Best Bike Seat For Hemorrhoids – Reviews w/FAQS and Features

Cycling is just not a part of exercise it is a form of emotion. Besides riding hours and hours for fun, you could try being a professional athlete as well. It sounds fun and all, but then some question arises regarding our health.

A big part of cycling is how comfortable you are while you are on the bike. Is the bike seat comfortable? Is it comfortable for someone suffering from hemorrhoids? We have tons of questions on our hand. Let’s answer them first. Then we can show you guys some of the best bike seat for hemorrhoids you could buy. Sounds good? Let’s roll with it.

How Is Hemorrhoids Related To Cycling?

That’s a very good question. Why exactly would related these two? Well, cycle has a seat that we need to use. If you have hemorrhoids, it can cause irritation and pain when you are seating on a hard cycle seat. In short, you will need the most comfortable bike seat for hemorrhoids.

Does Cycling Cause Hemorrhoids?

Often, you will find this question, can bicycle riding cause hemorrhoids?

A lot of people relates cycling to hemorrhoids. Where it’s been medically proven cycling can’t cause hemorrhoids. However, it can exacerbate the issue. Making it so severe that you might even need to visit the hospital.

If you are someone that believed bike bicycling and hemorrhoids are related, well time to change your POV. Cycling can’t cause hemorrhoids. However, if you want to cycle with hemorrhoids, you will need a comfortable bike seat for hemorrhoids. There are tons of them out there. Don’t worry we will talk about them in due time.

Can You Ride Bike with Hemorrhoid?

Unless you have rock as your bicycle seat, I don’t see why you can’t ride a cycle with hemorrhoids. This is where our insights come in. Don’t worry, you are not going back empty handed today. Let it be a comfortable cycle seat or some valuable information, I’ve made sure you will get something useful from here today.

Is Memory Foam Needed In Bike Seats For Hemorrhoids?

We all know memory foam is one of the best type of foam for maximum comfort. Sofas, beds, lounge, you name it. Everything tend to have memory foam. How I see it, memory foam is a no brainer for bike seat for hemorrhoid sufferers. It can help tremendously.

Hemorrhoid and biking is quite related. But not really. I can understand you want to cycle with hemorrhoids. I mean, if it was me, I couldn’t give up on cycling. How would I do that? Simply change my bike’s seat!

Trust me, it will change your view on how comfortable a bike seat can become despite having hemorrhoids.

I think it’s about time we move to the main course. Let’s talk about some bicycle seat comfortable for hemorrhoids sufferer.

1. Bikeroo Oversized Bike Seat

Bikeroo oversized bike seat is one of the most comfortable seat for bicycles. It’s suitable for both men and women. Oversized seat helps you lay your bottom on them without worrying about your sore butt.

It is a very good and comfortable seat for hemorrhoid sufferers. Elastomer springs on the seat makes sure you are always feeling comfortable. This indoor bicycle seat is something else. Leather coated top cover will give you a very good grip. Even if you are wearing yoga or sweatpants.

You’ll get a waterproof bicycle cover, easy to use tools that will help you mount this on top of your indoor bike. Ease of access of this seat is something else.

If you look around about this seat, you will see a lot of users giving feedback about how comfortable it is and how it helped them not give up on their passion even if they were suffering from hemorrhoids.

That’s my point, just because you have hemorrhoids, don’t give up on biking. Change the seat and join in the fun once again.

Will this fit on any bikes?

It comes with a universal mount. That mount makes sure you can mount this on any indoor bike you have. A very well-thought seat from Bikeroo.

Will women have trouble seating on this?

No, they won’t. Keeping both male and female comfort in mind, Bikeroo made sure the seats here are oversized. They even thought of hemorrhoids or similar suffering victims. Their priority was to provide the optimal comfort for both male and female bikers.

2. Bikeroo Bike Seat Cushion

So, you already have a bike seat that you feel comfortable with. But after finding out you are suffering from hemorrhoids, you don’t want to strain yourself by sitting on that. What if there was a way to make your comfortable seat even more comfortable?

You might be wondering I am just spitting nonsense at this point. Before you click off, let me introduce you to Bikeroo Bike Seat Cushion with jell pad. Got your attention!

This bike seat cover is packed with a jell pad that is extremely comfortable to seat on. It comes with a universal elastic mounting mechanism that supports indoor exercise cycles and outdoor cruisers.

It even supports the wide seats made By Bikeroo that we mentioned moments ago. If you bought a Bikeroo seat and want to make it even softer, this is your chance.

I can understand why hemorrhoids victims might opt for this. After all, we will always go the extra miles for a bit of comfort. And to my experience, it’s one of the most comfortable seat for hemorrhoids sufferer out there.

Insanely soft and comfortable. It even comes at different colors if you are into that.

Can you use it while wearing yoga pants?

Bikeroo knows yoga pants are some of the most comfortable attire for exercising. That’s why they made sure the jell padded seat is grippy enough to make you not slip while wearing yoga pants. If you are still doubting about the grip, you can opt for the cycling shorts for women that Bikeroo also sells.

Is this the best seat cushion for hemorrhoids?

That’s a bit of a bold claim. But, it’s definitely one of the most comfortable bike seat cushions out there. Whether you have hemorrhoids or not, you will find this seat cushion very comfortable.

Can I use this seat cushion on top of my cycle seat?

That’s how it was intended to be used. You should put it on top of your existing bike seat. It won’t work as a standalone seat. If you want, you can pair this with Bikeroo seat as well.

3. Giddy Up! Bike Seat

Let’s just say, the previous two options didn’t entice you and you want an all-in-one package. Well, what are you waiting for? Get in. Giddy Up! Universal bike seat is a complete package. It includes bike seat (duh), a seat cover, an allen wrench, a tail light, and a reflective band.

If you were to buy all of the those separately, it would set you back for quite a lot of money.

Enough about the package value. How about the seat itself? Is it comfortable for hemorrhoid patients? Let’s answer one by one.

It is an excellent bike seat. It’s a universal bike seat with universal mount. You can mount this on your indoor bike or outdoor bikes you want to. The choice is yours. Depending on what kind of bike you have, installing this can be a bit troublesome. But on most indoor bikes, it is quite easy to install.

It is very comfortable for hemorrhoid patients. As you can see from the pictures and description, it is indeed made out of memory foam. Memory foam is some of the most comfortable material ever. In terms of comfort alone, this thing is amazing.

Why exactly is this bike seat good for hemorrhoid? Well, it has two rubber balls placed beneath the bicycle seat. What does those balls do? They ensure you are getting a soft seating experience even if you are doing off-road biking. Now, tell me. Doesn’t that sound comfortable enough for hemorrhoid patients? I bet it does!

Is this cycle seat good enough for women?

Of course, it is. It’s a universal seat. It’s not labeled for men only. It is suitable for people at any age. Even elderly people will find comfort in this seat.

Is the tail light visible in the dark?

It’s pretty noticeable in pitch-black dark. We know cycling during the night can be dangerous if you are not careful. This taillight will signal other cars behind you that there is a bike in front of them. Pretty handy addition when you think about it.

4. Bluewind Bike Seat

Bluewind bike seat is another memory foam seat on our collection. This seat does not look any different than regular seats you see on cycles on the road. But it does feature a lot of different qualities that regular bicycle seat lacks.

First of all, it’s made out of memory foam. Memory foam is an extremely comfortable material to take rest on. When it’s inside your seat, you are basically seating on cloud 9. Solid Triangle frame design makes this seat a lot stable.

Back of the cushion of Bluewind bike seat features dual shock absorbing balls. Ergonomic design with grippy texture will make sure you are not falling off the seat anytime. Shock absorbers does a very good job as well. You can off-road while seating on this seat.

Now the main question, is it comfortable for hemorrhoid patients? The answer will be, yes. It is very comfortable for hemorrhoid patients. You can use this seat on your exercise bike and use that while you are under treatment. I know cyclin can increase your swelling/pain, but this seat will make sure none of those happen to you.

Can this be mounted on an off-road bike?

Yes, you can. Bluewind bike seat comes with a universal mounting system. Using that, you can mount this on almost any types of cycle you could think off. Even the cycle that doesn’t work anymore and sitting on your storeroom.

Is this bicycle seat comfortable for children?

Bluewind bike seat is quite wide. Wider than regular bike seats. It covers most of your butt while you seat on it. For children, this can be a bit bigger. They wouldn’t be able to mount it the way it was supposed to. While it will still be a comfortable seat for them, but won’t be the best sizewise.

Does this bike seat get soggy?

It has breathable cover on top of the memory foam. Memory foam is quite breathable in the first place. That’s why sweat won’t stick on top of the seat for long. It’s very ideal and convenient for marathon or similar sort of activities. For indoor bikes, it’s perfect as well.

Is it available in different colors?

While it’s not available in different solid colors, it does come with accent stripes. If you want to match the accent with your bike overall, you can choose color stripes while purchasing the seat. You could always try to put a different colored Bikeroo jell padded seat cover on top of it. Just an idle thought.

5. DAWAY C99 Saddle with Taillight

DAWAY C99 will show you the right way of biking with hemorrhoids. Pardon me, but that was served on a platter, I couldn’t resist. Anyway, back to the topic on hand. DAWAYA C99 is a bike seat suitable for both men and women.

It features the most comfortable wide spread out seat design. Once you take a trial of wide seats, there is no going back from that. It features a universal mount on the center of the seat. Besides them, there are two shock absorbing balls connected to the mainframe of the seat.

It’s very comfortable for cruising around your city. You can even take a bit of detour and head towards the wild if you are fancying that.

C99 is compatible for urban, city, MTB, touring/trekking, cruiser, e-bike, exercise bike, etc. It’s called universal for a reason. Changing the seat is quite easy as well.

Padded extra thick foam provides better comfort and protects your buttocks. C99 features waterproof PVC outdoor leather surface. Making it sweatproof as well. To help your buttock feel ventilated, there is a ventilation gap on the middle of the seat as well.

Now the concern is, is this the best bike seat for hemorrhoids? That’s a bold claim. I am not saying it’s “the best”. But I am gonna say this is one of the best.
That’s for sure. The seat is extremely comfortable. I know I’m sounding like a broken record and this is sounding like a paid review. Neither are true.

My point is, take a look at the seat. It’s wide, it will cover your buttocks. It will cushion them well. Even if you have hemorrhoids, this seat won’t put pressure on your rectum to make it worse. In fact, it might even make you want to cycle even more. It’s that comfortable.

Does the taillight work?

I am glad you are asking that. The taillight here isn’t for just show. It’s totally visible during the dark. If someone flashes light at it, it will reflect a dark red glow. Alerting the car behind you there is a bike in front of it. Yes, the taillight works as it should.

Is it too hard to install?

It’s probably the easiest seat to install. Like, it’s so simple! You probably won’t even have to look at the guide. Things are very self-explanatory. On top of that, DAWAY will provide you a toolkit withy our c99 for easy replacement or installation.

How to choose the best bike seat for hemorrhoids

These seats are all great and all, you should still keep some things in mind if you are planning to purchase a different seat or perhaps you might in future.


If you are a victim of piles, then you should always go for wider seats. Wider seat will support your both hips on both side and help you mount the seat in a relaxed position. A large heart shaped seat is also good for people with tailbone pain.

Foam Quality

Earlier I have mentioned several times that memory foam will be always better than regular foam. Memory foam and jell pads are usually softer and less harsh on feedback. That’s why bike seats tends to go for memory foam or jell pads. I suggest you to do so as well.

Surface cover

Most bike seats will use PU leather as their cover to protect the foam inside. For a person with hemorrhoids, a seat with waterproofing leather or grippy textured cover will be the best. Like the one you saw in Jell padded Bikeroo seat cushion.

Shock Absorption

Bike seats will always have two balls underneath the seat to absorb shocks from the road. If the seat can’t take shocks well and hits directly on your buttocks, it might be painful for hemorrhoid patience. Choose a seat that has good shock absorption quality.


Center cutout design is mainly used for air circulation. It reduces the heat generated from pressure and friction. It will also prevent the seat from grabbing on to excessive sweat. While it’s not absolutely mandatory, but a center hollow cutout can help a hemorrhoid patient.


Heavy bike seats tend to be made out of harsh materials. Go for a seat weighing between 1 to 3 pounds. That’s the ideal sweet spot for a seat in my opinion.


Well, that took longer than I anticipated. What can I do? It’s a very sensitive topic. But it’s not a taboo. I’m glad we talked it through and I was able to provide you a solution. At least, I hope I did. Personally, it’s not possible for me to give up on cycling even if I have hemorrhoids.

While I can’t begin to comprehend how painful that can be. But I can comprehend how comfortable a bike seat can be. Hopefully, my humble effort was worth it. I hope you took something from this guide. Maybe a bike seat? Or few answers to your questions. Both works. Ha-ha!

That’s all for now, we shall see each other soon enough. Take care and keep paddling.

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