How Big of a Bike Do I Need: Your Question Answered

If it is bothering you on what bike size would suit you the best, then you are not the only one. These days the question became more profound as many consumers are reaching online to purchase their bicycles.

So what are some easy ways that may help you to answer how big of a bike do I need? Well, few pivotal characters that would be of great assistance in determining the right bike size for you include the type of bike, biker's height, riding style, and many more.

To give you a specific view on how these factors may help you decide to get the perfect sized bike, we are here for your assistance.  We will cover details on each of the aspects and guide you through the solution of selecting the ideal size bike for you.

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How Big of a Bike Do I Need: Your  Question Answered

Features To Settle on With the Ideal Bike Size for Yourself.

Size According to Type.

As bike lovers, we should know there are several bike types that mainly comprise of road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and triathlon bikes. These different kinds are distinctive for their purposes. Similarly, they may differ in size too. For example, a person who needs a medium size road bike like Vilano Forza 3.0 may require a different sized mountain bike. 

Size Chart for Road Bike

Height of riders (inches)

Frame Size (cm)

Corresponding Size

4’10” – 5’3″


Extra Small

5’3″ – 5’5″

50 – 52


5’5″ – 5’7″

52 – 54


5’7″ – 5’9

54 – 56


5’9″ – 5’11”

56 – 58

Medium- Large

5’11” – 6’2″

58 – 60


6’2″ – 6’5″

60 – 62

Extra Large

Size Chart for Mountain Bike

Height of Bikers

Frame Size (Inches)

Corresponding Size



Extra Small












Extra Large




"How Big of a Bike Do I Need: Your  Question Answered"Size Chart for Mountain Bike

Bike Size Based On Riding Style.

Does riding style play a part in deciding for bike size? Well, yes, it does. Not every biker has the same riding style. Some bikers may prefer aggressive cycling while some may ride with less speed. A person who is keen on rough cycling and speed may correspond most with a smaller bike than usual . There are hybrid or other types of bikes which are specifically women's bike. We want to add here that, bike size also varies between cycles designed specifically for men and women. For example, hybrid bike tires for women's bicycle would be a bit lighter in weight than men's bicycle because of the difference in physical structures.

"How Big of a Bike Do I Need: Your Question Answered"Bike Size Based On Riding Style.

Consider Your Height. 

So already, we have observed from the table that bike size mostly depends on your height. So it is crucial that you measure the correct size of your height. The perfect height of a rider can be obtained simply by measuring with a scale.

Once again, a person can check his/her height by standing against a wall and marking it with a pencil on top of the head

Measuring the Inseam

While height is critical to decide on a bike size, it is also essential to measure your inseam. So what’s an inseam size? Well, the inseam size is the measurement between the groins to the foot.

Have the length scaled carefully by keeping the posture as flat as possible. If you are struggling, then place a book in the middle of your thighs,

Another reason to get your inseam length measured that it is significant when you are planning to get your bike from online.

Height of Biker

Inseam Length (inches)

Frame Size ( Inches)

Corresponding Size




Extra small
















Large-Extra Large

6’4”- and Up

35- and Up

23-and Up

Extra Large

Measuring the Bike

Get a measurement of your bike, if you are buying from a shop. This can be done by taking the size from the center of the bottom bracket. However, this varies between brands. For example, the measurement style of Vilano bikes may vary from others. Some may measure to the top the place where the top tube meets the seat tube. 

"How Big of a Bike Do I Need: Your Question Answered"Measuring the Bike

Assess Stand Over Height

So, when you are buying offline or from a shop, measuring standover height is crucial. The standover height implies the frame length from the ground. You should also keep in mind that you keep at least a 2cm of clearance between you and the bike frame. Why is it important? Well, when you quickly make a jump, it will help avoid injuries. Moreover, measure inside of your legs with shoes on to get an established stand over height measurement.

How Big of a Bike Do I Need: Your Question Answered

Consider the Comfort

So, if you already have experience with bikes, you may know which size and components best support your body. So keep that in mind when you decide to pick a bike to avoid pains created on elbow, neck, back, knee, and other parts prone to injuries. 

Try Getting a Bike Fit

It may sound extravagant to invest in a bike fit. But it can change the game for you. It is especially significant for those who are really into bikes, took cycling as their careers or passion.

A bike fit help will help you get a vivid image of your body size that would ideally suit a bicycle regardless of any type. Using this service, you could also confidently buy a decent bike online.

Final Words!

So, reflect on all these aspects carefully to figure out how big of a bike do you need. Hopefully, we have brought most of the essential features to give a result to your query. Nevertheless, you may do more research and make your final decision to get the just size that better corporate your body and assist you to keep away from possible harms and damages.

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