Best Bike Handlebar Grips for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel has a long history with biking and cycling. Gripping anything with a carpal tunnel is very painful. You can guess why they are related.

It’s very hard to make a fist and hold onto the handlebar. You can minimize that issue with a good pair of handlebar grips. They tend to be comfortable, easier to grip, ergonomic, and most importantly good for carpal tunnel sufferers.

In this article, I will try my best to help you find the best bike handlebar grips for carpal tunnel syndrome. Before we dive deep into the grips, let’s take a look at why carpal tunnel is a big issue to cyclists.

Biking & Carpal Tunnel

Bikes have a handle that works as the steering and we need to hold on to them for as long as we are riding. You can see why wrist pain can cause issues while cycling in a marathon or taking a long cruise in your bike.

Does that mean you should stop biking because you have carpal tunnel? Of course not. Why would you, where there are easy solutions to this problem?

Can You Ride a Cycle with a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Yes, you can. If you are suffering from carpal tunnel, getting a good pair of bike handlebar grips for carpal tunnel will definitely help.

Best Bike Grips For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Reviews

Now that we know a little bit about carpal tunnel and how they are related to cycling, let’s talk about what we are really here for. Finding the best handlebar grips for carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s not as easy as you think. We need to consider a lot of factors before deciding to settle in with one. How about we talk about those factors a bit later and find out the handlebars already?

1. SAPLIZE Bike Handlebar Grips

Ever seen those fancy bike grips on your friend’s cycle and wondered if I gotta get me some of those? Well, you are in luck today. SAPLIZE bike handlebar grips do more than looking cool.

Speaking of looks, it does look awesome. The horn at the end of the bar gives a different vibe to the handlebar and your bike all together. It makes it look much cooler.

Besides looking cool, do they offer any benefit to victims of carpal tunnel? Well, yes. Otherwise I wouldn’t be mentioning this to you guys.

The thickness of this handlebar grip is perfect for you to grab with your palm entirely. You can either grab them towards the end or towards the front. Both sides work and both sides are very comfortable to grip. A great part of these handlebar grips is, it’s made out of a composite of silicone and rubber that gives the illusion of foam.

It’s very grippy and quite comfortable to grab on. Whether you are wearing gloves in the winter, or you are just using your hands on a hot summer. You won’t feel bad holding on to these grips.

Let’s just say you don’t like the horn shape, want something tamer. You can do that too. SAPLIZE bike handlebar is available in plenty of different colors and shapes. If you fancy the other options, by all means, go for it. They are all equally good.

Does it come in different sizes?

Well, no. They are in a universal size suitable for adult male or females. There is no specific label applicable for these grips. But, it’s not suitable for baby hands. Teenagers shouldn’t face any issue holding on to the grips either. But it’s not recommended for baby bicycles.

Is this bike handlebar grip easy to install?

It’s quite easy and self-explanatory. You can just take a glance on the manual and throw it away. Not that you should, but you could. SAPLIZE also includes the necessary Allen-wrench to install the handle and rings.

Is it compatible with any bike handles?

SAPLIZE does claim it’s universal for most bike handlebars. The bike handlebars have an outer diameter of 0.82-0.87inch. Most cruisers or MTB do follow this standard diameter in their handles. That would make SAPLIZE a universal compatible handlebar grips.

2. TOPCABIN Bike Handlebar Grips

TOPCABIN Bike Grips are an easy recommendation to anyone who likes simple aesthetics and wants a comfortable pair of grips.

These are excellent handlebar grips for carpal tunnel. The width and thickness of the rubber grip is just perfect. It feels good to hold on to for a long-time. Something carpal tunnel patients can’t usually do. That’s why these are very good bike handlebar grips for carpal tunnel syndrome.

You want comfort, you want easy to grip, you want longevity. Right? Of course, you want that. I do as well. The question is, does this grip provide all of those? The answer is yes!

It’s a very comfortable grip and suitable for carpal tunnel sufferers. The thickness of the grip feels just right. You can grip it at any angle or any position you wish to.

TOPCABIN bike grips are suitable for any bike with 20-23mm length. Overall length of the grip is 130mm. That’s big enough to cover the entire end of the bar and gives you freedom to grab it at whatever point you want.

Speaking of grabbing it, the grip has a very comfortable wide surface. Wide surface with good cushioning is preferred for carpal tunnel. The material used here is high-quality rubber. Comfort and price-wise, this is definitely one of the best grips for carpal tunnel sufferers. The value TOPCABIN is providing here is insane!

Is this suitable for ladies’ bicycles?

It’s a universal pair of grips. It’s suitable for any cycle handlebar that has an outer diameter within 20-23mm. If your cycle has that type of handlebar, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a men’s bike, ladies’ bike, or even children’s bike. Universal for a reason.

Is the shape ergonomic?

It is. It will make sure you are gripping the handle on a point where you find comfort. If you enjoy using the handle on the frontside of the bar, be my guest. TOPCABIN will provide the same girthy feeling throughout the handlebar.

3. Weanas New Generation Bike Handlebar Grips

Weanas bike handlebar grip is a simple yet great solution to improve the grip of your bike handle. They aren’t any different than tons of other cheap grips you will find in your local store. But they are better than what you will find in your local stores.

Bubbly texture on the rubber grip is excellent to use with or without gloves. It also acts as a mark that you are gripping where you are supposed to. This is extremely useful for carpal tunnel sufferers like us.

The girthy texture and sturdy build-quality is excellent! Simply excellent. For what you are paying, it might be a bit too hard to believe. I totally get you, no one is supposed to offer such quality at such price. But hey! It’s a win for us, we take those.

There are two variants of this grip available. One with the horn at the bar end. The other one without a horn. If you are someone like me who loves those horns in their MTB, 2$ extra is worth it.

This grip features two side locking. There are two screws on both sides of the handlebar. It’s a better design and very stable. To make sure you are installing them easily, Weanas also provides two Allen keys in the package.

I know it’s a bit hard to believe on someone’s word who you ‘ve never met in your life. But hey, it’s just not my words alone. You can check countless other reviews and users’ feedback before you commit to this handlebar grip.

Does this grip support MTB?

Yes, it does. Most MTB’s do come with standard handle diameters. The grips’ internal diameter is 22.2mm. That falls in the standard size chart. If your MTB handle falls in the standard chart, then you can install this on your bike without any issues whatsoever.

Is this handlebar grip sweatproof?

It is. It uses multi-layer technology. There is a diamond surface with non-slip texture. It enhances the cyclists’ grip when riding off road. Inside that, there is a gen insert layer. It optimizes grip hold and increases your riding comfort. There is also triple density D3 and an oversized grip shifter. Combine them together, and you got one heck of a grip.

Is this comfortable with a carpal tunnel?

In short, yes. The long answer depends on the intensity of your carpal tunnel. If you are having a hard time grabbing your smartphone, chances are no grip will help you. But if you have mild carpal tunnel syndrome and want a bike handlebar grip that will help keep that problem to a minimum, this will do that job tremendously well.

4. Vinqliq Ergonomic Bike Handlebar Grips

Just by looking, I know what you are thinking. How is this any different than the ones I have mentioned already? Well, it isn’t. At least from the looks of it, it isn’t any different. But inside? It got some good stuff going on.

Why do most cycle handlebar grips look similar? There has to be some reason, right? The main reason is, it sells. Everyone is doing it, why shouldn’t I do it too?
That’s the gist of it. But if you bother to take a deep dive in, search in some forum, take users’ feedback, that sort of stuff. You will find out it is one of the most comfortable styles a grip can provide. It fills in your palm, gives you a better feel of what you are gripping into.

It’s soft. Rubber texture isn’t overdone. It’s there and you feel it. Non-slip textured dots are a good feeling to grab on to as well. Even if you sweat a lot and ride in the sunny days, you still can grab on to this grip comfortably. They are that good.

CNC G2 lock system is patented by Vinqliq. It’s a lot similar to the dual lock system that other grips use. It provides a more secure and reliable operation. Just a free note, don’t over tighten the screw. Or else you can break the expansion.

Is this handlebar grip comfortable for carpal tunnel syndrome?

It is very comfortable for folks with a carpal tunnel. Personally, I suffer from this pain as well. In my left wrist. I know what you are going through. So, someone who has already faced this issue and still not willing to give up on cycling, you know their words mean something. At least I hope it does. Anyway, let’s not drift off-topic. Yes, this grip is very comfortable for carpal tunnel patients.

Can you use this on a cruising bike?

If your cruiser’s handle outer diameter is standard size, then you can use these grips on your cruiser as well. Most modern MTB bikes fall in the standard size chart. Based on that, companies make a grip. This one is based on that standard chart as well. Thus, a universal product.

Can you attach a mirror at the end of the grip?

There is a bolt present there where you can replace it for a mirror. But that bolt serves a purpose. It tightens the grip to the handle. If you remove that for the mirror, both your mirror and the grip might fail to perform accordingly. That’s why I would avoid doing such things.

5. FINGER TEN Bicycle Handlebar Grips

The final grip that we recommend is from Finger Ten. Clever naming if you ask me. It comes in a pair. You can choose to have this with or without horns. Personal preference.

The bicycle grips are made of durable TPR rubber and aluminum alloy clamping rings. If you have searched for some comfortable bike handlebar grips before, you know a lot of high-end grips also use TPR rubber as their top layer. It’s a comfortable material that doesn’t weigh too much and provides comfort.

That’s what we look for in a grip as a carpal tunnel victim. The clamping force of this handle is quite good as well. It has anti-skid performance as well. Giving you the freedom of using this in the rain. Obviously, it’s sweatproof as well.

The ergonomic design of this grip helps you grab it better. If you are using the one with the horn, you can grab it towards the edge as well. Of course, that might disorient your balance while riding. But the point is, you can grab anywhere on the grip.

If you are grabbing around the middle, you will get an optimal grip and a very comfortable feeling. It’s recommended to grip it towards the textured area.

Can I use this on my MTB?

Of course. You can use this on your MTB or a regular cycle as well. It doesn’t really matter. The grip is comfortable for folks at all ages and sizes. Even bikes for kids will accept this handle with ease. Now, whether your child will be able to grip it fully or not, that’s a different argument.

What’s included with this kit?

You will get a pair of grips. Alongside that, you will also get 1 hexagon socket wrench and two end caps. Everything is packaged inside a nice environment-friendly cardboard box. You can recycle the cardboard or discard it accordingly.

Is this bike handlebar grip good for carpal tunnel sufferers?

It is very good for them. Ergonomic shape with horns allows you to grab them vertically even. That will give your wrists some well-earned rest. If you are someone who is suffering from carpal tunnel, I suggest you grab one with the horns and grab that towards the edge while riding as well. Just make sure to not tilt on the side too much.

Best Bike Handlebar Grips for Carpal Tunnel – Buying Guide

While searching for the perfect grip for your bike handle, you need to keep some things in mind. That way, you can maximize your comfort.


Standard sized grips are suitable for teenagers and adults. Most grips aren’t suitable for children’s bikes. But a standard size grip will support both men and women’s bikes.


While you won’t feel the weight on your hand, it’s good to have a balanced pair of grips. If one side weighs more than the other, it will create an imbalance on the grip. Making it awkward to ride the bike.


For people that are suffering from carpal tunnel, comfort is the first priority. If it’s not comfortable, I don’t want it. Simple as that.

Can cycling cause carpal tunnel?

Carpal tunnel is mostly associated with long-term computer users. Especially the typists that types uncontrollably all day long. Unfortunately, it’s a common issue among cyclists as well. Yes, that means cycling can cause carpal tunnel. But for that to happen, you need to cycle everyday non-stop for years to come.

Can you cure carpal tunnel?

Thankfully, it’s not a permanent issue. You can cure carpal tunnel with some home remedies and exercise. Unless your nerve is severely clogged to the point you need to have surgery, minimal wrist pain can be solved at home. Cycling with the right grip will reduce your inflammation and pain by a lot.


Carpal tunnel can be painful. But it shouldn’t put a stop to your cycling. Having a comfortable pair of bike handlebar grips can be a blessing. They are like godsent. You don’t feel the need for them till you use them.

Grab a comfortable pair of grips for your bike handlebar and ride for years to come. Trust me, they will change your point of view for good.

If you are suffering from carpal tunnel extensively, I suggest you visit a doctor asap. It can be a real pain if you don’t take steps to cure it fast. Take care and keep riding.

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