How to remove valve core

The quality of a bike’s tires and the air pressure inside them are always crucial for a smooth ride. It gets really difficult and not even safe to ride with a flat tire unless you have a tubeless tire. That’s why we need to check and repair the bike’s tire and its parts regularly. The … Read more

Can you use car grease for bikes?

You may have bought a bike from a renowned bike brand that has the most high-end components with a long-lasting warranty. Can you use car grease for bikes? But you’ve to remember that nothing lasts really long if you don’t take proper care. Also, regular maintenance is required to keep up the excellent performance. Bikes … Read more

Can you clear coat a bike frame

Who doesn’t want to keep their bike neat and clean and also as new as it was for the first time. But frequent use, rolling over different surfaces during different weather fades away the glow of the bike. It also damages the color or paint of the bike. Color or paint makes the first impression … Read more