Best Bike Tire Levers – Reviews w/Buying Guides

Whether you use bicycles or motorbikes, you will inevitably run into a flat tire at some point. So having the best tire irons around can help you fix your tire in no time. However, there are several options on the market and it might get difficult to pick one for yourself.

To help you find the best option from the bunch, we have analyzed the best metal tire spoons in the market and recommended them based on their merits. Some of these include how sturdy the material is, whether or not the handle has an ergonomic design and the number of spoons provided in each set. Read on to know our thoughts and observations!

Tire Irons Set

Sumnacon Large Tire Levers Set

The Sumnacon Large Tire Levers are unmatched in quality, functionality, and comfort when it comes to tire levers for motorbikes. They are great for bikers and professional repairmen alike.

These tire levers are higher in price than the small Sumnacon tire levers and the Neiko 20600A tire spoons. However, their excellent quality and ease of use more than compensate for the price difference. In our opinion, this model is far superior to its cheaper competitors.

The hardened steel build of this product makes it more durable. Motorbike tires require heavy-duty levers. And this model is fit for heavy duty work because of its large size.

Additionally, the grip provides comfort and reduces the chance of wrist fatigue. Since changing motorbike tires requires physical effort, the last thing you want is to suffer from wrist or arm pain halfway through the task. This model prevents stress on the hands and provides a smooth, comfortable


  • Perfect for heavy-duty tasks
  • Best levers for motorbikes
  • Durable thanks to hardened steel body
  • Rubberized grip provides comfort


  • More expensive than other models

Zelerdo 8 Pack Bike Tire Lever

Out of all the lever sets for bicycles on our list, this set is the most affordable. Despite the low price, the spoons in the set deliver excellent quality and value.

The highlight of this set is that it comes with 8 tire spoons. At such a low price, this is a bargain. If you are constantly losing your tire spoons, getting this set can be helpful.

Plus, these steel levers are heavy-duty. Besides being the best bicycle tire levers in the market right now, this can remove tires from 10″ wheels of electric scooters. You could purchase this item if you want something compact but sturdy enough to change slightly bigger tires. However, we don’t recommend them for motorbikes.

The size is similar to the models from ZSFLZS, Cisture, and Gimiton. The Zelerdo 8-Pack levers are 4.72″ long, and could be taken from one spot to another with ease, even though there are 8 spoons in this set.


  • Multiple spoons included
  • Most affordable option
  • Good for electric scooters


  • Slightly longer than most compact options

Neiko 20600A Tire Spoon Levers

The Neiko 20600A spoons are very sturdy. They are made of hardened steel and stand the test of time. No breakage or snapping will occur during use! It is designed for motorcycle tires and a great model for heavy duty work.

The levers are 11.5″ long; they are slightly longer than the small Sumnacon ones. However, the Neiko tire spoon levers have good grips, which compensates for the extra size.

The set comes with 3 levers, all of which allow good grip and have an ergonomic design. Unlike small levers from Sumnacon, the Neiko ones have a sturdy, rubberized grip, which makes handling easy and comfortable. The grips also prevent slipping.

Additionally, the set comes with rim protectors. Unfortunately, they are made of plastic and are not very strong. 


  • No breakage during use
  • Good for large and heavy tires
  • Good grip


  • Cannot fit into small toolkits

Gimiton Bike Tire Repair Kit

The Gimiton tire levers are the only ones on our list made up of iron. This makes them extra sturdy and durable. Stainless steel and aluminum are good too, but iron gives the tools a longer service life.

The set comes with 6 spoons. While you only need 2 or 3 to complete the tire removal, having extras always helps. Other sets from Tragoods or ZSFLZS only come with 3 spoons. So, if you need several good quality spoons for the price of just one set, go for this kit.

The Gimicon spoons have the smallest size among all the others we have listed. Measuring just 4.7” x 0.2”, they are compact and portable, despite the iron build.


  • Iron body gives long service life
  • Comes with adequate number of spoons
  • Compact and portable


  • Slightly heavier because of its iron make

Cisture 6 Pack Tyre Spoon Iron Changing Tool

Although the Cisture tire levers look similar to other bicycle tire irons, they have a specialty that makes them stand out. The tip of the levers are super thin, so they can be used to pry open even the tightest tires quickly. No need to jab away at tight-fitted tire beads with a screwdriver; this can remove any stubborn tire with ease!

The tire spoons are durable and rust-proof, thanks to the stainless steel build. They are also compact, measuring just 4.7″ x 0.2″. Additionally, the set comes with 6 spoons, which is a decent deal for the price.

All these features at a low price make the set a great budget option. We still recommend the Zelerdo set as the best budget option, though. However, if the Zelerdo set is not for you, opt for this Cisture one instead!


  • Great for removing tight tires
  • Rust-proof due to stainless steel make
  • Small size makes them portable


  • Slightly more expensive than similar sets

ZSFLZS 2 Pack Bike Tube with 3 Tyre Spoon Iron Tire Levers

The ZSFLZS set consists of 2 bike tubes and 3 tire levers. None of the other sets on this list come with extra tire tubes, so this is a plus for this set. Best of all, you can choose the size of the bike tubes. Therefore you pick the size you need  for easy repairs or replacement of your old tires in the comforts of your home. Also, for a set that comes with tire tubes, it’s relatively cheap.

The spoons of this set are compact. They are only slightly wider than the smallest spoons we have listed. For comparison, the Cisture and Gimiton levers are 4.7” x 0.2” each. The ZSFLZS ones have a measurement of 4.7” x 0.28”.

Regardless of their size, these spoons are of excellent quality. If you buy the kit just for the spoons, it’s still relatively inexpensive and great value for money! The stainless steel levers are well-made and will last you a long time.


  • Comes with extra tire tubes
  • Great value for money
  • Good quality stainless steel construction


  • Slightly wider than similar ones

Dymoece Bicycle Tire Lever Iron Changing Tool

The Dymoece set comes with 4 tire repair tools. They look and work similarly to most of the other kits we have listed for bicycles. The steel spoons stay strong and don’t bend while changing tires.

These levers are good at removing tight bicycle tires. They are also the best road bike tire levers, as they are great for removing larger tires, such as those of 700cc mountain bikes. However, we do not recommend using this tool set for motorbikes.

While the set is comparable to the ones from Zelerdo and Cisture, it ranks lower because it comes with fewer spoons for the same or a higher price. Those sets offer 6 to 8 great quality spoons for a similar price. The levers need to be used cautiously as they tend to scratch the rims.


  • No bending during use
  • Can remove tight bicycle tires
  • Fit for use on mountain bike tires


  • Fewer spoons than comparable sets
  • May scratch the rims

Sumnacon Tire Levers Spoon Set

The Sumnacon Tire Levers are suitable for changing motorcycle tires despite their small size. The set consists of 3 steel tire spoons.

It still delivers good performance though this model is less expensive than the Sumnacon Large set and the Neiko 20600A. This one is made of regular steel while the other two models are made of hardened steel.

At 10″, these are the smallest motorbike tire levers on our list, so they are one of the top compact options. This is great if you want to carry your motorbike tire spoons with you in case of emergencies. However, the small size means that you will need more of them to change your tires. Consider purchasing two sets as the 3 provided in each will not be enough.

The grip on this model is not the best. But they come with hanging holes so you can hang them up on the wall.


  • Most compact and portable option for motorbike tires
  • Cheaper than other options for motorbikes
  • Can be hung up on hooks


  • Less sturdy than the other options
  • Grip is not that great

Tragoods Premium Bicycle Tire Lever Tyre Spoon

The Tragoods tire levers are made of stainless steel. This makes them durable and rust-resistant. They are also easy to slide under tire beads.

The set comes with 3 spoons. If you want a set with more spoons, try the ones from Cisture and Cimiton as they come with 6 spoons.

These Tragoods levers may scratch the rims. We suggest using them carefully to avoid scratches.

Measuring 4.9” x 0.4”, the spoons are on the larger side as far as bicycle tire spoons go. For comparison, the ZSFLZS ones are 4.7” x 0.28” in size, and the smallest ones from Gimiton and Cisture are 4.7″ x 0.2″. If you want tire spoons that you can carry with you easily, opt for those instead.


  • Rust-proof stainless steel build
  • Easy to slide under tires
  • Comes with just enough spoons


  • Large in size and not very portable
  • May scratch rims and tires

How to Choose the Best Bicycle Tire Irons?

If you want to buy the best bike tire levers, you have to keep some factors in mind. Follow our buying guide, and you can easily choose the best one packed with essential features.

What Material Was Used?

Metal tire levers are best. Plastic ones may be flimsy and might break during use. If you want the longest service life and dependability from your tool, choose metal.

Is this Tire Iron Portable?

You may get a flat tire any time while on the road or a trail. It is crucial to have tire levers in your car, so that you can perform a quick repair and be on your way again. Therefore, choose a compact kit you can easily carry with you anywhere.

Number of Levers in the Set

The more levers the set comes with, the better. It is easy to lose them as they are so small in size, so having backup always helps. If you’re going to use the two-lever method, your package must come with at least 2 levers for each repair.

Does it Have an Ergonomic Design and Grip?

Using a tire lever with a good grip and ergonomic design will reduce wrist strain. If you have issues operating tools due to mild wrist or arm injuries or pain, look for ones with such features. They will give you a comfortable experience.

A Super Simple Guide on How to Use Tire Levers

Use Tire Levers

Using a tire lever is extremely simple. We have provided steps for one-lever and two-lever methods. Follow our step-by-step guide to get your tire off in no time!

Step 1: Before removal, check if the tire is fully deflated. If not, find the valve on the wheel and unscrew the plunger. Then, push it in to let out all the air.

Step 2: Get the bead of the tire to the center of the rim. This gives you extra room to remove the tire.

Step 3: Peel the tire back a little, then push the scalped end of the lever under the tire bead jack. Hook the other end into a spoke.

Step 4:

For a loose-fitting tire: Move the lever along the bead to easily remove it.

For a tighter tire: Use a second lever. Insert the scalped end into the bead and repeatedly pry into the tire at different spots. Once you have a good portion of the tire out, slide the lever to lift off the tire.

Step 5: Flip the tire to the other side. Push the tire off the frame using your hands.

And there you have it. Your tire should be entirely removed from the frame, and you will now be able to install a new one!

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Fix a Flat Tire

Fix a Flat Tire

Tools Required:

  • Air Pump
  • Spare Tube
  • Tire Levers

Follow our guide on how to use tire levers to remove the tire from your wheel. Then, follow the next steps to install your new tube.

Step 1: Inspect the tire for any debris or spokes that may have caused the flat tire. If you find the sharp object that caused it, remove it from the tire.

Step 2: Use the air pump to insert some air into the new tube. This will give the tube shape and structure. Do not inflate it fully.

Step 3: Install the new tube onto the tire, matching the holes on both. Fit the new tube on properly, so it aligns with the holes.

Step 4: Insert the valve stem into the rim, keeping it perpendicular. Install the tire onto the wheel frame using your hands. It may take a few turns to get it on fully. Avoid using a lever as it may puncture your new tube.

Step 5: Roll the bead over the edge of the rim. Pump the air into the tube until it is firm. Check to see if the tube is aligned correctly with the wheel; there should be no bumps.

Install the wheel onto your bicycle, and you are ready to go! If you have followed our steps properly, you should have no further issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are tire spoons used for?

Tire spoons are used for removing the tire tube and tire from the wheel easily. This usually needs to be done in case of a flat tire or to install a new tire when the old one gets worn down. If you try to change bike tire without levers, you will face unnecessary hassle and may even damage your tire tube.

What are the types of tire spoons?

Tire spoons come in three types for three different purposes. The first is car/truck irons, which are 24″-40″ long, to suit large vehicles. Next comes motorcycle irons, typically 14″ in length and are used for motorbikes and lawnmowers. Lastly, bicycle irons are compact and are mainly used on the go.

Which are better – plastic levers or metal?

Plastic levers may break during use and aren’t very sturdy. For this reason, we recommend using metal levers and have only listed those in our reviews.

What are the benefits of tire spoons?

The main benefit of using a tire spoon is the easy removal of tire tubes without damaging the tube. This facilitates quick repairs while maintaining the integrity of the tire. It also saves time and money as you don’t need to go to a shop for repairs.

What is the best motorcycle tire changer?

If you are looking for the best motorcycle tire changing tools, we highly recommend the Sumnacon Large Tire Levers. They have a good grip, sturdy build, and fitting size to help you take off motorbike tires easily. As they are well-designed and are of great quality, we recommend them to professionals as well!

What are the best tire levers for super tight tires?

The Cisture Bike Tire Levers are the best option for super tight tires. Tight beads can be difficult to get under, but the ones from Cisture can do the job easily. The tips of the levers are thin and remove tightly fitted tires with ease.

So, What is the Best Tire Lever?

what is the Tire Lever

From our analysis, we have selected the following tire levers as the best in each category.

  • Best Budget Option: The Zelerdo set is best for those on a budget. It comes with 8 good-quality, compact steel spoons at a low price.
  • Best for Professionals: The Sumnacon Large tire levers are the best for professionals. Although they are on the expensive side, they are heavy-duty, have a good grip, and have strong, hardened steel bodies. These qualities make them perfect for rigorous use on several motorbikes.
  • Best for Beginners: The Cisture set is affordable but comes with 6 compact stainless steel spoons. These slide under the tire bead jack easily and help the user remove the tire effortlessly. Beginners will appreciate the ease of use and will be able to tinker around to learn as there are multiple spoons in the set.

While tire levers are simple tools, choosing the best one out of so many options can be a hassle. Hence, we prepared this guide for you. Hopefully, our reviews and analysis will help you pick a set that suits you perfectly!

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