Best Road Bike Mirror

Almost all kinds of road vehicles have mirrors installed in them except bikes. You may wonder why do we even need bike mirrors! Well, it’s important because we don’t want your enjoyable journey to end up being an unwanted accident. A rearview mirror certainly increases your safety level. In road bikes like Vilano Forza 3.0 bike rearview mirrors are a new addition that is being used by bikers nowadays. It helps you to keep the concentration on all sides of a road. 

Road bike mirrors also help you to get alerted of the speedy motor vehicles so that you can ride over a side to avoid accidents. Also, while you’re riding over a busy lane, it helps you not to clash with a pedestrian. While mountain bike mirrors are becoming a must to notice if any other vehicle is coming from the opposite side or not. All these things have made installing a mirror on your bike a compulsory thing. That’s why today we’re here with best road bike mirrors that we’ve found out to be most useful for your bike safety!

Types of Road Bike Mirrors

There’re different types of bicycle mirrors with different purpose and features. It basically depends on the rider which one he/she finds most useful according to his/her needs. So here are the types of different road bike mirrors for your better understanding of them.

Handlebar Mirror

Handlebar mounted mirrors are the most common type of mirrors that are installed on the top of the handlebars. This type of mirror plays a safety role very well. Because while installed at the end of a bikes' handlebar, it easier to look on the handlebar mirror without losing the concentration from the front. There’re different installing processes for handlebar mirrors. Some have straight installing process; some have swing-away hinges. It depends on the mirror models, but the service is the same. The biggest advantage of handlebar mirrors is, once you install, it’s very tough to detach it. That’s why you’ve to install a new handlebar mirror for each new bike you use. Also, if not properly installed, they starts to vibrate along the ride.

Eyeglass Mounted Mirror

An Eyeglass mounted mirror can’t be installed in the bike instead you’ve to attach them to your regular glasses or cycling glasses. It has a three-pivot feature so that you can install it into three different places. You can attach them either on the same level of your eye or above the eye level. But don’t worry, you can adjust them with their socket and ball combination. Eyewear mirrors is getting popular due to their compact shape and portability. However, if you’re suffering from headache and neck pain issues, then you should avoid eyeglass mirrors.

Helmet Mirror

Helmet mirrors are more or less like eyeglass mirror, but this one is attached to the bicycle helmet with the mounting system it comes with. Usually, this kind of mirrors gets installed using glue or Velcro strap, which depends on the particular model. Bike Helmet mirrors can be positioned in different angle and direction, and you can even slide it over when in no use. Helmet mirrors are portable and can be carried in a suitcase as well.

Top 9 Best Bike Mirror Reviews

1. Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bicycle Mirror

Technical Features

3-inches round
Handlebar Mounted
Wide view convex mirror
Handlebar diameter : 13.75x22.5
Type: Cycling

"Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bicycle Mirror

Key Features of Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bicycle Mirror

Short Arm

While riding, bikers face one common issue with mirrors which is, it shakes up and vibrates with the riding movement, and it makes the situation quite difficult to see or notice anything through the mirror. As a result, many mirrors cause no benefit. The main reason behind this issue is the long arm of mirrors. But Mirrycle MTB bar end mirror isn’t like that. It has short and rigid arms that reduce the vibration a lot. Also, the metal construction this mirror has is firm enough to ensure a steady placement.

Convex Shape

Many convex mirror create funhouse effects and ends-up being creating irritating distortion on its convex surface. But his mirror has utilized the convex shape pretty well. It provides a wide-angle of 3-inches diameter, which is wholly distortion-free and gives maximum rear visibility without any alteration. 

Takes a Little Space

A handlebar mounted mirror usually take a lot of space after installation. So that any other bike accessories, such as GPS, horn, lights, cellphone mounts etc. becomes a kind of impossible, as there’s only a little space left. But this handlebar mirror gets attached inside the top of the handlebar and leaves the whole space usable. It also has a tapered design with which you can expand or concise it to any size you want.

Bottom Line

As a handlebar mirror, it has a lot of features which are really admirable and tough to find out on other mirrors of the same genre. That is why, this one is featured here as one of the top bike mirrors. It provides both quality construction and features, all within a reasonable price. So you can definitely consider it as an option in your best road bike mirrors.



  • Large mirror surface
  • Less vibration 
  • Minimal distortion
  • Long-lasting
  • Takes little space
  • Any viewing angle
  • Easy installation 


  • The washers are small
  • The glass breaks if not maintained properly 

Frequently Asked Questions

In which side it should be installed?

It’ll work on any side.

Does it come in a pair?

No, it a one-piece mirror.

How to create a hole to attach the mirror’s screw?

You can use either a drill or a hacksaw.

2. Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror

Technical Features

Stainless steel lens
360-degree adjustable
Nylon plus fiber
Adjustable viewing angle
All types of bikes

Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror

Key features of Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror


The overall first impression of this bare-end mounted mirror is really attractive. It can be used in any type of bike. It has a lens made of recyclable stainless steel, and the diameter is approx. 62mm. You can use the mirror on both right and left side to get a full view. The bike is equipped with a durable frame as it's as its made from a mixture of nylon and fiber.


This bae end mirror is suitable for handlebars with 17-21mm diameter inside. If you as what’s the biggest plus point of this mirror, we’d say its adjustability. It is completely adjustable. For mounting, it comes with a socket and ball through which you can adjust it to any side you want.

Wide Viewing Angle

It’s crucial to have a wide viewing angle while riding a bike because it gets difficult to notice everything around us while in movement. This bar end bicycle mirror has solved that problem. It has a 360-degree wide field viewing angle so that you can have a look at any side of the road. There’s also a larger model available with 68mm diameter, which provides even wider glass and viewing angle.

Bottom Line

Keeping in mind all the features this mirror has offered, the eco-friendliness is what we have found the most unique. And of course, other features are impressive as well. The flexibility of this mirror will make your ride safer and easier. 



  • Larger diameter
  • 360-degree adjustability 
  • Unbreakable stainless steel
  • Suitable for all kinds of bike
  • Open-ended grips
  • Can be positioned in both right and left side
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Foldable frame


  • Creates distortion 
  • Allen wrench is required to install this mirror

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it made of glass?

No, it’s made of stainless steel.

What key is required to install?

5mm hex key.

Where is it made from?


3. Bike Peddler Take-A-Look Cycling Eyeglass Mirror

Technical Features

Type: Eyeglass mirror
Frameless acrylic mirror
90-degree adjustable.
3-point attachment
Weight: 5g

Bike Peddler Take-A-Look Cycling Eyeglass Mirror

Key Features of Bike Peddler Take-A-Look Cycling Eyeglass Mirror

Wide Viewpoint

Like most of the eyeglass mirrors, this one doesn’t have any frame. This acrylic mirror provides a wide-view angle with its frameless feature. It’s available in a compact and normal structure. It represents to what extent you can extend the mirror to have a clear image.

Secure Fit

An eyeglass cycling mirror is attached over the glasses at the lever of your vision. That’s why if the mirror constantly shakes or vibrated, it’ll create an issue to maintain a proper concentration. This quality bike mirror saves you from that trouble. You’ll hardly notice any vibration. 

Multiple Usabilities 

Although it’s an eyeglass mirror, but you can use it as a helmet mirror as well. It has 3-pivot attachment points which give it the flexibility to work on a bike helmet. And honestly, we felt that it’d work better as a helmet mounted mirror because it’s a bit heavy to be attached over your eyeglasses. 

Bottom Line

As an eyeglass cycling mirror, it’s quite popular in the market. So far, we didn’t notice any big issues regarding this mirror. So you can add it in your best road bike mirror shortlist without any hesitation.



  • Wide viewing angle
  • Frameless
  • 3-pivot attachment pints
  • Suitable for any kinds of glasses
  • Helmet mount available
  • Less vibration


  • A bit heavy
  • Plastic material is vulnerable to scratches 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the dimension of the mirror?

Normal lens= 28x37mm and Compact lens= 20x37mm

Can it be attached into both sides of a helmet?


Is it made of plastic?

No, it’s all metal. 

4. CAT EYE BM-45 Bar End Bike MirrorEnter your text here

Technical Features

Material: Aluminum Alloy & glass
Lens Diameter: 45mm
Allen key included
Weight: 35g

CAT EYE BM-45 Bar End Bike MirrorEnter your text here

Key features of CAT EYE BM-45 Bar End Bike Mirror

Clear & Crisp Image

You’ll have a clear and crisp view with this CATEYE handlebar mirror. It has a standard size, has a 45mm diameter lens, which means not too big or small. Despite providing a large and perfect image, this bar end rear view mirror has a downside which is its circular shape which creates blind spot. As a result, you’ll only see the vehicles that are directly behind you. Vehicles that are closer and comes from the opposite side are hard to notice.

Secure Fit

With this handlebar bike mirror, you won’t have to face constant vibration while riding. It stays very firm when fixed, and there’s a little chance that this mirror will get loosened or drop off while extreme rides. You can adjust the mirror easily, but it only rotates to a single direction.


One of the impressive thing about this bike mirror is, its made from aluminium alloy which isn’t quite common. Most of the bike mirrors are made from either stainless steel or plastic. Aluminium offers great durability and also makes the product lightweight. 

Bottom Line

Within a reasonable price, this mirror is pretty great. If you’re not searching for something fancy and happy with a regular city bikes mirror for you drop or flat handlebars, then it can be an excellent choice for you. 



  • Easy installation to drop and flat bars
  • Made of aluminium
  • Minimal projection 
  • High rear-view safety
  • Standard size
  • Image clarity
  • Secure fit
  • Great for older people


  • Adjustable in only one way
  • Doesn’t provide a clear view for closer objects
  • The arm is a bit short for many bikes

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with only one piece?

Yes, it’s a single mirror.

Which side is suitable?

Works for any of the sides.

Is it a convex or flat mirror?

It’s a flat mirror. Enter your text here...

5. Hafny NEW Handlebar Bike Mirror

Technical Features

HD 2.45 inches automotive blue convex lens
Eco-friendly nylon frame
360=degree adjustment angle
Weight: 5.6 ounces

Hafny NEW Handlebar Bike Mirror

Key Features of Hafny NEW Handlebar Bike Mirror

Blue Lens Mirror

This bike mirror has 2.45 inches HD automotive blue glass lens, which is really impressive. This kind of convex mirror is usually found in the car mirror, but Hafny tried to do something new with their bike mirror line, and they’ve nailed it. This kind of mirrors decreases glances or distortions up to 50 per cent! This side mirror features a convex surface for maximum coverage of the road. It also helps to see things clearly with a uninterrupted field even on a hot sunny day which gets difficult with other bike mirrors. 

Flexible Rotation Ball

The adjustability of this bike mirror is complete 360-degree. That means you can angle the glasses lens to any direction and even place it to a parallel position to the handlebars and use as a rearview mirror. It has a flexible rotation ball that makes a comfortable position and spares you from doing frequent head turn  while riding. 

Printed Reflector

If your bike doesn’t have any lights attached, it gets difficult to ride after the sun goes out. Also, the biker gets more vulnerable to accidents as cars or trucks may not notice the bike, and this can lead to an unwanted situation. But this bicycle mirror model of Hafny has a wonderful solution to that. It has a printed reflector on the back of the mirror that makes the bike visible from a moderate distance without doing any head turn. So you can have a safe journey on both day and night with this bike mirror.

Bottom Line

This bike mirror has an impressive and dazzling design that’ll surely add extra flavor to the bike. The convex shape of the lens provides a wide view-angle and obviously with the HD blue lens. Overall it’ll be a great choice for road bike. 



  • HD anti-glare glass lens
  • High-end materials
  • Eco-friendly nylon fiber
  • Blast-resistance
  • Fits 21-26mm diameter outside the handlebar
  • Safe at night
  • Proper view even in extreme sunny day


  • Becomes difficult to see in shaded areas
  • Allen key is required to install

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the dimension of the lens?

4 inches

What’s the width including bracket?

9.25 inches.

Is this mirror suitable for drop handlebars?

No, it’s only designed for flat handlebars. 

6. TOPCABIN 1 Pair Bicycle Mirror

Technical Features

Full angular adjustment
Size: 3.5x2.4 inches
Fits handlebars within 21-25mm
ABS optical frame
Weight” 1.4 lbs.

TOPCABIN 1 Pair Bicycle MirrorEnter your text here

Key Features of TOPCABIN 1 Pair Bicycle Mirror


This bike mirror has one of the unique design. Its mounting arms look like skeleton fingers that are holding the lens which gives this mirror a spooky yet unique structure. It’s available in four different colors, black, silver, orange and blue. If you want to show off the skeleton structure of the mounting arms, then you should go for orange or silver ones.

Minimal Vibration

You’ve to install the mirror first by fixing the clamps over the bike's handlebars and then go for the inside grips. The stainless-steel arms have to be screwed there. The process is similar to motorcycle mirror attachments. But yes, this process makes the mirror stable and reduces vibration a lot. The length of the arms also doesn’t cross the handlebar.

Full 360-Degree Angle

You can rotate the side mirror at a full 360-degree direction and avoid the irritation of frequent head turn. Left, right rear, all the views will be noticed by you without any worries. Also, it comes in a pair. So you can be more alert about your surroundings.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a road bike mirror with a unique design, you may not find something else like this. There’re lots of bike mirrors with edgy designs, but this one overcomes all of those. And other features are pretty good as well. Overall it’s a great combo as the best road bike mirror.



  • Maximum visibility 
  • Different color options
  • Unique design
  • Easy to install using the C-clamps
  • Made with durable stainless-steel
  • ABS optical frame for a clear and crisp view
  • Secure fit with minimal vibrations


  • Lens are vulnerable to get scratches 
  • Corrosion occurs between the arms if not noticed
  • Heavyweight compared to other bike mirrors 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the sticky pads it comes with?

Use as spacers to fit the brackets to a small diameter

What’s the dimension of the mirror?


What’s the height?

Approx. 6 inches

7. Mirrycle Road STI Bicycle Mirror

Technical Features

Material: Brass, steel and rugged polycarbonate
3 inches convex mirror
Unobtrusive locations 
Weight: 3 ounces

Mirrycle Road STI Bicycle Mirror

Key Features of Mirrycle Road STI Bicycle Mirror

Great Rear-View

This Mirrycle Road STI Bicycle Mirror probably gives one of the best rear-views. Most of the rear view mirrors doesn’t provide exact rear-view, and it gets difficult to see what’s going on behind you through the tiny lens. But this bike mirror saves you from the trouble to turn your head frequently to see the backside while riding. You can just have a quick look and have a proper rear condition.


Many people avoid installing bike mirrors because it creates trouble while carrying it on a car or other vehicle. Because the mirror stay open and a passing vehicle may break the mirror. But this mirror is easily foldable and saves you from the trouble of discovering a broken glass after reaching the destination. 

Easy to Install

Bike mirrorsfairly easy to install, but the difficulty starts when it requires extra tools to attach it to the bike. This mirror saves you from that trouble as it comes with all the necessary tool you need to install it.

Bottom Line

This road bike mirror can be attached to either side of the brake lever, so there’s no worry about your comfort. Also if you’re a Shimano STI model on your bike, it’ll perfectly suit that. So if you have that kind of special requirements, you can go for this one.



  • Can be installed either side of the handlebars
  • Can be folded inwards to avoid crashing with other objects
  • Integrated with the bike
  • High-quality mirror lens
  • Great rear-view
  • Comes with all necessary tools


  • You can’t flip the bike while the mirror is attached
  • Doesn’t reduce vibration at a good extent

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the dimension of the mirror?

3 inches convex lens

Which lever is most suitable?

Shimano STI

What’s the shape of the lens?


8. Hafny Stainless Steel Lens Handlebar Bike Mirror

Technical Features

Material: Stainless steel
Fits to left side
Fits handlebars with 21-26mm outside diameter
Eco-friendly nylon fiber
Bike type: Mountain

Hafny Stainless Steel Lens Handlebar Bike Mirror

Key Features of Hafny Stainless Steel Lens Handlebar Bike Mirror


This bike mirror model of Hafny is pretty easy to install. You won’t have to force much to attach it to a bike. It comes with a handlebar mounting system and with a wide range of diameter from 21-26mm. Also, once you attach it, it’ll stay the same until you change its placement. 


It’s made of stainless steel which makes it almost impossible to break. This mirror is basically designed for mountain bike, and we all know how hard and rough mountain riding can sometimes be. During that time, a sturdy mirror bike is most preferable so that it can handle all the bumps and vibration but still stays unbroken. And this mirror is capable of assisting you on that. 


Bike mirrors help you to keep track of your surroundings while riding, But what if someone else loses track of you? During the night, cars or trucks may not notice a bike on a big highway road, and it may lead to some unwanted incidents. But this bike mirror has a reflector at the backside, which will increase your safety even on darkness. 

Bottom Line

Based on the durability and other mirror features, it can be a pretty good choice if you’re a mountain bike rider. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about another one for a long time. Also, it provides a good rear-view. And its eco-friendly feature has made it more admirable. 



  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Durable
  • Combination of stainless steel and nylon fiber
  • Perfect for mountain bikes
  • Comes with a reflector
  • Stable fitting
  • Excellent rear-view


  • Unable to reduce vibration considerably. 
  • Stainless steel made it a bit heavy.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which side it can be attached?

Left side.

Will it work on a road bike?

Yes, but mountain bikes are preferable.

Does it come with a pair?

No, it comes in a single piece. 

9. Wondery 2 PCS Bike Rear View Mirror

Technical Features

360-degree adjustable
Two rubber gaskets
Aluminum tube & Plexiglas lens
Suitable for 22-32mm handlebars
Weight: 120g

Wondery 2 PCS Bike Rear View Mirror

Key Features of Wondery 2 PCS Bike Rear View Mirror

Bendable Pole

This mirror comes to a pair and can be adjusted to any direction or angle you want. Its lens is made of aluminum tube and has a bendable pole which lets you bend the arms according to your need while riding. The 360-degree rotation is also helpful to adjust the mirror.


Bike mirror with a good rear-view is a preferable feature. Because it’s not that much hard to keep track of what’s happening on your left and right side. But what’s going on the back can’t be known unless you keep looking back over your shoulder again and again, which quiet is annoying. But this road bike mirror has an excellent rear-view along with its flexibility. Also the two rubber gasket it comes with reduces friction and shows a stable view of the backside. 

Tool-Free Installation

Bike mirror installation becomes difficult when extra tools are required to do the task. Sometimes extra tools come with a mirror, and something it doesn’t. But with this mirror, you won’t have to worry about any tools at all because it provides a completely tool-free mounted option. The anti-slip rubber gasket has made the attachment easier than ever and also keeps the mirror steady and firm. 

Bottom Line

It’s a multi-usage bike mirror, which means no matter which type of bike you have, it’s suitable for all. Also, it’s proved an excellent rear view with maximum flexibility. Many bike mirror has 360-degree adjustability, but a bendable pole has made the flexibility more user-friendly.



  • High quality materials
  • Lightweight
  • Too-free installation
  • Suitable for a wide range of handlebar sizes
  • Maximum adjustability and flexibility
  • Remains firm and stable after attachment
  • Comes in two pieces


  • Objects seem like a bit far way that actually is
  • Once installed, it’s difficult to remove

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is it made from?


In which color it’s available?


What’s the height?

13 inches. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Bicycle Mirrors

Before buying cycling accessoies anything, there’re certain things that you should consider always. Here’re the facts that you must keep in mind while purchasing a road bike mirror.


Many think that the bigger the mirror, the better. Well, that isn’t true. Big mirrors offer more glare and surface also they’re vulnerable to get broken. But that doesn’t mean smaller mirrors are best. A small mirror is often doesn’t provide the proper view you need to get a clear idea about your surroundings. A perfect road bike mirror is the one that doesn’t block your front view, and the diameter is perfectly based on your riding style, and that can be of any size.


Ensuring the compatibility of the mirror that suits with your bike is very important. Not all mirrors are the same. Some have a thin structure and choosing that kind of mirror will be a big mistake if you’re a mountain rider because thins mirror is not capable of handling the bumps and shocks of mountain roads. You also have to consider the mounting mechanism as different bikes have a different structure. Such as drop bar mounting mirrors work best for mountain bike and inner bar mirrors are for road bikes than the drop bars. 


Adjustable mirrors are always preferred. Because a tall biker has a different angle of view than a short biker, also a biker with a wide shoulder will need mirrors with a wide stick than a biker with a narrow shoulder. Also if you’re using eyeglass or helmet mirror, it’s impossible to get comfortable with them without adjustability. That’s why make sure the mirror supports proper flexibility.

Construction & Material

Construction and material ensure the durability of a mirror. If you’re looking for eyeglass or helmet mirrors, then you’d obviously want a lightweight material. But when it comes to handlebar mirror, we’d suggest buying something heavy. Check if the mirror construction feels heavy to you and if all the parts are properly fitted. Also, it’s important to check the mounting system and screws if they are made of resistance steel or not to tackle the vibration and bumps.

The Left or Right Side

In which side of your bike's handlebar you should have the mirror mounted depends on many things. Mostly it depends on the driving side rule of your country. Such as in the USA, people have to drive at the right side of the road, so while checking at rear-view mirror they look at left, but in many other countries the situation is opposite. Most mostly bikers preferred to install the mirror at the left side because of the habit, but if you are willing to invest more; then you can simply buy two mirrors and have the complete view. 

Do I Need Two Mirrors on My Bike?

Typically road bike mirrors are only needed for keeping track of the left side of a road. Although the case is different for European countries as there you need to keep track of the right side of the road. Actually it’s dependent on the road construction style and traffic rules of a particular country. This difference may arise from having two bike mirrors on a bike but you can simply detach and attach the mirror in any side of the handlebar. Although people generally use only one bike mirror and there’s not really any need for another one, still you can add an extra one, if you feel like it.

How to Maintain a Bike Mirror?

Maintaining a bike mirror is essential and easy as well. Because the mirror glass gets dirty you may not get a correct assumption of the distance of other vehicles closer to you on the roads. The dust makes the lens blurry and it’s dangerous. Clean the glass regularly with a soft cloth and occasionally with soapy water and sponge. But don’t wipe the sponge or cloth too hard or it’ll leave scratches on the glass. Also check and retighten the clamp and screws so that the vibration reduces while riding. 


A bike mirror is undoubtedly helpful when it comes to safety. Because on roads, there’re different kinds of vehicles, and also people are moving here and there. And without bike mirrors, any unwanted situation may occur. There’re different kinds of bike mirror with different features. You can easily choose your desired one among those also within a reasonable price. We always put high importance on biking safety that why we’ve tried our best to present you with some best road bike mirror of some renowned brands which will accompany you in every situation.