Best Budget Folding Bike

The best way to explore around some place is by riding a bike. Or maybe you’re with your friends and family and want to do a bike race. It’s not always convenient to carry a bike with you depending on the size. Yes, you can attach a hitched bike rack behind your car, but not always you can take the vehicle with you everywhere. So what to do now?

Well, you can easily go for folding bikes. They are fun to ride and takes up very little of your storage space. These kinds of bikes usually have a small size and one can quickly turn them into much smaller shapes by folding. Folding bikes are also lightweight, and you can just put it on a good size bag and carry it with you anywhere. Folding bikes are getting more popular for regular commuting day by day, because of the convenience it provides  to a bike rider. Because of so many exciting benefits, we’ve brought detailed reviews about some best budget folding bikes.

1. Swagtron Envy Steel Frame Folding E-Bike

With this Swagtron folding bike, you can definitely put on some swag while roaming around the streets. This electric folding bike is a complete powerhouse. It is one of the best folding bikes you can buy and lessen your carbon footprint. With the 200w motor, you can increase your speed up to 10mph. It’s a pedal-free bike with a collapsible frame and digital display on handlebars. The heads-up screen help to check how much charge is remaining and on what speed you’re riding.

It’s one of the best folding bikes depending on the lightweight and portability. It’s also of very comfortable size, and people within the height range of 5.8” can easily ride this bike. The battery takes up to 3-4 hrs to get fully charged and serves on a continuous 9hrs basis. The rear disc brakes are pretty good, but it takes 2-3 seconds to stop completely. This electric bike  also has automatic bell and headlight features, which will help you avoid crashes with other vehicles or pedestrians or vice-versa. 

Technical Features at a Glance


It has a compact steel frame material which ensures maximum support and provides the most portability.


200W motor that takes 3-5hrs to charge, and the power remains up to 9hrs, which is enough for 2-3 days.


Rear disc brakes are smooth and easy to control. Provides moderate stopping power.


It has a digital display on the handlebars, which is helpful to keep track of speed and charge. Also, only doing the twist at the throttle can take you up to 9mph.


30 lbs. only. And the maximum weight capacity is 264.5 lbs. 



  • A long-lasting battery life
  • Lightweight portable body and easy to fold with a quick-release 
  • Can be used for camping
  • Creates no noise while riding 
  • Comes with LED light
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • Disk brakes work a little slow
  • Battery is irreplaceable 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the tube size?

10 inches.

Will this folding bike work on rain or snow?

Yes, but with considerably less traction.

What kind of battery they used?

Lithium battery.

2. IDS unYOUsual Folding Bike

IDS unYousual is quiet a basic folding bike. Although the folding design impressive and capable of daily commuting and exercising. It’s effortless to fold down also very lightweight. It has 6-speed Shimano gear shifters with a twist grip on the handlebar.The Shimano shifter helps to have a pretty great speed within a few moments. This folding bicycle features semi alloy V-brakes on both the front and back sides. V-brakes are quite handy as it’s easy to repair and replace.

This folding bike has Wanda 20x1.75 inches tires which may not be the best, but efficient enough to provide a comfortable ride with good traction over the city roads. The best part of this folding bike is it has a little safety device included, which warns both the pedestrians and other vehicles that you’re roaming around on it. Overall with adjustable handlebar and seat, fenders on wheels, rear reflectors, and a carrying rack make this bike one of the best budget folding bicycles and can be a great choice as a public transport. 

IDS unYOUsual

Technical Features at a Glance


Durable Steel body and TIG welded.


Wanda 20x1.75 inches single-walled tires with a good traction facility. 


Semi alloy V-brakes on both back and front. It provides instant stopping power and easy to maintain and replace.


It has fenders on both sides, which keeps the bike from getting dirty due to water and dirt.


 Smooth easy to go pedals with reflectors on the back. So that you can even ride at night without any worries. 


 34 lbs.

Let's look at the Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable and adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Multiple safety features, including reflectors and safety devices.
  • Fenders/mudguards on both wheels keep the bike clean
  • Easy folding system, store and carry anywhere
  • Shimano 6-speed efficient gear shifters
  • An ergonomic and stylish design


  • The chain guard is flimsy
  • Seat post may feel a bit awkward at first 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the extra seat be added?

No, it’s a one-person bike.

What’s the maximum weight limit?

The maximum weight capacity is 250 lbs.

Is it safe for kids?

Yes, but under supervision. 

3. Schwinn Adapt 2 Folding Bike

The Adapt series of the renowned Schwinn brand has three folding bikes. Each of them has almost the same features with a few changes. Adapt 2 folding bike models have an lightweight aluminum alloy frame, a quietly stylish, and attractive design. V-brakes are included on both front and rear, and the performance is excellent. Both the handlebar and seatpost are adjustable. 20 inches wheel size provide a smooth riding with considerable traction. If you talk about the gears, this folding commuter bike has 8-speed Shimano Revo twist shifters. The Shimano shifters work really great and allows smooth change of gears. Changing the bags and getting more speed is like a breeze.

Other additional features include the fenders, rear pannier rack and a carry bag. This folding bike has a full wrap fender on both sides, so no more worrying about the dirt bike because the fenders won’t let that happen quickly. The weight of this bike is around 32lbs. The carrying bag made with heavy-gauge nylon will make this bike even more comfortable to carry. This folding bike also comes with a metal pannier rack over the back wheel. You can fold the pedals as well. Overall it can be one of the best budget folding bikes for urban commute.

Schwinn Adapt 2

Technical features at a Glance


Aluminum frame with maximum durability. Suitable for daily commutes easy to fold and easy to store.


20” inches smooth alloy wheels. Provides a right balance and comfortable rolling.


8-speed Shimano Revo twist shifters. Comfortable gear changing facility while riding and works within a moment.


Alloy V-brakes, quiet effective stopping power on both front and rear sides.


Ergonomic shaped adjustable handlebar. Riders can change depending on their height.


32 lbs.

Let's look at the Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and durable body frame
  • Convenient 8-speed gear shifting 
  • Easy to fold carry and store
  • Full wrapped fenders keep the bike clean
  • Reflectors on the sides making it safe for night riding
  • A heavy nylon carry bag for more portability 


  • Not suitable for off-road riding 
  • Unable to handle excess weight 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the size of the frame?

13 inches

What kind of fame material is used?

6061 aluminum. 

What’s the width of the tires?

1.5 inches. 

4. Kent Steel 6 Speed Folding Bike

If you’re looking for a commuter bike that takes small storage space yet with an outstanding riding performance, you can go for Kent folding bike. Kent has been a trustworthy brand in the market for quite a long period. The comfortable and straightforward 6-speed gears make the bike effortless to handle. Linear-pull brakes on both front and rear sides and steel fork of this bike ensure perfect stopping power. The frame and fork of this folding bike are made of steel, so they are sturdy enough. Weight of the whole package is around 30lbs.

Folding this bike is easy, but first, you have to practice a few time to do it properly. It takes up little storage if folded properly. Pedals are heavy and a bit difficult to use. Unless you’re going to buy it for a kid, there’s no need to replace it. 16 inches wheels, which is the specialty of this bike are pretty great. You’ll feel no awkwardness while riding here and there. Overall, it’s a reasonable budget folding bicycle. 

Kent Steel 6 Speed Folding Bike

Technical Features at a Glance


Steel frame gives a heavy and sturdy-feeling. It can be used for a long time.


16” inches wheel with aluminum rims. Overall it’s lightweight and absorbs a considerable amount of bumps and shocks.


6-speed gear shifters are enough for city road riding. Easy to handle and works great.


High-end linear-pull brakes on both front and rear. No need to worry about stopping power, as it works instantly. 


Around 30lbs.

Let's look at the Pros and Cons


  • Suitable for daily use
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Effective braking system
  • Affordable
  • Provides proper balancing through the wheels


  • Not suitable for long tours
  • There’s no handle after folding the bike 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this ride come with a kickstand?


What is the fork made of?


Does this bike have fenders?


5. LANG TU 26” Folding Electric Mountain Bike

After exploring different folding bikes, now let’s talk about something different. We now present you with the best budget folding electric mountain bike. This bike has received lots of preferences from customers. Frame and almost all the components are made from aluminum. The aluminum suspension is lockable and absorbs a significant amount of bumps and shocks while riding. Wheels are pretty big (26 inches), which is rare in folding bikes. Also, the front wheel comes with a quick-release skewer.

The 7-speed transmission is easy to shift with the right handlebar. Riders can speed up to 30kmph. Electric battery this bike comes with is very powerful. 500w lithium-ion battery takes 4-6hrs to get fully charged and serves up to 10-12hrs. It comes with a mudguard to keep the bike clean and an LED light, which helps to ride off-road at night. Overall, if you’re on camping or sightseeing, and suddenly feel an urge for mountain, this best budget folding mountain bike can be your perfect companion.

LANG TU 26” Folding Electric Mountain Bike

Technical Features at a Glance


Aluminum alloy frame material with a standard size, suitable for both men and women.


Great quality and big sized, 26 inches wheel. Rims are high walled and provide excellent rolling performance.


Aluminum alloy hydraulic disc brakes won’t make you suffer from having a good stopping power while riding off-road.


7-speed gear shifter handled by the right handlebar, and there’s a 3-grade motor power option on the left handlebar through which you can speed up to 30kmph.


High quality 500w lithium-ion battery. With 48V and 12AH, this battery can maintain good battery life.


22.5 kg

Let's look at the Pros and Cons


  • Very lightweight
  • High-quality components
  • Excellent hydraulic brake system
  • Ergonomic design
  • Works pretty great on off roads
  • Lockable and maximum shock-absorbing aluminum fork
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • LED light to ride during the night
  • Efficient gear system.


  • Assembling is a bit difficult
  • Not suitable for extreme rough roads 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this ride come with a carry bag?


Is the battery replaceable?


What’s the weight capacity?

120 lbs. 

Folding Bike VS Regular Bikes

Many people wonder what’s the difference betweeen a regular road bike and folding bike? Or or which one is better, regular bikes or folding bikes? Actually, there’s no specific answer to this question because it depends on the usability and preference of a biker. Folding bikes are usually small in size and lightweight in comparison to regular bikes. Folding bikes sometimes may feel like hard to paddle due to the small diameter and unable to handle rough surfaces and larger cliffs. And these issues couldn’t be found on regular commuting bikes.

But still folding bikes are getting popular and preferred because of the folding mechanism and portability. If you’re travelling somewhere through other vehicles and want to explore the sites through bike, nothing can be better than folding bikes. It also saves you from attaching extra hitch bike rack on your car or truck which is needed to carry regular bikes. Although if you’re planning to start the journey with a bike, either for a long commute or off road riding, regular bikes are more preferable in that case.

Things to Consider When Buying a Folding Bike

Folding Mechanism

Different folding bike has different folded dimension or mechanism. The most common means are mid folding, breakaway folding, vertical folding, triangle hinge, and magnet folding. Among these mid folding is the most common and accessible. On the other hand, people don’t really like the breakaway type folding mechanism because it’s hard to fold and unfold. 


Folding bikes usually have a pair of small-sized wheels. Because it makes the bike easy to carry or store, but some folding bikes, especially mountain folding bikes, can have up to 26 inches wheel size. It basically depends on the rider heights that which wheel size they are comfortable with.


There’s no need to say that folding bikes should have a lightweight frame material. Because the primary purpose of using these bikes are easy to carry anywhere, especially while traveling. That’s why bike riders usually lookout for the lightweight portable folding bike. But if you just want to use the bike for leisure rides around your home, a bit heavy bike won’t be a problem.


A folding bike is relatively smaller in size than a normal commuter bike or mountain bike. That is why for the riders comfort, and for enough leg space, a folding bike should have enough adjustability option. If the seat post, handlebar post etc. are adjustable then it would be a big advantage for riders. They will be able to adjust it according to rider height and ride comfortably along the way.

Warranty Benefits

Warranty is a term of contract that the manufacturer provides to the consumer on part of the products or the whole item. It provides you the benefit of getting free services or new products within warranty conditions. So checking for the warranty benefits when buying a folding bike is important. Most brand offers 1-5 years of warranty but only on frame. Some even offers 30-days hassle free replacements. So checking up with the warranty benefits is an important thing to consider.

Limitations of Folding Bikes

Nothing is without limitations and folding bikes are also the same. One of the most significant limitations of a folding bike is its small sized wheels. For the ease of carry and being foldable, these bikes have small wheels. But the size also indicates that the bike isn’t capable of handling uneven or rough terrain. This kind of .bike is mainly made for city or urban roads, for daily commuting or leisure rides. Also people with long height and extra weight won’t find folding bikes convenient. But other than these issues, this type of bike can definitely meet up your daily cycling needs and that is why folding bikes are getting popular among different age and genders.

Some Tips for Folding Bike Maintenance !

Like every other thing, your folding bicycle requires little maintenance as well. Because no matter how durable your folding bike is, if you don’t do a few regular check-ups, it might not stand last for a long time. So here’re some tips that you can follow to maintain your folding bike wisely-

  • Store the bike inside the house. It can be either in the garage or corner of your home. As it’s a folding bike, it’ll take only a little storage.
  • Before storing the bike, try to do a quick clean-up using a dry rug. It’s help to clean the extra dirt, water, or mud, and your bike will be rust free.
  • Apply grease or bike lubricant regularly for a smooth working folded dimension.
  • Follow any extra guidelines that come with the bike manual. 

Bottom Line

Folding bikes are super cute and exciting to use. The feasibility of portability and minimal storge needs helped it to get the attention of people. Also, they are available with reasonable price tag. And these rides can be easily used by both adults and kids, depending on the rider height. It’ll add another level of excitement for for the riders. And of course, by using this kind of bike, you never have to spare yourself from enjoying the sudden urge to ride a bike ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!