How To Buy A Used Bike: An Overall Guide

Yes! There are people who would love to own a bike but with little cash as possible. Some may even want a high-end bike but with a low budget. So how could you make this happen? Well, an explanation of this would be buying a used bike. You may be wondering if it is attainable? … Read more

How to Measure Inseam for Bike

Bike riding is popular among people of all ages sizes and gender. In the past, there weren’t many choices for bike variety or size. But now the growing demand for bikes has caused bike manufacturers to produce bikes with different sizes, models, etc. And the right size is really important for a comfortable and safe … Read more

How to Make Your Bike Faster

Riding a bike gives you another level experience which other vehicles can’t provide. The exposure on the open environment, the body posture, and the control everything feels adventurous. And above all, the speed is the essential thing that gives us the most joy. But sometimes you may feel that your bike doesn’t respond the way … Read more

How to make a Bike Stand

Bike stands are the smaller version of bike racks which can be used both as storage and repair purposes. Though it’s not a mandatory thing for bikers to have, if you start to do mechanical stuff and maintenance with your bike by yourself, then it’ll have for you to work without keeping the bike steady … Read more

How to Oil a Bike Chain

Bikes chain is one of the most crucial parts of a bike as, through chains, our paddling transfers the speed to gear, and we can ride the bike. But this part of the bike gets exposed to wear and tear the most. Mud, debris, dirt, etc. getting stacked on the chain is a regular scenario. … Read more

How to Remove Bike Cassette

The cluster of cogs that are attached in an ascending manner to the rear wheel of your bike is known as a cassette. The multiple gearing options we get while riding is maintained by cassette. Usually, a cassette is made of 8-11 cogs, and this ratio determines how much acceleration you’ll get through paddling. And … Read more