hear condition, etc. should avoid long tours in a bike, as it put lots of pressure on the body. Also, a fit body isn’t enough to take a long tour on a bike. You must have confidence and willpower. Or else you may end-up covering miles that are much less than your target!

Road condition

As we’ve mentioned that it’s possible to cover 100 miles a day on a bike, but that depends a lot on the road conditions. If the route isn’t well-built or if you get trapped on traffic for a large portion of time, then it’s not possible to cover more than 50-70 miles a day. Also consider if the roads are hilly or flat, as hilly roads take extra time to cover than flat roads. Flat terrain is easier to cross. For riding in hilly regions, hybrid bikes or mountain bikes are recommended. On the other hand, if you plan to ride only across flat terrains, then you can manage and complete your journey with a road bike.

Road condition


Warm sunny weather is always preferable; riding a bike isn’t different from that. Rainy, snowy, or windy weather may cause you to slow down or create obstacles to move forward. That’s why make sure to check the weather before starting your journey.

Bike type and condition

Don’t forget about the bike because this is on which you’re going to ride! Bike type and condition also influence if you’re capable of riding far on a bike or not. For example, if you’re on a decent road bike, it’d be difficult to ride over rough terrains if your routs cover any. But remember to use a lightweight bike or else the bike will make the bike tour cumbersome and irritating. Also, check whether the pedals, brake, shifter, chainring, etc. are working fine.

If possible, replace your saddle into a more comfortable one. Those who have speedy electric bike have an advantage to cross more miles in a day than normal bike owners. It also depends on the bike's tire shape such as thick tire or thin tire you're riding on.

Bike type and condition

Going solo or with a team

Riding far with a bike could be your idea or from your friend circle. It doesn’t have much effect on the mileage you cover on your bike in a single day, either you go solo or with a team. But if you’re going solo, you must have strong willpower. Because covering a long tour with a bike may get boring all alone. Whereas with friends, the whole environment turns into teamwork and also bring competitive motivation. That’s why ask yourself that in which method you’ll be more comfortable, going solo or with a team?

Some tips for long-distance riding

As you’ve already got the idea of how far you can ride a bike in a single day, we’re here to enlighten you with a few important points that’ll help you reach your goal and make the journey less difficult.

  • Never overeat just before staring your ride. It’ll make your body heavy and burdensome. Eat at least 2hrs before your start for the bicycle tour. Also, don’t drink too much water. It’s better if you bring small amount of light snacks and 2-3 water bottle with you so that you can use then during the journey. But don't make it a loaded bike or else it'll slow down your speed.
  • Don’t start too much fast at the beginning. It’ll make you lose your energy and increase the heart rate, and you’ll get tired to finish the goal. Start with a comfortable speed or moderate pace. If possible keep a heart rate monitor.
  • If you're on an electric bike, check the battery capacity and if possible keep a spare battery pack with you for serious condition or emergency.
  • DO TAKE BREAK. It’s not wise to ride continuously! Make a plan and select at least 2-3 destinations where you’ll rest for a certain period of time. Plan the whole trip and recovery time, too, before the journey, if possible. An organized ride helps to reach the goal more easily.
  • Watch the wind. It can bring both advantages and disadvantages. Also, when the wind is blowing faster, keep a lower posture for a safe ride.
  • Change the riding position of your hand on the bike's handlebar periodically. It's better to maintain an aerodynamic position. Also, shrug the neck and shoulder every 5-10 minutes. Don’t put pressure on only one leg. Try to make a balance.
Some tips for long-distance riding cycle


Even if you get excited to cover 100 miles on a single day with a bike, we’d suggest not doing it on a regular basis, even if you’re a professional or it may affect your overall health. And beginners must practice a lot before even thinking of doing something like that. You can make a cycling days routine  for training rides with personal goal for practice and get better results. Take hour challenge at first and slowly practice bike trip on hilly terrain. Try to break your highest daily average and surely have a physical fitness target. It may sound fun to go far away with a bike in a day, but first, your body, mind and bike, all have to cooperate simultaneously.

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