Diamondback Release 1 Review | Latest Update In 2020

Diamondback bicycles are owned by a company called Regent, L.P., and it has a long history of producing decent low to mid-range bicycles. Their popularity has been spread to several countries around the globe due to their great overall performance.

Overview Of Diamondback Release 1

The Diamondback Release 1 is very affordable yet provides Diamondback's signature satisfactory performance. Straight off the bat, you will notice their efficiency as the unit is very easy to assemble even for those with little experience with tools.

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The material of the bike is aluminum, so it is quite a light product and is very easy to maneuver. As it is integrated with a great design, this bike is both very modern looking and does not cause any issue of bobbing when the pedals are stomped on.

Even though this product is called an entry-level bike, it has certainly got some great features! Provided with Shimano BR-M395 hydraulic disc brakes, stopping is not an issue you need to worry about.

As for the brake levers, they are also from Shimano, particularly the M-425 ones. Additionally, the wheels, which are Blanchard ones, are tubeless tires. This enables more traction and hence more control while riding. Comfort is not an issue while sitting as the seat is very even.

This bike does not contain a dropper seatpost, however. As for the pedals, they are provided with the purchase and contain Diamondback 4L alloy platforms with replaceable pins. If the size is a concern for you, then have no fear! This bike comes in four sizes- small, medium, large, and XL.

Trail-ripping, bike park outings, and overall adventures are greatly enjoyable in this product. As it is also unisex, it is quite a rounder.

Key Features

Now that we have had a general overview of the Diamondback Release 1, let us take a look at some of the features which make it special in more detail.

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The aluminum frame of the bike is a great advantage. Not only is it light, but it also feels very compact and stable. You certainly would not want to feel like you are about to fly off the road! So this feature makes for a solid experience.

Aluminum is also quite a durable material and looks great on top of that. Something to note would be that the frame does not come with a bottle mount in this unit.

Suspension System

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The Level Link suspension system is one of the most attractive features of this product. This system is so useful because it isolates chain forces from trail inputs. As a result, the bike can run very smoothly over small stones and plant roots, while also preventing bobbing when the pedals are pressed.

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This product comes with ten different speeds. Speed is one of the most important factors to consider if you want to perform different activities with your bike, so this feature is a big win. 

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A bicycle fork is a part that holds the front wheel. Integrated with SR Sun tour anion fork, the Release 1 has front travel of 150mm. This sturdy fork can take any challenges you'll throw at it. The suspension system integrated with this fork is also top notch. So, automatically it is one of the bright side of this bike's features.


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Shifting gears is an important aspect of cycling, which enables the transition of pedaling from one type to another for more ease and quickness. This particular product has been provided with Shimano Deere drivetrain components for smooth shifting.


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Shimano BR-M395 hydraulic discs provide the stopping power in this unit. These are great for stopping the bike at any speed quite efficiently.


If you are searching for a modern look on your bike, then look no further! The Diamondback Release 1 has a sleek and compact design that gives off a very modern yet efficient aura.


Diamondback provides lifetime warranty on the rigid frame. Full suspension bicycle frames are protected by five years and Forks, Finish and decals, Suspension parts are covered with one year warranty. If you're not confident in assembling the bike, then we recommend taking help of a professional because any kind of warranty will be considered void if any damages occur due to Improper assembly.


  • Very affordable price
  • Smooth riding over stones and roots
  • No bobbing during pressing pedals
  • Comes with ten speeds
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Modern look
  • Efficient shifting
  • Powerful brakes
  • Comes in four sizes to accommodate all
  • Unisex, so more convenient to purchase
  • Easy to assemble


  • No bottle mount in the frame
  • Dropper seatpost not present

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the bicycle;

  • Does this bike need to be assembled from scratch?

No, it comes at about 85% assembled.

  • Where can I find instructions on how to assemble the product?

Instructions for assembly are provided in the user manual. Additionally, there are some great videos available online for assembly.

  • Is this bike one-size-fits-all?

No, it comes in four different sizes.

  • I have never used a mountain bike before. Is the Release 1 going to be suitable as a beginner level bike?

Yes. The Release 1 is categorized as an entry-level bike, so it will be suitable.

  • Does it come with a wheelset?

Yes, it comes with a tubeless compatible wheelset

  • Are pedals included with the product?

Yes, they are included.

  • Can tubeless tires be installed separately in this unit?

Yes. The wheels are tubeless compatible, so tubeless tires can be installed for more traction and control.

  • How durable is this product?

Made of an aluminum frame and great components overall, this product is very durable. It should last many years with proper care.

  • How can I find out what size bike I need?

There is a sizing guide provided on Diamondback's website, which will provide that information.

  • Is this product child-friendly?

Yes, it can be used by children as long as the sizing is correct.

Final Words

If you have made it through the whole article, then you already know that the Diamondback Release 1 is a great product. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, this is not a bike that will disappoint!

Add to that the great price and durability of the unit, and you have a true winner. It can be quite overwhelming to pick the right product, especially when so many different ones are available out there.

But this particular one should definitely be kept in mind while deciding which mountain bike to get! So, we hope our Diamondback Release 1 review has helped to enlighten you a bit on making your choice.