Best Women’s Road Bike for Beginners

There’s no need to think that women can’t do bike riding as men. Nowadays, we’re seeing so many women bikers on city roads and mountain roads. Also, just as there’re numerous options or men’s bikes, you’ll find the same for women’s bikes in the market. Actually, bike is a unisex vehicle, and there’s not much difference between gender-specific bikes. But to increase the comfortableness of the riders of different genders, manufacturers have built bike with slight differences that suit each gender’s preference the most.

Also if you’re an entry-level women biker or wants to learn bike from scratch, it’ll be easier to use a women’s bike. That’s why today we’ve brought some best women’s road bike for beginners for all the women rider out there. Some of them can also be used as an entry level mountain bike! We’ll try our best to provide you the best suggestion so that you can choose your perfect beginner’s road bike without any complications.

Women’s Bike VS Unisex Bike

Women’s bike or Unisex bike- it’s a common question that repeatedly arises among women’s especially beginners. Because both of these are usable by women, then why they’re different! Well, we won’t deny the similarities of women’s bike and unisex bike, but there’re some dissimilarities as well.

  • First of all, women’s bikes are suitable for those with short height. As unisex bikes are usable by both males and females, the size of these bikes is slightly bigger, which may not suit many females with short height. 
  • Secondly, females have a different sitting position. They put more dependency on their sit bones than men, and it requires a wider seat to get comfortable, which can’t be found on a unisex bike. 
  • And lastly, unisex bikes are more aggressive and faster than ordinary women’s bike. Unless you’re a professional or have years of riding experience, it’ll get difficult and riskier for you to ride a unisex bike. It’s better to start with a women’s bike, and after a while, you can start your journey on a unisex bike.

1. Navitas Organics

This Navitas Organics bike from Filmstrong is capable of proving lots of fun with its smooth road cycling. It can be used both as a city road bike or cruiser-style beach bike. It has a steel body, and the size is 15 inches. The bike is perfect for women with 5-6 feet height, which covers the standard range. The steel frame has made this bike less expensive, more durable, and easy to repair.

The wheels have a standard 26 inches size and are also made of high-quality aluminum. The wheels are made in a way that’ll suit a broad range of women’s height. They offer 24 and 29 inches wheels as well. This women’s bike has whitewall balloon tires and an attractive wheelset, which are popular for the capability of absorbing bumps and shock the most—all it ensures to have a comfortable journey even on gravel road.

It has coaster brakes, which include two functions. One lets you move without paddling, and another one is allowing the rakes to operate by paddling backward. The seats are really comfortable with its dual spring function. As a beginner’s women’s bike, it offers some pretty great features, and the design is also attractive and can be used as a cruiser bicycle. It’s available in three colors, black, oink, and sky-blue.

Navitas Organics

Technical Features

Frame: 15 inches steel frame ensure durability and a relaxed riding on city roads and beach.
Wheel & tires: It has 26 inches aluminum wheel and whitewall tires, which provides a balanced ride with a relaxed and easy rolling.
Handlebars: 28.5 inches cruiser-style handlebars, which is perfect to have a proper grip over the bike.
Brakes: Coaster brakes hat takes less effort to pull but works instantly with good stopping power.
Saddle: ​Seat is quite comfortable and wide. The dual spring seatpost provides excellent cushioning, which lets you ride for a long without facing any irritation.
Weight: 38 lbs.



  • Smooth easy to go paddling.
  • Dual spring wide seat with excellent cushioning 
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • No frequent wear and tear, easy to repair
  • Double-walled aluminum tires provide balanced riding.
  • Responsive and effortless coaster brakes.

  • Classic curvy attractive design


  • No kickstand  
  • Assembling is a bit difficult

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the weight capacity?

300 pounds.

Does the bike come fully assembled?

No, it comes 80% assembled.

What’s the recommended riding speed?


2. Kent Pomona Women’s Dual Suspension Comfort Bike

A lady must choose a bike that doesn’t only suit her necessities but also provides high-class performance and design. And Kent Pomona Dual Suspension Comfort bike has almost everything to suit these requirements. As a beginner level bike, it’s really impressive that the manufacturers have added dual suspension, making the bike riding more comfortable on different road surface.. The frame is 18 inches aluminum, which is very lightweight and sturdy.

It has 36-spoke alloy rims positioned in singular orders, which is capable of providing timeless service. It also provides a corrosion-resistant performance, and its rubberized threads are perfect for making any ride smoother. The saddle is made with constructed foam with a high-quality leather coat that reduces shocks and bumps at a maximum level. It has 7-speed Shimano TZ30 gear, which works great in any casual or bead riding. Linear-pull brakes in both front and rear assure high safety. You can use it as a mountain bike as well for moderate rough rides. If you’re not looking for something not too much girly yet provides comfort like other women’s beginner’s bike, you can go for this one.

Kent Pomona Women’s Dual Suspension Comfort Bike

Technical Features

Frame: 18” aluminum frame is durable and lightweight and capable of providing a relaxed riding.
Wheel: 26” alloy wheel with rubber threads and 36-spokes are suitable to provide a balanced ride with good rolling power.
Brake: This bike has linear-pull brakes in both the front and rear sides. So that you won’t have to worry about its stopping power in any casual riding.
Gear: Shimano TZ30 7-speed gear is admirable and more than enough for any beginner women’s bike.
Seat: Leather coated foam seat won’t let you get annoyed with the bumps and shocks. You won’t even have to upgrade the seat for a long time.
Weight: 43.8 lbs.



  • The braking system is quite responsive and sensible.
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Properly cushioned leather coated seat
  • Standard sized wheels and frame made of aluminum
  • The dual suspension provides maximum shock absorption and a comfortable ride.
  • 7-speed twist shifters
  • Full-cover chain guard


  • Color gets damaged quickly
  • No water bottle mount
  • Adjusting the brakes takes time

Frequently Asked Questions

​What’s the weight capacity?

250 lbs. 

Are there any options for attaching fenders?

Yes, there is. 

Does it come with a quick release?


3. Schwinn Phocus Drop Bar Road Bicycle

Schwinn Phocus is a women’s bike, but it has some high-quality components and advanced features that’ll make your road-ride more thrilling city streets. The 16 inches aluminum frame has an ergonomic geometry with a carbon-fiber fork. It reduces shock and vibration and capable of accompanying you in wet, slippery roads as well and can be used as a mountain bike. This bike’s drivetrain is a mix of Schwinn and Shimano components, which has enhanced the gear shifting process. 

It comes with 700c Kenda wheels with aerodynamically designed spokes to ensure excellent traction. In this bike, Schwinn could’ve used a better brake system. The dual-pivot Promax brakes doesn’t provide good stopping power which is a downside,, but you can replace it anytime you want. You’ve already known that the saddle of a woman bike always bears great importance. This bike comes with an adjustable seat with extra padding, which gives a very soft feeling while paddling in different road surface conditions.

You can find a more detailed review on this bike on our website.

Schwinn Phocus Drop Bar Road Bicycle

Technical Features

Frame: 16” aluminum lightweight frame with carbon-fork, which provides maximum durability and a great shock absorption facility.
Gear: A combination of Schwinn’s own components and Shimamo’s technology, the 14-speed gear option provides incredible performance.
Brake: Dual-pivot Promax brakes doesn’t have anything outstanding. It’s a simple brake that works from the dropout handlebar of this bike.
Wheels: 700c wheel may feel like generic, but we didn’t found any major issues; instead, it has a good rolling power over different surfaces.
Saddle: Adjustable saddle with extra padding. So no more pain or back stretching during long tours, or when you’re simply practicing.
Weight: 39.8 lbs.



  • A good road bike for beginners
  • Size is perfect to suit a wide range of women
  • Suitable for both path and trail riding
  • Smooth and easy gear shifting
  • Improved agility with carbon-fiber fork
  • High-end alloy rims
  • Comfortable and wide saddle
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple color choices


  • Brake system isn’t up to the mark.
  • Pedal straps are low quality
  • No options for attaching fenders

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of tire valves this bike has?

Shredder Tubes

Which Shimano shifters they used?

Shimano Claris

Does this come with a bottle holder?


4. Sixthreezero Ride in The Park Women’s Touring City Bike

Sixthreezero is well known for its attractive and unique design with a combination of great features. Their Ride in The Park model isn’t different from that. It’s touring, which can be your perfect companion while roaming around the city or beach-sides. The design is really cute and has a touch of a classic vintage flavor. The frame is 17 inches made of aluminum. It’s really lightweight that you won’t have to put much effort into controlling it.

Shimano Turney 7-speed shifting gears are used in this bike in both front and rear derailleur. It has 26 inches standard side’s wheels with double-walled rims, capable of supporting you in long rides with absolute comfort and balance. Sixthreezero has used V-brakes on this bike, which locks both front and rear wheel instantly when pulled. The seat is made of synthetic leather with even padding ensuring proper cushioning and weight distribution. It has fenders on both front and back so that your bike will remain considerably clean even after a long ride. You can also do a mini road racing with your friends with this bike. Overall the bike is pretty impressive based on the design, feature, and performance. You should definitely go for this one of the best women’s road bike for beginners.

"sixthreezero Ride in The Park Women’s Touring City Bike'Best Women’s Road Bike for Beginners

Technical Features

Frame: 17” aluminum frame on which you can rely for a long time and ride freely without feeling any extra burden.
Wheel: Standard sized 26” wheels with double-walled rims. It also has fenders on both wheels to keep the bike clean from dirt or mud.
Brake: V-brakes with instant stopping power for both the wheels. As a beginner’s women bike, the brake system is ideal.
Gear: Shimano Turney 7-speed gear ratio shifters, which is enough to get your desired acceleration while riding over the city roads.
Saddle: Dual-spring seat post coated with synthetic leather lets you have a comfortable ride without feeling excess shocks or vibration.
Weight: 34 lbs.



  • Lightweight
  • Classic vintage design
  • Fenders on both of the wheels
  • Synthetic leather capable of absorbing both shock and sweat
  • Wide adjustable handlebar and seat
  • Comfortable vertical paddling position
  • Wheels with maximum resistance over obstacles
  • Multiple riding speed
  • Customized built-in rear rack


  • Assembling is a bit difficult
  • Gears may feel slippery

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the thickness of the handlebar?


What’s the material of the fork?


How many spokes are on the wheel?

36, spokes.

5. Giordano Libero Women’s Road Bike

If you want a good beginner’s bike within a reasonable price, Giordano Libero might be the one for you. This bike doesn’t have any fancy design, yet it has an elegant look. The white body, with the touch of pink, will make a good impression at first sight. The frame is made of a high-quality 6061 aluminum frame. The derailleur hanger attached to the frame can be replaceable. There’re 16-speed gears on this bike from Shimano ST2300, which is more than enough for an entry-level women’s bike like this. You can have full control over the bike with the smooth gear shifting even when you’re on the highest acceleration.

Giordano has to use an integrated alloy side pull braking system on both the front and rear sides. As a beginner’s city bicycle, it provides sufficient stopping power on city roads. The 700c alloy rims are lightweight, and both the tires and wheels are a good combination for moving faster with proper traction while crossing over different surfaces. The saddle on average but won’t say it isn’t comfortable. It’s a beginner’s women’s bike on which you can rely on all kinds of weather without that much trouble. 

"Giordano Libero Women’s Road Bike"

Technical Features

Frame: 6061 aluminum frame, which is standard to keep a lightweight and provides the necessary support for road riding in all conditions.
Gear: It’s hard to find a 16-speed gear gear ratio option on an entry-level women’s bike. But here you’ll find it which will increase the experience of regular road-riding.
Brake: Alloy pulls the braking system on both front and rear wheels. Provides a prompt response even in adverse weather condition.
Wheels: 700c wheels with high V profile silver. Rolling over city roads becomes a pleasure with the wheels.
Fork: High tensile steel fork, capable of absorbing shock and bumps with the most durableness.
Weight: 24 lbs. 



  • The lightweight aluminum frame requires little maintenance.
  • Adjustable handlebar and saddle.
  • The responsive and integrated braking system control panel
  • Suitable for riding on all-weather condition
  • Smooth and easy changing 16-speed gear shifters
  • Straightforward assembling procedure 
  • Dual bottle mounts on both sides
  • Simple yet attractive design and structure


  • Not suitable for off-road riding. 
  • Saddle quality on average
  • Low-quality tubes

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with fenders?


Does it come with a quick release?


What type of saddle is used?

Velo Road steel rails

Things to consider for a women’s bike

After years of observations, biker’s community has found out that women also have requirements to increase their comfort while riding a bike as a public transport. Based on that, here’re some facts which you may want to consider before choosing your best beginner’s road bike.


Most of the women usually has narrow shoulders. That’s why while riding narrow handlebars works best for them that matches their width. Otherwise, they may feel their muscle or shoulder is getting stiffer after riding for a while. 


Unisex and other men’s bikes have wider gears that become difficult for women to pull. As a result, during times, they faced many difficulties with squeezing the brake or gear lever properly. That’s why manufacturers have now added smaller and narrower gear lever on women’s bikes for more suitability.


Women’s bikes have shorter stem than men’s bikes or unisex because of the short height of many female riders. So that they can effortlessly reach the ground, and it becomes smooth to get on and off on the bike. That’s why before buying a women’s bike, make sure you have a proper reach.


We’ve already talked about the difference between the saddle or seat of women’s bike and unisex/men’s bike. It’s better to have a bike with a wider saddle so that your backbone doesn’t get affected after a long ride. Most women’s bikes have more comfortable seats than men’ s/unisex bike, which doesn’t require any upgrade later on. 


The overall geometry or size of the women’s bike is designed to keep on the mind of the average height of women all over the world. Most of the females have a shorter height than males, that’s why their bike’s frame also has a shorter geometry. Many bike models also provide multiple size options so that female rider’s with different height can choose their suitable one. 

Buying Guide

Budget: Bike is pretty much a long-term investment. That’s why before making the final purchasing decision be sure about what you want and if you have the capacity. It’s not true that only high range bikes are good, there’re many bikes available in a reasonable price range, and you won’t regret buying one of those bikes. Also it’s better to make a shortlist based on your budget and preference to reduce further hassle. 

Size: Size is very important for women’s bikes. We’ve already explained why women need their specific bike and size is one of the primary reasons for that. Although in most of the bikes there’re options for adjustments but still choose the one that suits your height, shape and weight. 

Customization: Women’s bikes are always produced in a way so that it suits them. You will hardly find a bike that doesn’t have an attractive and stylish look. But still if you want to do any customization you should always go for it. But also check if the bike supports extra customization or not before buying.


The most interesting fact is that sometimes men also use women’s bike due to more comfort than other men’s bikes. And obviously, women’s bikes have been popular among the female riders since the beginning of women’s bikes. Also, starting with a beginner’s women’s bike helps to learn bike riding with more comfort and ease, which invests a lot in future rough riding experiences. And that’s why we tried to bring the reviews of some best women’s road bike for beginners, which are the combination of both high-end features and elegant design so that you feel special while riding your perfect bike.