Gravity Fsx 2.0 Review (2020)

Mountain bikes are one of the popular types of bicycles among the adventure riders. These types of bikes are built specifically to sprint those mountain treks effortlessly. Hence, particular components such as excellent frame, brake system, suspension etc. are must to make the bike sturdy built and good enough to hike those rugged trails.

Similar to the other types, mountain bikes can also be found in large numbers in the market places and with the ever-evolving technologies incorporated in the designs of the bikes are making it difficult for us to choose one specific bike. Once again, you cannot just settle for a mediocre bike. The budget also comes into the picture.

Considering all these scenarios, we have decided to pick a mountain bike that marks quality as well as within an affordable budget. Therefore, we look forward performing a Gravity Fsx 2.0 Review. Going through the article, you may get all the necessary information. So, if it ticks all your requirements, you may decide on whether you want the bike or not!

Overview of Gravity Fsx 2.0

Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 dual full suspension mountain bike could be one of the best choices for the beginners as well as for the experienced riders. This budget-friendly mountain bike is introduced in the market by the Gravity cycles.The bike features a frame built with advanced aluminum technology. This factor makes the bike durable yet lightweight. 

Gives a strong structure



Easy to work with

Hydro formed Aluminum


Again, the dual suspension fork incorporated in its design allows a smooth and hassle-free ride over different types of terrains. A rider could also occasionally use it on their usual commute on pavements and streets. Hence, the bike claimed to be a versatile bicycle by its company.


Adjustable Preload
1. Helps customize the fork according to body weight and riding style

2. With gradual compression, the fork will feel stiffer

3. Negative preload should be used for lighter riders

Just like other high-end mountain bikes, this bike also comes with excellent suspension components. So, you do not need to worry about hitting and sprinting on those rugged trails. In this next part of Gravity Fsx 2.0 review, we would go through all the crucial components that make this bike a worthy buy.

Technical Features At A Glance:

Number of speed: 24

Frame: Hydroformed aluminum which is an advanced technology

Fork: Suntour long travel along with preload that is adjustable

Shifters: Shimano EF51 with 24 speed

Front/ Rare derailleur: Shimano

Wheel: 26- inches with double-wall alloy

Tires: 26 X 2.1 ; black

Brakes: Tektro Novela disc brake system

Handlebar: Aluminum riser

Saddle: comfort (cushioned)

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Weight: 20lbs

Key Features of Gravity Fsx 2.0


Since the frame gives an overall look to the structure, it is undoubtedly one of the crucial parts of a bicycle. The frame of Gravity Fsx 2.0 made from hydro-formed aluminum, which is an advanced aluminum technology. The feature helps the bike to get a robust as well as a lightweight body.

With such aspects, the bike would run effortlessly on the rough treks of the mountain and others. This bike is capable of enduring all kinds of wears and tears.


It is important for a mountain bike to incorporate a tough brake in its construction. Luckily, Gravity FSX 2.0 includes Tektro novella disc brake system. The rider surely won’t face any problem to maintain smooth control and perform powerful stopping when it is necessary with this breaking system.

The brake is well built for rides on both uphill and downhill. Even a novice would find it comfortable to control the speed and brake swiftly in any terrain. With 160mm rotors, this mechanical brake system sure to perform a hefty stopping.


Suntour long-travel suspension is introduced in the design of Gravity Fsx 2.0. With a proper suspension installed on the bike, the ride becomes more enjoyable, dodging the potential bumps on a rugged path.

This component also features an adjustable preload. Having an adjustable preload fork implies the fork could be customized according to the weight and style of riding. With gradual compress, the fork can be set stiffer. The system allows a rider to create more stress for efficient and comfortable paddling. The crankset and gears of Gravity FSX 2.0 are also fantastic parts of the bike that delivers a brilliant performance.


As for the shifter, Gravity FSX 2.0 features a Shimano EF51 24 speed, which allows a smooth change between gears. We should know that the Shimano Company offers some of the best bikes components in the market. The front and rare derailleur in Gravity FSX 2.0 mountain bike also helps with better performance.


The wheels of Gravity FSX 2.0 ar​​​​e 26- inches double-wall alloy. The addition of a 26-inches wheel makes it an incredible mountain bike. The wheel size is broad and helps the rider experience a stable and balanced ride on the rough trails. Besides, the wheels are well built to perform their best on both wet and dry weather conditions.


  • Great Features at very low price point
  • 24 speed is a clear winning bargain for a mountain bike at this price
  • Hydro-formed aluminum frame allows a sturdy and lightweight structure.
  • A good mountain bike for beginners to advanced riders
  • Rides smooth on different unpaved trails
  • Excellent performance for the value
  • Assembly of the bike is quite easy
  • With the mechanical disc brake system, the stopping is pretty strong
  • Both front and rare wheels can be quickly released


  • The rear shock is not up to mark.
  • The seat clamp can only be tightened to a certain point due to quick release lever.

Buying Advice: Things to Consider 

Components. Look carefully into each element. Fortunately, most of the parts of Gravity FSX 2.0 are decent in quality. You get a fantastic performance from the bike with such a low price point. However, make sure you are precise with the quick release of the front and rare wheels. The seat tends to clamp sometimes with the immediate release of the wheels. Otherwise, it is a beautiful bike suited for both beginners to intermediate level bikers.

Assembling. Most of the Gravity FSX 2.0 comes pre-assembled from the factory. The rest of the assembling requires little effort and time. Make sure to check and tune with an expert before taking the bike for a ride.

Final Verdict!

From the Gravity FSX 2.0 review, we could sum up that Gravity FSX 2.0 is a brilliant entry-level mountain bike for both the amateur and advanced riders. The bike comes at a budget-friendly price, yet do not compromise with the quality.

Gravity FSX 2.0 features few high-quality parts and few average quality parts, but that can be overlooked with the amazing performance it offers. The Shimano shifters, derailleur, and suspension are also a great touch to the bike.

The bike is also multipurpose. You may even take it on your usual trips on streets and pavements. So, if you are someone looking for a beginner-level mountain bike within a reasonable price range, you may go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Gravity Fsx 2.0

  • What is the weight of Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike?
    The weight of Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 dual full suspension mountain bike is 20lbs.
  • What kind of valve does Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 dual full suspension mountain bike features? 
    Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 dual full suspension mountain bike features Schrader valves
  • What is the material of the frame of Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 dual full suspension mountain bike? 
    The frame of Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 dual full suspension mountain bike is advanced aluminum.
  • What is the brake type of Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 dual full suspension mountain bike? 
    The brake system of Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 dual full suspension mountain bike is a mechanical disc brake.
  • What is the gap for the rear hub of Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 dual full suspension mountain bike? 
    The gap for the rear hub of Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 dual full suspension mountain bike is 135mm.
  • Can Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 dual full suspension mountain bike be used as a road bike? 
    Well, technically, it is a mountain bike. However, the company claims it to be a versatile bike that can be used on pavements too. Yet, tires can be upgraded or changed if anyone wants it to use it as a road bike solely.
  • How difficult is the assembly of Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 dual full suspension mountain bike? 
    Most of the bike is pre-assembled. The rest of the assembly is pretty straightforward and takes little time.  
  • What is the wheel size of Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 dual full suspension mountain bike?  
    The wheel size of Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 dual full suspension mountain bike is 26 inches.  
  • What is the material used to make the pedals? Plastic or metal? 
    The material used to make the pedals of Gravity 2020 FSX 2.0 dual full suspension mountain bike is metal.
  • Do the rear and front shocks have a lockout on the bike? 
    The rear shock does not have a lockout.