Best Spray Paint for Bike in 2022 – (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Bike enthusiasts know about the importance of paint when it comes to maintaining their two-wheelers. With the help of spray paint, bikers can give their bikes a facelift and make them look new again.

Painting a bike is a way to personalize it and make it stand out. It is also a way to show your creativity, as spray paints come in a variety of colors and finishes which can be used to create a vibrant, subtle, or blended look on a bike frame. With the help of spray paint, you can easily give your bike a rust-free appearance while also protecting the exterior coating from dirt and mud.

But finding the best spray paint for your bike can be a tough task because regular paints from the hardware store will not work in this case. Today, I will mainly focus on choosing the right spray paint for your bikes and the different things that you should know about it.

How many Layers Should I Spray Paint on a Bike Frame?

Spray paints are made up of different components such as pigments, solvents, surfactants, and additives. A primer or base coat, main coat, and clear or top coat are the three different layers required for spray painting on a bike frame.

Main Coat

People refer to the main coat as ‘the paint’ as it’s the one that gives a bike new color. Main coats also come in different types. Enamel, direct-to-metal, Urethane, and high gloss. Oil-based spray paints are the only ones we considered to include in this list because of their features like excellent finish, rust resistance, durability, etc. After hours of research and testing, I’ve found that these are the only types of spray paints suitable for bike frames.

Primer or Base Coat

The primer or base coat is the first layer of paint that goes on the bike surface before the main coat. It provides a good substructure for other coats you plan to put on top. Priming prepares the surface for smoother application, dries faster, and seals the main coat firmly. It’s necessary to always start with a primer before you put on your main coat. A primer helps prolong the life and strength of the bike frame. What’s more interesting is that a primer also serves as an adhesive promoter for the main paint coat.

Clear or Top Coat

The clear coat is used to seal and protect your bike’s finish. It‘s transparent or translucent, which means it’s clear enough for the shade underneath to shine through. It’s made up of acrylic and urethane polymers and just like the main coat, it will end up protecting the base too in the long run.

It offers excellent protection against corrosion thanks to its ‘self-healing’ properties and reflective metallic particles. However, a clear coat is not always mandatory to use over the main coat and if you plan to change your bike paint frequently, it’s not worth the extra cost. Only use it if you want the paint to last for 5-10 years.

Top 5 Best Spray Paint for Bike – Reviews

Without any further ado let’s move on to the reviews and see which one suits your needs the most. I have chosen 5 different colors and finishes in different price ranges so that you don’t have to go back with anything no matter what your preference is!

1. Dupli-Color Anodized Color Spray Paint

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Dupli-Color Purple Metal Cast is a premium quality paint that produces a smooth, high gloss, durable finish that can withstand 500 degrees Fahrenheit and won’t fade. The paint is specially formulated to provide an enamel finish and it’s rust-resistant too. It comes in 5 different colors- red, purple, blue, orange, and smoke anodized.

Dupli-Color’s Metal Cast can be applied over several different base coats. It’s recommended for bare metal, carbon fiber, or Chrome surfaces. This product provides an anodized paint with an exceptional cast of color that leaves a brilliant shine on your bike.

The paint provides a long-lasting finish and it’s easy to apply. It is an aerosol-based paint formulated for both indoor and outdoor use and should be applied in multiple coats.

You need to have lots of patients because completing a full paint job with this product on a metal surface takes time. For just painting the bike frame, it took 8 coats in total since 2-3 coats wasn’t good enough to make the bike stand out. You also need to take a 20-minute break in between each coat. For accelerating the paint dry-out process, you can use a heat gun or a heated hair dryer.

Additionally, you’ll need some kind of a base coat or primer otherwise the paint won’t stick for long. You can use MC 100 Base Coat by Dupli-Color. Since I’ve used 8 light coats on the bike frame, I had to apply two full cans of this paint. After applying 4 or 5 coats, the color will start to show up. However, a clear or top-coat is not required.

Can this anodized paint be used on plastic bike frames?

It does work on plastic bike frames only if you use an adhesion promoter on the surface beforehand over the base coat. For plastic frames, 4-5 coats of this paint will be enough to cover the whole exterior.

Can I paint my carbon fiber bike frame with Dupli-Color EMC204007?

Yes, you can. However, special prep work is required prior to painting by using cleaning agents like wet sandpaper with 600 grit, wax, degreaser, rubbing alcohol, etc. for removing the oil and dirt from the frame. Don’t use the mentioned cleaning agents for a long time as it might expose the raw carbon from the frame. Finally, apply a single coat of carbon primer as it will protect the main coat for years to come.

Do I need to remove the old bike paints before applying it?

This paint won’t stick well if you don’t remove the old paint from the frame. First, use a paint stripper and cling film to remove the leftover old paint. Then use sandpaper, wax, and degreaser to make the frame smooth. At last, swab it with some rubbing alcohol to be sure there’s no dirt or oil left on the surface. Remember, painting is 80% prep. So don’t rush this part.

2. Rust-Oleum 254860 11-Ounce Specialty Spray Color Shift, Galaxy Blue

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Rust-Oleum Galaxy Blue spray paint is a color-shifting paint that creates a beautiful translucent finish when sprayed on a black surface. It is ideal for metallic surfaces like stainless steel, carbon fiber, and plastics. This is the only paint in this list that can be used on wooden bike frames.

This color shift paint is really amazing and it generates a rainbow-like effect. The blue color will shift to red, green, blue, or violet depending on the angle of the light. The paint is UV resistant and durable enough that it can even stand up to the extreme conditions of mountain bike riding.

It is manufactured to be used for both indoors and outdoors purposes. This satin finish paint can be used on both road and mountain bike frames. It is ideal for touch-ups or creating a custom finish.

Three or more light coats of this paint are ideal to use after primer. It can cover up to 12 sq ft. areas and dries in just 20 minutes.

For safety purposes, use protective gear such as safety goggles, masks, and gloves before using this paint. This is not a painting meant for a beginner! You will need to have prior experience in painting cars or bikes before this is something you can take on. It’s also important to prep your bike with the right kind of primer (a good matte black) before applying this.

Will it work on a carbon road bike frame?

Yes, it will. But, you need to apply 2 coats of black primer or base coat over it before using this paint.

How many cans are required to paint the whole bicycle frame?

Two cans are more than enough to paint bike frames with surfaces like metal, wood, carbon fiber, or plastic.

Is a top coat essential after using this paint?

Yes, it is. 2 layers of top coat are required after the painting is done no matter the frame surface you have. It is recommended to let the top coat dry for at least two weeks for getting a perfect finish.

3. Steel-It Polyurethane 14oz Spray Can

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Steel-IT Polyurethane is the perfect industrial-grade spray. This paint has an acrylic polyurethane coating that is partly made of steel. So, it can be applied directly on a steel surface without any special preparation. It’s easy to clean and has strong adhesion. It’s also waterproof, heat resistant up to 640 degrees, rust-resistant, and dries within 24 hours.

It’s easy to apply even on welded metals. This coating is designed for metal surfaces. But, if you are planning to use it on plastic or carbon fiber, then use a clear coat after painting otherwise it won’t stick for a long time. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and can withstand extreme weather and atmospheric conditions.

This is one of the best paint products available in the market and is the most expensive spray paint on this list. The reason behind this is it comes in a big can that contains 14 oz. of this paint which is enough to finish a full paint job for a metal bike frame. It’s also arguably much more durable than their competitors like Rust-Oleum or Krylon. So, it’s worth every penny.

Three coats are essential for painting a bike frame. The first coat should be heavy and the second and third one should be a little bit thinner. I have noticed that each coat requires about 3 hours to dry. So, total 9 hours in total. But since I wanted a good hard even finish, I waited for 3 days to let the paint dry. The result I got was amazing and the bike frame looked just the way I wanted.

Since it’s an industry-grade product, protective gear such as respiratory musk, goggles, and gloves are required prior to using this paint.

What other colors are available for this paint?

Black is the only other color available for this paint apart from steel-gray. However, the black color is more expensive than the gray one.

Does this paint come in clear coats?

No, it does not come in clear coats. Plus, a clear coat is not required for this paint. But, you can apply it only if you think you need an extra bit of durability and don’t change bike paint frequently.

Do I need a primer?

No, a primer or base coat is not required regardless of the surface you are about to paint with this product.

4. Dupli Color EMC202007 Yellow Metal Anodized

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The Metal Cast Yellow Anodized paint offers great coverage and a high gloss finish. The paint has a high heat resistance which makes it ideal for use on metal, chrome, and carbon fiber. This Anodized paint creates a tough and smooth surface that provides excellent resistance to corrosion, wear, and discoloration.

You can achieve a great-looking finish with minimal effort and time. This metallic yellow paint can be used as an alternative to anodized gold paint since it’s shiny and the colors are quite similar. It will look golden yellow during sunlight.

Three layers of a thin coat are ideal to use after primer for this paint. One and a half or two spray cans are required to finish the full paint job on a bike surface.

This paint will not work on wooden surfaces as it will soak the paint a lot. However, it will work on a plastic surface if you use a primer or base coat beforehand.
When using their products, they recommend you to use their MC 100 Base Coat. This paint goes on smoothly and is very easy to work with – especially when combined with their recommended primer.

This paint will last you a few years worth of severe weather conditions and outdoor exposure. Just pre-clean your surface carefully and swab it with some rubbing alcohol to be sure there’s no dirt or oil left on the surface before painting.

Will the paint come off after multiple washes, spray waxes, or detailers?

No, the paint won’t come off easily since it’s an anodized paint. To make the paint even more durable and long-lasting, you can use a clear or top coat over it.

Will this work for painting bike wheels?

Yes, it will. You need to use a silver base coat on the wheels before you start painting and let it dry for at least a day or two.

Is it possible to take off this paint from a bike frame?

Yes, it is. The easiest way to do so is to use a Lacquer thinner.

5. ColorRite Kawasaki 777 New Lime Green Spray

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ColorRite Kawasaki 777 is a spray paint for quick touch-up jobs. It is an OEM paint that matches the original color of your bike. It only requires 2 coats for an even finish. The paint dries fast and is durable. It’s also easy to use.

Overall, this is great paint. It generates excellent spray patterns and coverage. The nozzle is perfect in size for small jobs. It’s also recommended for quick touch-up jobs for motorcycles, cars, or any other vehicles that require this specific Lime Green Color. Plus, the color is very bright and glossy.

You might be a little bit hesitant to buy it after seeing the price. But after looking at the paint quality and color match, I can say that it’s probably one of the best I’ve used. It can be applied over bare metal or plastic surfaces.

It’s an aerosol-based paint and it comes in a volume of an 11-ounce spray can. It’s legal to use in all 50 states in the USA and also available in local hardware stores.

How many cans are required to paint the whole exterior bike frame?

Two cans of this paint will be enough to paint the whole frame. A little bit of paint might remain after you finish the full paint job. It only takes 24 hours to dry to create an even finish for both metal and plastic frames.

What to do if the spray doesn’t come out smoothly?

Soak the paint can for 10 minutes in hot water and then shake it for 5 minutes before spraying the paint evenly onto the bicycle.

Do I need to prime my bike surface before using this paint?

A primer or base coat is required before using this paint. However, a clear or top coat is not essential.

Best Spray Paints for Bike – Buying Guide

Just like any other purchase some basic checklists need to be attended first. You cannot just hop onto one spray paint and get the desired result. There are a few factors like frame material, color, finish, durability and so on to be considered before buying one.

Frame Surface

When it comes to spray paint, different surfaces require different levels of preparation. For example, plastic or carbon fiber frames should be sanded and treated with a primer and cleaning agent. If you’re painting something for outdoor use like steel or other metallic frames, you’ll want to make sure to use a special type of base coat that is resistant to the sun or other harsh weather conditions.

Painting a metal surface will likely cost you more than plastic or carbon fiber frames. It’s because you will need to apply lots of coats for covering the whole frame and it takes time to stick compared to other surfaces. Plus, you might accidentally spill paints too which is common among beginners so buying some additional cans won’t do you much harm.

The best spray paint on this list for carbon fiber and plastic surfaces is Rust-Oleum. However, for metallic surfaces, every paint on this list will work fine.

Choosing the Right Color

Choosing a color for your bike is a decision that is totally up to your personal taste. However, if you plan to participate in group-based cycling events like bike relay, Madison’s race, or want to ride in the Peloton at the Tour De France, then your bike color, clothing, and accessories should match with your teammates. In this case, color preference is not up to you or your team, rather it’s decided by the event organizers most of the time.

In most events, participants are told to use heat-sensitive colors (like black, dark blue, purple, etc.) that are reflective in their bike frames and clothing. Heat-sensitive or fluorescent colors are also safe to ride on roads as it causes fewer accidents and is visible from far away since they reflect light.


Are you looking for an expensive sprayer with great results, or are you searching for a paint with great reviews that would meet your wallet’s needs? A generic brand will cut corners in its ingredient sourcing, packaging, and transportation method which is common in $5-$6 spray paints. As a result, the final product is often less adhesive than quality paints manufactured in controlled facilities with better ingredients.

This might cause a negative effect such as corrosion which is something you surely don’t want on your bike! However, if your budget is actually low and you don’t need to use spray paint that often, then go for a popular option with fewer features because it will likely work better than its high-end, feature-rich counterparts.

Paint Quality/ Durability

Check the quality of paint you intend to buy if you want your bike to have a perfectly smooth finish. It should be resistant to weather and chemical corrosion, and durable enough to withstand if something gets spilled on or part of the surface is scratched.

Direct-to-metal is the most durable type of spray paint on the market. Oil-based and Urethane paints are slightly less durable than direct-to-metal ones because of differences like paint drying formula and viscosity. The least durable are enamel-based spray paints. However, the more durable a product is, the more expensive it can be.

Choosing the Right Finish

After deciding on what color you want, determine what type of finish would be the best. Is your project going to be high-gloss? Matte? Or flat? If painting up a bike with a nice shine is your goal, look for reflective or high-gloss paint. What about an old bike that just needs a flat refreshing look? Then choose a satin or enamel finish instead. But make sure to keep in mind that a high-gloss finish would cost you more than a matte or flat finish.


If you are looking to revamp your bicycle, then you have to make sure that you are going to use the right paint. The right paint can really make your bike look great, but that doesn’t mean you should go for the cheapest option. Instead, make sure to consider a few factors that can help you pick the perfect paint for your bike, no matter the budget you have. These factors include brand value, paint durability and resilience, choosing the right finish, etc.

With the information from this blog post, you’ll be able to pick the perfect paint for your bike so that it looks as good as new!

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