6KU Bike Reviews | Aluminum Fixed Gear 89387 Track Biker

Are you planning on buying best quality urban bikes with affordable price ranges?

May be the 6KU tract bikes are giving you the best options to choose exactly what you are searching for.

Here, in this article, we are gonna give you some honest 6KU urban track bike reviews on the following models.

1. 6KU 89387 track bike.

6KU Bike Reviews 2


  • Aluminum body makes the item exceptionally light and long lasting.
  • Highly durable.
  • Easy Maintenance and Upkeep.
  • Comes in about 10 different colorways made to match your unique personality.
  • Contains top-notch parts, and each of them is properly welded on the item
  • The effortless assembly allows you to waste less time on assembling it.
  • Easy to assemble with small guide markings (eg. seat forward/back and bullhorn handlebar angle.)


  • Single gear meaning you cannot increase or decrease the speed.
  •  Pedals are fairly cheap and large.
  • Wheel reflectors are unavoidably wobbly.
6KU Bike Reviews

6KU Bike 

This beautiful urban bike is fast, light and comfortable.

It is made up of aluminum,  which makes it highly flexible and lightweight. The flexibility of the item allows it to absorb shocks better and hence, enhances the longevity and durability. 

Also, the aluminum has a protective coating which grants it protection towards rust and other oxidations.

As it is made of aluminium, it has a lightweight which allows you to effortlessly carry the item anywhere you want. 

Key Features and Benefits

1. Single speed track bike with flip-flop hub

The flip-flop hub allows you freewheel riding as well as operational riding.

Meaning, no matter if it's downhill riding or riding straight through the town, all kinds of tracks is a piece of cake for this one.

2. Easy and effortless assembly of the parts

Unlike conventional track bikes, which follows numerous complicated and time-consuming  assembly procedures, this one does not.

The small guide markings (eg. seat forward/back and bullhorn handlebar angle)  will assure you an effortless and simple assembly of the parts, taking only a few moments of your day.

Thus, it gives you a positive experience with the bike from the very beginning.

3. Replaceable brakes

Its replaceable brakes enable you to change them if you feel the brakes are not giving optimum results.

Its 6061 double butted smooth alloy welding provides a polished and smooth finish.

The aluminum build ensures superior durability.

The aluminum frame of the bike resists all kinds of damage, including dents, scratches, and other forms of harms, keeping the integrity of the structure intact.

Apart from having an aluminum build, the structure contains traces of stainless steel (mixed or alloyed in the bike). Thus, it assures excellent resistance to rust and corrosion.


A cycle without a good tire quality is of no good use! The 700x25C Kenda tires assure superb durability and top-notch performance. The design of the tires increases the friction, and therefore, lets you travel through all kinds of roads with minimum hindrances.

And its superb durability guarantees that the tires do not deflate on rocky tracks, downhill tracks, etc.

6KU Bike tire

6KU Bike tire

Forks tend to be one of the weakest parts of a cycle.

The fork design of the item is marvelous! An alloy fork, more specifically, cycle's fork, is the protruded structure that adjoins itself to the tires. It assures sharp turns and lets you superb mobility on the track. And therefore, it gives you the edge you need when making those sharp corners.

 The forks are more of a top-notch alloy that gives it the added strength you need when making hard turns and is practically unbend-able when subjected to high stress.


The hubs are the connecting part that connects tires to the cycle. And this cycle contains 32H F/R flip-flop hubs. These hubs assure symmetrical motion as well as offers remarkable freewheel riding and operational riding.


The built-in brakes are A-class! They ensure extraordinary braking capabilities. But the brakes are also replaceable, meaning in case you feel the brakes are worn out, or you prefer superior brakes, the cycle gives an option for that as well.


Tons of talented cycle riders are incapable of spending big bucks on expensive bikes for racing. Well, this item is the perfect choice for you! All its exceptional and remarkable attributes can be bought-off at the most affordable price in the market, ergo making it even more lucrative to customers.


The light feature enables you to effortlessly park the cycle anywhere in your garage, workshop as well as take it along with you on a trip. Thus, you can see the item has exceptional portability and can be carried anywhere you want.


When the item was being designed, the manufactures wanted you to have an exceptional bike riding experience. And the ideal way to start was to provide a bike that requires less effort when being assembled. Its uncomplicated assembly assures effortless assembly and gets the whole product ready for use in a mere minute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries track bikers;

  • Can the cycles still be replaced with bullhorns? 

Yes, they can be. The products no longer come with built-in bullhorn bars, and the main reason is it is less complicated to turn the cycle. You would require a 31.8, which is available in the market. But we suggest that you do not go to bullhorns. They are quite old, and the standard handlebars for the item are a superior match.

  • Does it have an external system for pannier racks?

No, the 6KU does not come with a pannier rack eyelid. But there a numerous seat post mounting mechanisms available in the market, and we guarantee that you will like the options just as much as the pannier rack.

  • Is it wise to use the bike on rocky surfaces?

It is quite unwise to use the bike for riding on rocky surfaces. The bike has a light build, and the tires are quite slim to control anything that is not smooth. Hence, it is not a wise idea to use this bike anywhere else that isn't a smooth surface.

  • What is the preferred tire size for the bike?

The preferable size will already be installed in the cycle. But the 700x25C is the ideal tire size for the item.

  • Is it important to check for the size of the bike?

All the heights are categorized with their corresponding size. This ensures that you have a suitable sitting arrangement as well as gives your superior ground clearance. Therefore, we assure extraordinary comfortability.

Are the hubs sealed?

Yes, they are!

  • Are the seats adjustable?

Yes, the seat is adjustable. But there is a catch! You see, the seats do not extend too much. So, if a person who is 5.6 tries to sit on a bike whose owner is 5.8, he/she will notice a difference in comfort and ground clearance.

Final Words

Track bikes must have a streamlined ergonomics to reduce drag and other hindrance as well as numerous other features. Luckily, the 6KU is loaded with all of them, and at such an affordable price, makes it one of the best in the market.

Its exceptional durability, enhanced performance, optimum speed, sleek looks, and so much more should be more than enough to tell you why this is one of the best in the market.

But before you hop onto your bike, we urge you to follow all the safety precautions. These include helmets, knee and elbow pads, and any other safety feature if there is any. Once you are all set, enjoy a safe and fun racing experience.