How to Make an Electric Bike

Bike riding is fun because of the low cost, size and the feeling of freshness. But still, other vehicles are one step ahead and more preferred among others because of the SPEED factor! The comfort of reaching the destination faster and quicker is the primary reason why mass people do not use bikes. To solve … Read more

How to Lock a Bike without a Rack

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How to Lock a Bike

There’s no doubt that bikes have a special place in each rider’s heart and they want to protect their carrier by all means. But what if your bike gets stolen when you’ve parked it in a public place or more terrible that is it gets vanished from your own home yard. Because bike stealing isn’t … Read more

How to Hang a Bike on the Wall

Being a bike lover is crazy. All you think about is how to protect and safely store the bike in your home. Although it may get difficult to store a bike when you’ve limited space, but nothing to worry about! You can easily store your quality road bike by hanging it on the wall! Sounds … Read more

How to Clean a Bike

After a long bike ride or mountain ride on a mountain bike, all you crave for is a nice long shower to clean up all the dirt and feel refreshing again. But have you ever wondered that your bike needs that clean up too? Well. If you haven’t, then you should start to think about … Read more

Mongoose Dolomite Review: A combo of Adventure and Thrill

People are discovering new ways of adventures. And to keep pace with that demand for those rough journeys, over the years, there has been a notable transition of bikes and their features. And one of those versions called Fat Tire Mountain Bikes. These bikes offer thicker tires, wider rims, and broader forks that won’t stop … Read more