Best Road Bike Helmet Under 100

Bike riding is all fun, but even though the bike, accidents can happen. That’s why we suggest maintaining safety as much as possible. Although many people think that the equipment needed to maintain safety while riding a bike are redundant. But among all those things, there’s one thing which you must not avoid at all, and that is “Helmet.” Over the year, many people have survived serious bike incidents, mainly due to helmets. From children, regular bike riders to people who ride mountain bikes, wearing a helmet is a must for everyone. Nowadays, there’re many types of helmets available within different price ranges. And once you buy a helmet, it’ll last for a long time except for a few exceptions. That’s why to encourage safety precautions like gloves, mirrors etc. for all the bikers, we’ve come up with some best road bike helmet under 100 as well, with detailed information.

Types of bike helmets

Road bike helmet

It’s a basic kind of road bike helmet. They have various sizes so that you can choose the one that suits you, and also some of them are customizable. The cost of this kind of helmets is also low than other types. But there’s no need to think that road bike helmet won’t give proper protection. It’ll cover your head correctly and has enough strength to protect you.

TT bike helmet

Professional or elite bikers mostly use this kind of helmets. The back of this helmet has a longer trail and reduces wind resistance, which maximizes riding speed. Although these are not used for a regular or daily bike ride. TT bike helmets are used mostly during rough weather conditions, or when you’re on a bike race as there, you need less wind resistance for more speed.

Aero Road bike helmet

Aero road bike helmet is the combination of both road bike helmet and TT bike helmet. This helmet’s design is similar to a road bike helmet, which means there’s no long trail at the back. But provides similar facilities as a TT bike helmet. The shape of this helmet is aerodynamic and has more ventilation capacity than other helmets.

1. PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet

PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet

Technical Features

  • Target Group: Adults (Unisex)
  • Vehicle Type: Mountain Bike
  • Material: PVC and PC
  • In-molding technology
  • 23 large vents
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs

This helmet will ensure your safety in both daylight and nighttime. It has an ultra-bright LED Taillight, which helps you to notice obstacles at night. The light support 3-modes, steady, slow flashing, and fast-flashing. There’s a USB point in the helmet that’ll quickly help you to recharge the light anywhere, anytime.

The straps of this helmet are made from imported elastic fiber. The quality of the elastic proved both wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the retention system. From head size M to L, this can be easily fitted to various head sizes with its dial in the back and adjustable straps.

Once you wear the helmet, you won’t have to worry about the ventilation anymore, as it has 23-large vents! The vents will keep your head fresh and cool even in the summer. There’s also a detachable visor on the helmet by which you can remove the pads for regular cleaning. The replacement also makes the helmet perfect for long rides!

While mountain riding, one thing becomes very irritating, and that is insects. They keep flying over your head, and sometimes they enter to the helmet as well. But with this helmet, you won’t have to go through the trouble. It has a built-in insect net inside the helmet that’ll restrict the insects from entering inside the helmet.

A mountain ride requires adequate ventilation, adjustability, and powerful light features. And all these you’ll find in this helmet. The material is sturdy, and your head will remain fresh and cool during the ride. So it can indeed be one of the best helmets under 100.


  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Useable for daily rides
  • Comes with a USP port for charging the light 
  • Lightweight and custom-fit
  • Well ventilated
  • Soft padded inside
  • Suitable for children also
  • Great wind-resistance


  • The plastic jointed with the strap feels poking
  • The light needs to be kept out of the helmet to charge

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it come with a charger?
    • Yes.
  • What’s the circumference of M size?
    • 55-58CM
  • How many hours the slow-flashing most last?
    • Approx. 40hrs.

2. GROTTICO Adult-Men-Women Bike Helmet

GROTTICO Adult-Men-Women

Key Features At a Glance

  • Material: EPS & Polycarbonate
  • Target Group: Men, Unisex (Adult)
  • Removable Visor
  • 23 Vents
  • Rechargeable Light
  • Weight: 0.66 lbs

The adjustable straps are so convenient that both male and female bike riders can have a good fit on their head with this helmet. There’s a dial-In button on the back that’s very easy to press and makes the adjustment process done within a few seconds. The straps are also convenient and doesn’t feel like hard or rough over the chin.

This helmet has a rear safety light with three light flashing modes, steady, wave and flash. The light is both removable and rechargeable. For recharge, the light has a USB port on it, so that you can charge it anywhere.

It’s important to have a bike helmet with good ventilation system and capacity. And this helmet won’t let you complain about the requirement. It has 23-vents all over the helmet and comes with replaceable and moisture-locking inner pads. The features won’t let you feel like you’ve a burden over your head.

Almost all the standard features a bikers searches in a bike helmet, are present on it. The quality is also standard as it has passed CPSC and CE tests. So as a reliable helmet under an affordable price, this helmet is capable to compete with other best ones.


  • A great helmet in an affordable price range
  • The design is good
  • Comes with removable inner pads that has superb moisture absorbing capacit
  • Fits both men and women and even people with big heads
  • The rear light makes the nigh rife as well
  • Ventilation system is very good
  • Lightweight


  • The rear light holds charge only for a little period of time
  • The chin straps require upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this helmet good for riding an e-bike?
    • Yes
  • Is there enough space for a ponytail?
    • Yes.
  • Is the visor removable?
    • Yes.

3. Giro Isode MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet

Giro Isode MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet

Technical Features

  • Target Group: Men, Unisex (Adult)
  • Vehicle Type: Mountain Bike
  • Material: In-mold polycarbonate shell
  • Quick-dry padding
  • 23 vents
  • Weight: 0.66 lbs

This helmet is perfect for both men and women, and as a result, there’re two size options, one in M, and another is L. The adjustable straps are very convenient. It helps you to keep the helmet in a steady position over the chin, but it won’t felt hard at all. The elastic of the strap is very soft.

There’s a rear light on the helmet that is rechargeable for integrated safety and comes with a USB charger. Also, it has three-lighting modes flash, steady, and wave. During light, you won’t have to suffer to see things on the road.

A lightweight helmet is always preferable, and this road bike helmet is exactly like that. The mold-construction it has made with polycarbonate outer shell is sturdy yet, very lightweight. There’s impact-absorbing foam liner inside the helmet, which basically gives you the feel of lightweight and feels really soft.

The ventilation system of this helmet is awe-inspiring with its 23-vents. Long-trips, summer day riding, nothing will feel like a burden to you over the head with this helmet. The helmet comes with an extra set of inner pads so that after a while, you can easily do the replacement.

This helmet’s build quality almost has all the features that the best bicycle helmet under 100 should have. You can do night riding, mountain riding, summer riding, everything with utmost safety with this helmet. And both men and women can enjoy all these facilities with flexible adjustability.


  • The design is very cool
  • Fits very well all over the skull
  • The performance of the rear light is impressive
  • It doesn’t feel like a burden over the head
  • There’s a dial-in button at the back for easy adjustment
  • Easy to wear
  • Satisfying ventilation


  • The light takes too much time to get charged
  • Replacement padding seems poor

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it available in different colors?
    • Yes, it has three different colors
  • Is this helmet CPSC certified?
    • Yes
  • Is the helmet suitable for electric bike riding?
    • Yes.

4. Giro Agilis MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet

Giro Agilis MIPS

Technical Features

  • Material: In-mold polycarbonate
  • Anti-microbial padding
  • 32 wind tunnel
  • Target Group: Men
  • Weight: 0.66 lbs

The helmet is designed to reduce as must energy as possible while riding either flat, uphill, or downhill, or you won’t have to compromise with your speed. The MIPS technology and retention system of this helmet is dedicated to reducing rational forces. As a result, it doesn’t increase the resistance, and you can ride slowly without feeling a burden over your head.

It’s a patented specialized design of Giro, which lets the cold air-flow to enter directly inside the road helmet and works as a sound ventilation system. Although the most essential benefit of this technology is that the helmet will fit perfectly over your head, the design lets the helmet be positioned slightly off the head’s top. Also, there’s a fore-aft tilt that provides a custom tune fit.

The ventilation system of this road helmet is fantastic, and you’ve already got a little idea of it in the previous section. There’re 32 wind vent tunnels along with anti-microbial coolfit padding that works as one of the most effective cooling systems. This helmet will never spare you from the feeling of freshness.

The in-mol construction of this helmet fuses a hard layer of polycarbonate, and inside it has an impact-absorbing foam liner. As a result, the helmet is surprisingly very lightweight and provides a comfortable feeling even while at a rough riding with immense shocks and bumps.

This road helmet is available in three sizes so that you won’t have to go through the hassle of finding the right fit for you. Also, there’s already a few facilities present that provides a custom-fit adjustment. The fantastic ventilation ability and patented technology of this helmet indeed make it the best budget bike helmet.


  • The build quality is comfortable and lightweight
  • Not backward or forward movement, a stable positioning
  • The straps doesn’t provide irritation to the ears or chin
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • You can easily attach a helmet mirror
  • Enough clearance for easy access to wearing sunglasses
  • Fits perfectly


  • The roc loc dial is small
  • The straps are short

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it come with a visor?
    • No
  • Is it suitable for women?
    • The leading target group is men, but if the size suits, then women can wear it also.
  • What’s the circumference of size M?
    • 55-59cm.

5.BASE CAMP ACE II Road Bike Helmet


Technical Features

  • Material: Deluxe EPS and PC
  • Target Group: Unisex
  • 14 Vents
  • Head Circumference: 22-24.5 cm
  • Weight: 255g

This cycle helmet has used the Venturi effect for ventilation, which provides an air channeling system by which cold air enters from the top and heat discharges from the rear-exhaust system. It makes this helmet highly suitable for sports, race, mountain riding, and summer riding purposes.

The helmet has a specialized aerodynamic shape that means a droplet shape that offers less aerodynamic dragging no matter what the rider’s position is. The wind resistance due to the shape is fantastic and helps to have more incredible speed.

High-quality EPS foam liner construction and PC material have made the helmet very lightweight, yet the polycarbonate outer shell is tough. The material, weight, and design is CPSC certified and built by maintaining all the safety standards, and you can reliably depend on this cycle helmet for the security of your head.

The optimized aero design and ventilation are making this aero helmet one of our favorite best road cycling helmets. You can try it in various weather conditions, and there’s no irritation because of the lid’s movement. It’s best for those whore searching for something simple yet worthy.


  • Provides a great fit even for those who have curly hairs
  • Easy to adjust by a dial in the back
  • Thick and soft padding inside the helmet
  • The shell bonding is solid
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight yet very sturdy
  • Doesn’t slip from the head frequently
  • Well ventilated


  • Less coverage on the sides
  • The dial on the back gets stuck sometimes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this helmet compatible with a magnetic visor?
    • No
  • Does it fit females?
    • Yes
  • Is it CPSC approved?
    • Yes

6. XINERTER Adult Bike Helmet

XINERTER adult bike helmet

Technical Features

  • Material: EPS & Polycarbonate
  • Target Group: Unisex (Adults)
  • Included magnetic googles
  • Washable Padding
  • Vehicle Type: Road Bike, Mountain Bike
  • Weight: 0.86 lbs

This road bike helmet comes with detachable magnetic goggles and a cycling mask to get complete protection and a comfortable ride. The goggle will work as sunglasses and save you from dust and wind-corrosion and is capable of restricting intense ultra-violet rays and protecting your eyes adequately. Also, the mask comes from spared you from the hassle of carrying a scarf.

The inner foam padding of this cycle helmet is thick, soft, washable, and moisture-wicking. Inside the helmet, the ventilation system pulls the cool air-flow from outside and pushes the extra heat through a specialized air-channel matrix. It’s an over brow system that helps to maintain superior ventilation. The foam padding is also washable so that you won’t have to suffer from a sweaty smell.

You can do both up and down adjustment with this helmet. There’s a dial-in button on the back along with adjustable straps through which you can wear the helmet and keep it in a stable position the way you want. The helmet is also designed in a way so that it’ll stay below the occipital bone and gives you a relaxing feeling.

You can use this road bike helmet for multiple usages. While riding either a mountain bike, scooter, e-bike, or regular bike, this helmet will suit every vehicle like these. Also, it’s perfect for both men and women and available in four exciting colors!

It’s hard to find the best value bike helmet within a reasonable price range. But this aero helmet has made that possible. All the features are super exciting and convenient. The durability also ensures a long-lastingness. You can definitely go for this comfortable helmet.


  • Fits properly with convenient adjustability
  • Velvet foam padding and chin straps for maximum comfort
  • Magnetic goggles that are detachable and stay on position without any movement
  • Provides full-proof protection over the head, eyes, and face
  • Washable foam padding
  • Very comfortable and easy to wear
  • The venting system works great 


  • The chin cushion is short
  • The sun visor isn’t up to the mark

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do the goggles provide a clear view?
    • Yes
  • Is it suitable for children?
    • No, it’s an adult helmet
  • Does this helmet has a light?
    • No

7. SUNRIMOON Adult Cycling Bike Helmet

SUNRIMOON Adult Cycling Bike Helmet

Technical Features

  • Material: EPS & polycarbonate
  • Target Group: Adult men (Unisex)
  • LED rear light
  • Removable lining
  • 19 vents

This budget helmet has a hard and durable outer shell made from polycarbonate, and high-density EPS foam padding inside that provides a shockproof comfort. The overall ergonomic design with detachable and sweat-absorbing padding will minimize the shakes and movement as much as possible, making this helmet suitable for different purposes such as sport, mountain riding, racing, etc.

It has a LED right at the rear side that supports four different modes, stable, slow flashing, and fast flashing. The fourth mode is when the light will turn off. It helps to ensure a safe bike riding even at nighttime. The LED light is both removable and rechargeable, so nothing to worry about that.

There’re 16-vents on this helmet that excellent air circulation and ventilation. Keeps your head cool and sweat-free so that you can get a comfortable ride on a summer day, start for a long trip, or do a race with friends. The aerodynamic design reduces wind resistance and creates an easy path for cold air to enter inside the helmet.

The straps are made from high-quality nylon and removable chin pad that are both comfortable and hygienic. The linear this helmet has is removable, lightweight, along with an easy-to turn dial in button for a perfect adjustment.

This helmet ensures safety for both day and night rides. The lightweight, soft padding, and unique ventilation system make it more appealing than other road bike helmets. You can consider this as the best cheap road bike helmet.


  • Very lightweight and provides a robust feeling from the outside
  • The rear light is very bright and give a comprehensive coverage
  • Fits perfectly over the head with great adjustability
  • Removable pads are easy to wash and dry
  • A gothic and stylish design
  • An impressive air circulation system
  • Comes with a detachable visor


  • The light button is too hard to press
  • The plastic gives a cheap impression

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the battery rechargeable?
    • No, but the battery can be replaced.
  • Is it CPSC certified?
    • Yes
  • What’s the circumference of this helmet?
    • 21.26-24.41 Inches

8. Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet

Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet

Technical Features

  • Material: EPS & polycarbonate
  • 24 vents
  • Aerodynamic structure
  • Up and down adjustment
  • M and L available
  • weight: 1 lbs

This budget helmet has a superior ventilation capacity with 24 holes on the Rapido for proper air circulation. It releases war air through the rear bents and allows cooler air through the top vents. The inside padding is both removable and washable. You can maintain your hygiene and a refreshing ride with this road bike helmet.

It has a dual-pivot system and a retention system on the Rapido that helps you have e safe and secure fit, which means the helmet will be in a stable position while riding, and you won’t have any trouble while wearing on and off the helmet.

A bicycle helmet with an specialized aerodynamic design is always preferable, and this helmet will exactly provide you that. The design maintains a comfortable position of the helmet over the head and neck. Also, it reduces wind resistance so that you can have better acceleration while riding.

It may not have many of the features that you’re keen to have on your bike helmet. But for regular use and adequate ventilation, while riding is different seasons, you can try out this best inexpensive bike helmet.


  • Top-notch rear retching system
  • Streamline shape helps to avoid the mushroom effect 
  • Can be smoothly moved up-down for adjustment
  • Stays right in place
  • Very comfortable and lightweight
  • Provides a good ventilation facility
  • Provides good side coverage
  • The material is long-lasting


  • The Styrofoam has no coating
  • Strap adjusters are cheaply made

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the circumference of size L?
    • 59-62cm
  • Is this helmet comfortable for someone with long hair?
    • Yes
  • Is it a MIPS helmet?​​
    • No

9. Joncom Adult Bike Helmet

Joncom Adult Bike Helmet

Technical Features

  • Material: EPS, PVC and PC
  • Target Group: Adults (Unisex)
  • 3 modes rechargeable light
  • Adjustable size
  • Weight: 300g

It has a rechargeable safety taillight in the rear that’ll provide you coverage and makes the night ride more secure. It’s a red light and has 3-modes, steady, fast flashing, and slow flashing. After one charge, the slow flashing mode will last for more than 40hrs. The light comes with a USB port for easy charging.

There’re 22 air vents on this bicycle helmet, which leaves no doubt regarding the superb ventilation facility you’re going to have. The inner padding is very soft, and the helmet is ultra0lightweight. So, for summer days or extreme rides, you won’t find a better alternative to keep your head safe and refreshing other than this helmet.

Professional bikers always want a helmet with visor, and if it’s a movable visor, it becomes more preferable. And you’ll find both the requirement on this helmet. The sun visor shield of this helmet is specially designed and will make your riding more fun no matter how hot the sun becomes.

The bicycle helmet is very safe and secure as it has certification of US CPSC standards. So there’s no way to be confused about the quality of the helmet. The molding inner from made from EPS and hard outer PC shell is capable of ensuring high safety and has a tremendous shock-absorbing capacity.

It’s a good bicycle helmet that’s suitable for both men and women, along with superior adjustability. This helmet has passed all the tests and standards and designed to provide maximum protection, comfort, and performance.


  • The flashing mounted light is very useful
  • Fits perfectly over the head without giving a squeezing feeling
  • Super light, doesn’t feel like a burden at all
  • The detachable visor works excellent for protecting the eyes from sun, rain, and dust
  • Very sturdy and good shock absorbing power
  • Straps are easily adjustable
  • USB port for recharging is very convenient


  • Removing the light is difficult 
  • The plastic gives a cheap impression

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the chin pad feel irritating?
    • No, the padding is very soft.
  • How to turn the light on and off?
    • There’s a button on the light to turn on and off
  • Is the helmet waterproof?
    • Yes.

10. ROCK BROS Road Bike Helmet

ROCK BROS Road Bike Helmet

Technical Features

  • Material: EPS+PC
  • Target Group: Men, Unisex (Adults)
  • Dimension: 11.1 * 8.5 * 6.5 inch
  • 25 vents
  • Magnetic fastener
  • Weight: 0.63 lbs

This quality helmet has an excellent heat dissipation system. It keeps the temperature average inside the helmet so that the rider doesn’t feel annoyed. And the system’s effectiveness is all possible because of its 25-vents all over the helmet. No matter how warm the weather condition is, the vets will capture the cold air and ensure a refreshing ride.

The adjustment system of this helmet is quite impressive. The side straps can be adjustment by a press on a dial-in button for an easy-use adjustment. The magnetic helmet faster makes the helmet fit perfectly on both male and female bike rider’s head.

Without comfort, a bike helmet isn’t a worthy thing to invest in. The inner foam padding is made from EPS and is very soft and comfortable. You can detach the pads and wash them to maintain the hygiene as per your preference. The foam has good gas permeability, which keeps the foul smell out.

You can rely on this affordable helmet for regular use as it’s one of the most comfortable bike helmets. Comfort and ventilation have made it suitable for different purposes and weather along with maximum protection.


  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Very comfortable
  • Fits properly and won’t hurt your head
  • Allows impressive air circulation
  • Usable for people with long hair
  • Various size adjustments


  • The chin straps get loosened after a while
  • Not suitable for night riding

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this helmet has a visor?
    • No.
  • Is it suitable for children?
    • No, it’s an adult bike helmet.
  • What’s the circumference of size M?
    • 22-22.8 inches

11. Cairbull Cycling Helmet

Cairbull Cycling Helmet

Technical Features

  • Material: EPS+PC
  • Target Group: Adult (Unisex)
  • 22 Vents
  • Multi-purpose usuability
  • Weight: 230g

This road bike helmet will give you a flavor of multi-function ability for many things. You can use the helmet for the three most important things that a biker searches in helmets: goggle, lap, and visor. All the items are necessary to have a comfortable road riding and to enhance safety. And this bike gives you the option of using all these.

The design of this helmet is aerodynamic. As a result, the vent holes are appropriately arranged. It has 22-vents all over the helmet that does the heat dissipation task very effectively. As a result, the head doesn’t feel kike excessively sweaty even after a long ride on summer days.

This bike helmet has passed through all the necessary safety standards; thus, there’s no need to get doubts about its quality. It’s capable of providing proper security for your head in different riding conditions and even on a skateboard.

If you want the best bike helmet under 100, that ensures a long-lastingness and comfort, this helmet won’t disappoint you. The multi-functionality will surely impress you along with the effective ventilation system. Either in night r day, it can be one of the safest bike helmet for bike riding.


  • Proper ventilation facility with 22-vents
  • The sleek design is cool and stylis
  • The combo pack of goggles/lamp/visor is imposing
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Very light weight yet sturdy enough
  • Fits properly for various size ranges


  • The helmet gets easily dirty
  • Not suitable for people with large heads

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it suitable for children?
    • No
  • Is there enough place for wearing glasses?
    • Yes, there’re plenty of space for that.
  • What’s the circumference of the helmet?
    • 54-61cm

Things to consider

Price and safety

Many people think that the more you spend on a helmet, the better its facilities and durability. Well, sometimes it’s true, but other times it’s not. It is actually different from brands to brands and design, weight, customization, etc. A simple helmet will protect you just as a fancy helmet will do, but the simple helmet may provide fewer features. In many countries, there’re special laws regarding this kind of safety products, and you’ll be able to buy a premium helmet within a reasonable price range. But don’t think that price and safety falls in the same equation.


Usually, helmets are made from polystyrene (EPS) foam. But many brands use hard polycarbonate shell or carbon fiber as well. The layer of the material over the skeleton determines the strength and durability of a helmet. Nowadays, many brands are even using technology to build a helmet, such as 3D printed polyamide or proprietary polymer materials.

Internal Padding

Internal padding is a crucial thing to consider for a comfortable and safe ride. The cushioning keeps your head free from hard bumps, pressure points and shock while riding. Also, some padding has a moisture-locking facility, which you’ll find very useful during summer days.


Straps are essential for a good fit. It also keeps the helmet securely stable around our chin and ear. It also reduces the movement of the lid while riding, and the irritation disappears. A right strap can also make a helmet suitable for you even if it becomes too large as the straps ensure the lid doesn’t slip off from the head during trail riding.


While riding, our head gets sweaty the most. So if there’s no proper ventilation system in the helmet, the bike ride will become annoying and tiring due to the excess heat and sweat. It also causes the helmet to smell very bad. Keep looking for a helmet that has air-flow wind tunnel, and the padding supports moisture-locking.


A lightweight helmet is always preferable. Riding a bike with a burden on your head is never a good idea. It slows down your body and causes much irritation. The heavy helmet also makes it impossible to continue a long trip. That’s why always check for the weight. If you’re buying a helmet for your children, we’d suggest buying the most lightweight one no matter how much that cost, as a heavy helmet is very dangerous for children.


Safety is something that shouldn’t be compromised at any cost. But still, many of us see this as a burden or extra expense. And many of us don’t even know which one to buy or what should be considered. That’s why we’ve tried our best to provide you with some best bike helmets under 100, which is the most essential safety equipment. Hope it’ll help you all to make the right design, and from now on, you’ll be able to ride with more safety and fun!