Diamondback Trace Review And Buying Guide | Buy It? Or Not

Since 1977, Diamondback has been manufacturing cycles, and they sell both high-end and mid-range cycles. And if you are looking for a cycle that will allow you to commute to and from work and also explore bumpy mountainous terrains or dirt trails, then Diamond Trace Dual Sport-bike is your best option.

If you are looking for a bike that will allow you to travel smoothly on the road and yet be sturdy enough to let you trek mountain trails, extremely functional and yet affordable, then look no further.

Just read this Diamondback Trace review as we will discuss what makes this hybrid bike stand out from the rest of the bikes in its category.


It comes in four sizes to accommodate riders of all shapes and sizes, and so you can choose from small, medium, large, and extra-large for your perfect bike. And to help you avoid confusion regarding which bike to choose, the size manual is available online.

Furthermore, you can conquer hilly areas because it has Shimano 3X7 speed drivetrain and Shimano Revo grip shifter, which consists of all gears you need to handle different surfaces. While you are traveling on a bumpy patch and you want to stop immediately, with alloy linear-pull brakes, you can do just that.

Diamondback Trace Review

This brake gives you more control over stopping powers, and it can also be adjusted because of adjustable-reach levers.

You never have to worry about slipping because this cycle comes with two 700c dual sports tires that provide more grip or traction on various terrains, from paved city streets to dirt roads or mountainous gravely roads.


Here we have the key features of the Diamondback Trace;


It has a durable and strong yet lightweight frame made out of aluminum alloy. A cycle that is going to be used over multiple terrains needs to be durable and strong. So, the bike’s frame has been made with an aluminum alloy, which ensures that this cycle can handle all that the city roads, mountain trails, or dirt roads can throw at it.


Most parts of this bike come already assembled, so you need to put in minimal effort in order to assemble this bike. Based on your expertise, it will take about 30-60 minutes to fully assemble the bike.

To make assembling even easier, it comes with an owner’s manual, as well as an instruction guide where the assembly process is shown step by step. You’ll also get a toolkit with tools necessary to complete assembly.

Dual Sport

Be it crowded and paved city streets or dirty mountain trails, with this bike you can go everywhere. This cycle has successfully combined the comfort of a mountain bike and efficiency found in a road bike to give you the best ride for your money.

Different Sizes

This Diamondback model comes in four different sizes so that people can choose the ones that fit them best based on their height. Starts with small/16”- for people who are between 5’4-5’7 inch tall. Next is medium/18” for anyone who is 5’7-5’10 inch, and then large 20” for people who are 5’10-6’1 inches tall.

Finally, extra-large/22” to accommodate people who are 6’1-6’4inch tall. So, this saves you the hassle of trying to calculate which cycle you should choose based on your height and inseam.

Linear Pull Brakes

While you are traversing through paved or unpaved roads, you should be in complete control of your brakes. Which is why this bike has alloy linear-pull brakes. It provides you with plenty of stopping power, and with its adjustable-reach feature, that can be easily adjusted.

Shimano Drivetrain

This cycle has Shimano 3x7 drivetrain with three chain rings at the front of the cycle and seven-speed on the back with which you can traverse hilly areas smoothly.

Free Pedals

You do not need to pay any extra money to get yourself pedals as it comes with the package. What’s more is that the pedals are made of alloy and forged by Wellgo, and they ensure that the pedals have enough grips, so you do not need special riding shoes.

21 Gears

This bike is equipped with Shimano Revo grip shifter, which lets you switch gears simply by twisting the gear barrel up or down using only your index finger and thumb. So you can confidently travel through steep or flat streets as you have 21 gears at your fingertips to choose from.

Adjustable Seat

Scared to go for a long ride? You no longer need to worry about having a sore bottom because this bike comes with a DB saddle and a 27 mm seat post that can be adjusted. Do not worry about the vibrations as the seat is sturdy enough to absorb vibrations, all the while providing you with a stable place to perch your bottom.

Steel Fork

A high tensile steel fork is there to absorb shocks, and so you can confidently steer and glide over bumpy patches without any worries.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • A good hybrid of on and off-road cycles
  • It can be used on all terrains
  • The aluminum alloy frame makes it lightweight and durable
  • This cycle comes in four different sizes
  • It has dual-sport 700x45c tires for better grip on dirt tracks
  • It has Tektro disc brakes which give greater stopping power in any condition
  • It has a Shimano 3x7 speed drivetrain
  • Shimano Revo grip shift, which brings easily maneuverable 21 gears to your fingertips
  • High tensile fork absorbs shock and ensures smooth rides
  • Free pedals


  • The front suspension does not have a lockout, and it cannot be adjusted
  • This cycle does not have a kickstand
  • It is too heavy for mountain trails
Diamondback Trace Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Diamondback Trace:

  • This bike is available in how many sizes?

This bike is available in 4 sizes, small 16” which is for 5”4-5”7. Then there is medium 18” for 5”7-5”10. Next is a large 20” which is for 5”10-6”1 and finally, there is XL 22”, which is for 6”1-6”4. So you can perfectly choose the bike that best fits you.

  • After assembling the bike, what will it be its actual weight?

Well, it will be around 40lbs after you have assembled all the parts together. But do keep in mind that the weight will increase if you get bikes of larger sizes.

  • How many inches is a 700c wheel in diameter?

It is about 29 inches in diameter.

  • How much time does it take to assemble the bike?

Not much as it arrives mostly assembled, around 30-60 minutes based on your mechanical skills.

  • What kind of air valve is on this bike?

The air valve is called a Presta valve.

  • Does it come with free pedals?

Yes, it does. So you do not need to worry about paying extra money for pedals. Furthermore, the pedals are made of alloy, and they give sufficient grip so you will not need any special riding shoes.

  • Can I stop the bike anytime and anywhere? Are the brakes adjustable?

With the alloy linear-pull brake, you can stop whenever you want regardless of the type of surface you are riding on. The brakes have adjustable-reach levers so you can adjust them.

  • Can I use it in dirt trails or on mountain hills?

Yes, as it is a hybrid bike, you can actually use it both on paved roads and dirt trails or mountain hills.

  • Can I adjust the suspension at the front of this cycle to be adjusted in order to ensure that the shock is tight?

No, it cannot be adjusted. 

Final Words

In this Diamondback Trace review, you have read about all the much-coveted features of Diamondback Trace dual sportbike.

At such an affordable price, this bike is packed to the brim with amazing features that give you reliable transport for commuting back and forth from work or having fun by riding this on hills or dirt trails.

It combines affordable prices with efficiency and functionality. This bike is a winning combination of sturdy frame, stylish design, gears, and frame materials to give you an excellent cycling experience. If you are trying to experience riding over different trails, this bike is perfect because it can be used in all terrains.

 In addition, it comes with disc brakes that give you more control and allow you dependable stopping power in any condition.

This one’s three-inch suspension fork allows you to ride confidently over a smooth road, rough, mountain hills, or bumpy stretches. And its drivetrain has every gear you will need to tackle each of these terrains.

You also get 700x45c tires, which will give you enough traction or grip to go through dirt trails. This is the best hybrid bike if you want to enjoy biking both on and off the road but do not want to spend extravagantly.